Intellectual Assets and Propoerty


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Intellectual Assets and Propoerty

  1. 1. INTELLECTUAL ASSETSAND INTELLECTUALPROPERTY MANAGEMENTCultural Networking Lunch; FindhornPrepared by Ewen Macaulay, Intellectual Assets and Innovation Adviser, on01/08/2012 Ambitious for Scotland
  2. 2. What Are They?Tangibles: Intangibles:Things you can touch The “untouchables”• Cash, stock, land, Includes: buildings, cars, Knowledge, know-how, equpment etc Intellectual Property,• Appear on the Balance reputation, brands, staff Sheet expertise, market knowledge, networksDo not reflect the value of etc your business All contributing to GOODWILL Ambitious for Scotland
  3. 3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYIA that are protected by statute law include:• Copyright• Design Rights• Trade Marks• Patents Ambitious for Scotland
  4. 4. TYPICAL INTANGIBLES• Operating procedures and processes• Know-how, show-how, trade secrets• Certifications, publications, image enhancing clients• Customer lists and relationships• Supplier lists and relationships• Strategic alliances• Management methods• Service and supply contracts• Supply chain and customer data• Market knowledge Ambitious for Scotland
  5. 5. New Brands• Food Company – New Biscuit • New Recipe – Trade Secret; confidentiality (employees and trade) • New Brand Name – ®, ™, Domain Names, Social Media, Ltd Company, FtO • Customer contract terms – White label/branded/co-branded, International Markets Ambitious for Scotland
  6. 6. Technology R&D• Electronics Company – Innovative concept • IP Landscape report: Global IP and published papers, Barriers/Opportunity, Competitors, Collaborators. Informs go/no go decision • Protection of idea: NDA • Contract terms: Investors, Contractors, Suppliers • IP Protection Options: Patents, Design Rights, Copyright and Trade Marks • Ownership • Commercialisation Options: Direct, Licence, Assign Ambitious for Scotland
  7. 7. Entering New Markets• Water Treatment – Innovative Bio-engineering products • Patents Pending • Global Markets • Territorial Licence Potential • Service through Supply/Use of Technology • Slice and Dice • Licence Terms: Up Front Payments - cashflow Ambitious for Scotland
  8. 8. Innovative Ideas• Software – New Software Code/App • Contract Out Development • KTP through University • BIP/FIP • IP Access Rights and Ownership – Licence terms and Copyright • Future Freedom to Operate Ambitious for Scotland
  9. 9. How can we help?• IA Management – How to identify, capture and protect IA• How to differentiate and add value to your business when seeking new market opportunities, entering new markets or winning contracts• Use of contracts – employee, contractor, service provider, R&D, collaboration, licensing• All our services are FREE Ambitious for Scotland
  10. 10. Our Products• IA Audits and IP Audits• Half day workshops – Identifying, Capturing and Protecting – Boosting Your Brand – Creating New Revenue Streams Ambitious for Scotland
  11. 11. CONTACT DETAILSEwen MacaulayIntellectual Assets and Innovation AdviserHighlands and Islands EnterpriseCowan HouseInverness Retail and Business ParkInverness IV2 7GFTel: 01463 244226Email: Ambitious for Scotland