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HISPLUS Systems Limited is an indigenous IT company. We specialize in the development and deployment of computer application programs, ERP, e-commerce, e-business, e-portals, allied sales and services, biometrics management and IT training.

To integrate e-business and e-commerce systems into Afro – Asia Industries Limited online portal.

The code to use in building the website will be DHTML with PHP scripting having interactive database capability.

Goals and Objectives
1. A welcoming window that is easy to navigate if for first time users
2. Colours that match Afro Asia
3. Interactive capacity to do the following
a. Make enquiries { which we would respond to promptly}
b. Establish company product ranges and its availability
c. Establish the product prices
d. Make orders which can be approved on receipt of payments confirmation
e. Confirm loading day and time
f. Establish other support eg Transport {where customer does not have its own truck}
g. Enquire about employment and be able to submit CV's
h. Customers should be able to make payment direct to our bank account through VISA/V Pay, Verve/Interswitch, E Transact e.t.c., Cash, RTGS, and other form of electronic transfer
i. Where the internet is unavailable, customer can also pay via POS Terminals to be operated from our Office in Nnewi here before loading. This would remove the need to move cash from one Bank to the other with the attendant risk.
j. Customers should also be able to book, Pay and on confirmation of payment, the goods would be loaded and delivered to the customer at his/her cost but to his/her chosen location without coming to our factory

E-business and ecommerce Integration features.
The website contents accessible by user names and passwords will have the main menu as outlined below.
1. Payment gateways (Online Shopping)
2. E- business Home
3. Registration
4. Login
5. Sales Management
6. Inventory Management
7. Online Quotation system
8. Transport Management
9. Career Management
10. Search System
11. Desktop Integration System
12. Admin
a. Setup
b. Company Information
c. User Maintenance (Buyers, Suppliers, Agents, Company Users / Staff)
d. Role Permissions
e. Sales Types
f. Customer Types
g. Supplier Types
h. Payment Terms
i. Set Purchase Order Authorization levels
j. Payment Methods
k. Sales People / Areas
k. Content Management System / Maintenance
l. New Products Platform
m. Output setup
i. Printing
ii. SMS
iii. Email
13. Social Networking
a. Facebook
b. Twitter
c. LinkedIn
d. YouTube
e. Picasa
14. Search by
a. Basic / General
b. Index
c. Advanced
15. Browse by
a. Colour
b. Size
c. Model Number
d. Name
e. Weight
f. Unit of Measurement
g. Other attributes as defined by the administrator
16. Online Catalog System
17. POS Terminal Integration

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  • The following slides show several examples of timelines using SmartArt graphics.Include a timeline for the project, clearly marking milestones, important dates, and highlight where the project is now.
  • Afro asia presentation

    1. 1. Afro-Asia Presentation PROPOSAL ON E-BUSINESS B2B AND B2CWEBSITE INTEGRATION SYSTEM Presented by Tunde Omitogun, Managing Director, Hisplus Systems Limited. Hisplus Systems Limited
    2. 2. Project Overview To embed interactive business- to-business platform into Afro- Asia web system. To incorporate business interactive capacity To convert Afro-Afia web portal to B2B interactive online system To develop and promote b2b and b2c processes for Afro-Asia Hisplus Systems Limited
    3. 3. Objectives To develop online administrative platform To develop database backed enquiries ability To establish company product ranges and its availability To develop online sales-payment orders system To develop distribution-transportation orders To develop job enquiry system. To develop online payment system To dev. Nnewi Point of Sales (POS) system. To dev. Customers Management System. To create listening platform of social media Hisplus Systems Limited
    4. 4. Benefits B2B and B2c business processes  Increase productivity  Improve collaboration and communication  Streamline organizational management across a wide range of business scenarios. Revenue Growth through  Clients get faster and easier access to product information  Quicker response to their requests, get better customer support  Ability to buy products online.  Automated sales and customer support Cost Savings through reduction in  Order Processing Cost  Supply / Distribution orders  Sales and support costs Hisplus Systems Limited
    5. 5. Benefits (value added) The cost of acquiring customers through online channels is always cheaper than other traditional methods Improve customer service ability to have constant interaction with customers through the B2B portal helps companies serve customers better. The B2B portal solution allows tracking the whole ordering process from payment to delivery and brings greater efficiency in customer service. Directly buy products using the shopping cart reduce sourcing time cycle. The customers can select products from the integrated online catalogue. Hisplus Systems Limited
    6. 6. Benefits (value added) Customers can sends purchase orders or directly buy products using the shopping cart. Discussion board, forum, that helps in getting valuable feedbacks on time, building new partnerships using the networking ability and disseminating important information to customers easily. Real time access to current product information is vital for an accurate buying decision. Updating product content and other information using customized forms, help buyers and other associates to take critical decision promptly. Automated procurement and approval method stops maverick buying. Hisplus Systems Limited
    7. 7. Scope Admin / E- business buyers’ platform Payment gateways (Online Shopping) Registration / Login Sales / Inventory Management Online Catalogue / Quotation system Distribution / Transport Management Job Management Search System Desktop Integration System Customer Management System / Social Media system Point Of Sales (POS) Desktop Integration System Hisplus Systems Limited
    8. 8. Design and Development Admin / E- business buyers’ platform W O R K C S F UA Sales ReportingD Trans / R S &M Delivery O T B N OI A TN C M Central E K Payment O Database RE F ON F Products FD F Catalogue I E I C N C Supply & Career E D E Inventory Hisplus Systems Limited
    9. 9. Admin Create User Access ( Acct. / Sales / Manager / Store keeper / etc Create / Activate Customers Details Create products catalogue User Accounts Role Permissions Sales Types Credit Status Payment Terms Payment Methods Hisplus Systems Limited
    10. 10. E-Business (B2B) Customer Relation Management  Customers Details / Sales History  Credit History / Contact types (email / SMS ) Sales  Place An Order / Outstanding Sales Orders  Order Inquiry / Print Price Lists  Order Status Reports (Print)  Orders Invoiced Reports  Order Delivery Differences Report Hisplus Systems Limited
    11. 11. Receivables / Inventory Select Order to Invoice Enter Receipts Allocate Receipts or Credit Notes Customer Transaction Inquiries Customers Listing by Sales areas / By Sales persons Transaction Inquiries ( Sales invoice / Credit note / Receipt with respect to date period) Inventory Item  Receive Purchase Orders  Inventory Item Status  Inventory Item Usage  List Inventory Status By Location/Category  Add A New Item Hisplus Systems Limited
    12. 12. D6 Inventory D1 Products/prices D2 Customer payment history Product numbers, Products, price inventory levels information Credit status 2. Verify Open 1. Collect product Orders Orders 3. Authorize orders order numbers credit D3 New orders info & stock on hand Rejected, partly filled orders Back Back orders 4. Notify orders customer D4 Back orders Customer notification Customer Rejected orders D5 Rejected orders Hisplus Systems Limited
    13. 13. On-line Payment• Design and Development of Products Cart• Payment of N150k setup fee to ISP provider• 1.5% or maximum Terminal of N2000 / Terminal Terminal product sold ISP Gateway Payment through credit – (Interswitch) to debit card / ATM 150k /1.5% Afro-Asia Terminal Immediate Bank Account processing of each transaction Terminal Terminal Hisplus Systems Limited
    14. 14. Buying Over the Internet Access Browse Log on to Afro-Asia products internet web catalog portal Input sent Review Fill out Afro-Asia response to request Place order request for for Pick itemsorder entry quotation system quotation form Hisplus Systems Limited
    15. 15. Registration / Login Registration of new customers online  Verification through email / SMS validation Login of registered members with valid username and password Login customers are directed to a secured socket (https) for security https can not be easily hacked into like http. Hisplus Systems Limited
    16. 16. Sales ManagementCustomers will have access to the followingfrom their dashboard.  Sales order quotation  Sales quotation Sales history  Sales Status  Direct online payment  Payment Status  Delivery Status  Delivery method  Approval Status Hisplus Systems Limited
    17. 17. Inventory Item Customers have access to Products availability status Latest Products Up coming products Quantity available Loading time confirmation Detailed Price List Hisplus Systems Limited
    18. 18. Online Quotation System• Customer can make quotation directly.• Will be required to register / login after the send button is pressed.• All information sent to AA online database. Customer Quotation Afro-Asia Order request Bank Account Online Request CC / DC / direct payment Hisplus Systems Limited
    19. 19. Online Quotation SystemInvoice CustomerProducts Customer order via internet mail, phone, SMS Inventory status Order entry/ sales configuration Orders Planned Finished Shipment shipments product Routing planning inventory Pick list Planned shipments Shipment & routes execution Shipped orders Scheduling Invoicing Hisplus Systems Limited
    20. 20. Career Management Vacancies Automatically Listed Applications select and fill online form for various deliverables Attachment Cv Admin can search for application by all the variables ( Discipline, years of experience, age, location, state-of origin etc) Contact can be made via email / sms on selected /ticked application Provision made for non available post to be applied for for future reference Hisplus Systems Limited
    21. 21. Search System Products search system based on  Year of production  Price  Colour  Size  Model Number  Name  Weight  Unit of Measurement  Other attributes as defined by the administrator Hisplus Systems Limited
    22. 22. POS System Customer’s receipt Management Inventory information database system UPC and Scanner Point-of-sale quantity • Search Product. / transaction • Password Control.Credit / Debit / ATM Card Quantity, processing • Multiple Card Date, system Item, quantity, Payment. Terminal time date, time, price • Sign In, Sign Out. Price Purchases • Barcode Scanning. database • Discounts. Item database Hisplus Systems Limited
    23. 23. Transportation Buyer Electronic distributionTraditionaldelivery 1. Search and 5. After sales Identify service 4. Product & 2. Selection service and Order delivery 3. Purchasing Hisplus Systems Limited
    24. 24. ERP INTEGRATIONIntegrating Afro-Asia Online system will be accomplished withcombination of the following methods Batch Downloads  This for copying online managed data from any ERP system. Integrating any ERP system (SAP / Microsoft Dynamics / JD-Edwards etc) to the online server system.  Batch downloads could be used for product catalog, customer data, and pricing data, and can also work well for inventory and order-status data. Real-Time Connectors  Using real-time connectors wrap the programming interfaces on any ERP system with component executed in real time.  Component is essentially a proxy object that can then be instantiated and called from any user interface. Hisplus Systems Limited
    25. 25. ERP INTEGRATION Queued Connectors  The queued-connector technique for integrating Afro-Asia eCommerce Server application with an ERP system adds a queuing technology to make the calls asynchronous.  It employs a proxy object to access the ERP API.  A request for checking message / information on queue is initiated  It is also a real time integration system Mirrored Updates  As events occur on the system (for example, inventory is updated, customers are added, product pricing is changed), they are transmitted over a real-time connector to the ERP application.  Updates are mirrored from the ERP system constantly throughout the day to the back-end databases of the eCommerce Server application.  All processing requests are directed to SQL Server database.  Both ERP and Afro-Asia Online system are concurrently updated Hisplus Systems Limited
    26. 26. ERP INTEGRATION INTERFACEThe following data interface will be used; CSV Export CVS Import XML Export XML Import Database Export Database Import Web-Services Server Web-Services Client Hisplus Systems Limited
    27. 27. CONTROL DEPARTMENT INTEGRATION MODEL Control Model  Permission  Authentication Control Dept. Authentication. / Authorization  Authorization Control  Auditing Department Permission before transaction at every level is allowed. Control Dept Authentication Control Dept. Authentication. / Authorization Control Dept. Authentication. Hisplus Systems Limited
    28. 28. CONTROL DEPARTMENT INTEGRATION MODEL Control Dept. Permission, Au thentication Control Control Department Department Permission Permission Control Control Department Department Authentication Permission Control Dept, Authenti cation Control Dept. Authorization Hisplus Systems Limited
    29. 29. CONTROL DEPARTMENTKey System Features  Authentication Sales  Authorization  Auditing Transportation POS  Security Access Control Administration Department CRM Inventory Hisplus Systems Limited
    30. 30. CONTROL DEPARTMENT Control Department .  Control through 5 levels Permission, Authentication and Authorization  5 levels = 5 senior management code permission  Authentication: enables integration of multiple security systems across corporate boundaries through unique verifiable identity relationships.  Whistle blowing procedures  Authorization and Permission controls  Supervisory controls  Audit trail Hisplus Systems Limited
    31. 31. Authorization and Authentication Cash Disbursement  Check validity of payments made to the banks  Identify checks out of sequence  Identify purchases just under the naira limit that require additional approval  Identity vendors/customers with the same address  Identify unusually close sequential patterns of invoice numbers  Verify existence of vendors with common names  Extract invoices posted with duplicate purchase orders Hisplus Systems Limited
    32. 32. Authorization and Authentication Sales / Account Receivable  Ascertain associate purchases from large amounts  Determine return rates for promotional products  Identify high-volume refunds customers  Identify higher than average returns over time  Identify refunds paid to company employees  Review customers with a significant percentage of low or negative margins  Identify duplicate invoices if it exists  Identify all customers in sales who are not in accounts receivable.  Identify any customers with no phone number  Identify any customers whose contact phone number is the same as the companys Hisplus Systems Limited
    33. 33. Authorization, Auditing and Authentication Inventory  Identify duplicate SKU numbers and description or cost  Authenticate reconciled unmatched pay and remittances to freight invoices  Report on items with high value of balances and age  Ascertain products with zero quantities or zero prices  Identify obsolete inventory by sorted turnover analysis  Audit inventory levels and turnover rates. Hisplus Systems Limited
    34. 34. Authorization, Auditing and Authentication Authorize and Authenticate every Sales and Purchasing Monitor and analyze invoices Purchase orders Shipping Inventory receipts Payments Customers transaction Sales receipts Hisplus Systems Limited
    35. 35. TimelineHisplus Systems Limited
    36. 36. Requirements The available website into which e-business is to be integrated must have a minimum of 150gb online storage space Minimum of 2 desktop computers (Duo core / 2gb / 100gb hdd minimum) must be available at client’s site. Internet connection must be available at client’s site POS machine + 1 CC / DC terminal Hisplus Systems Limited
    37. 37. Costing Payment gateways (Online Shopping)  Setup cost (ISP provider Interswitch) 150,000  Service charge per item sold (Interswitch)****** 1.5% / N2,000 max POS Terminal Integration  Setup cost (By Gateway system provider Interswitch) 150,000  Service charge per item sold 1.5% *****  Card terminal  Barcode terminal Design and development cost N2,015,000 Hisplus Systems Limited
    38. 38. Payment TermsPayment Terms: 70% in advance and 30% oncompletion Hisplus Systems Limited
    39. 39. Data entry & input Summary Documents Processing & reports Documents:Internally generatedtransactions: • pick list Database • receiving notices• shipped orders• Stocked orders • Online payment / Database update: paychequesExternally generatedtransactions: • customer orders Operational reports:• customer orders • inventory • finished product inventory status• vendor invoices • purchase orders• customer payments • customers • suppliers Hisplus Systems Limited
    40. 40. Summary 2 Original data Data collection Data edit Data Data manipulationcorrection Data storage Document production Hisplus Systems Limited
    41. 41. The EndHisplus Systems Limited