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Esports glt presentation.

  1. 1. E-Sports Electronic sports, abbreviated e-sports is used as a general term to describe the play of video games competitively. Other terms include competitive gaming, professional gami ng and cybersports. One of the founding fathers of electro nic sports leagues is Angel Munoz, founder of the Cyberathlete Professional League. Games that are played as electronic sports normally belong to the real-time strategy (RTS), fighting, first-person shoot er (FPS), massively-multiplayer online (MMOG), and racin g genres. They are played competitively at amateur, semi-pr ofessional and professional levels including in leagues and tournaments.
  2. 2. Difference from online and offline gaming. Over the Internet (Online)The easiest way to play an electronic sports match is over the. Generalonline play is subject to the lessened ability to detect cheating and themore unpredictable network latency not being the ideal environmentfor high level competition; however, due to its convenience, even players who are used to LAN games use Internet games for fun and exhibitiongames. Over a local area network (Offline)Playing over a Local area network(LAN) has a number of advantages:the network has less lag and higher quality, and the competitors can bedirectly scrutinized for cheating. At professional events administratorswill normally be present to ensure fair play
  3. 3. Electronic Sports History Arcade eraVideo games have been played competitively since their inception. Twin Galaxies isknown for keeping track of high scores on many classic arcade games, and theycreated the U.S. National Video Game Team in 1983. The team ran a number ofcompetitions, including the 1987 Video Game Masters Tournament for GuinnessWorld Records. Early PC Era-DoomThe release of Doom on December 10, 1993 introduced multi-player death matchgames. Doom spawned newsgroups, chat rooms and among the first knownusers of IRC for gaming. Players connected to each other modem-to-modem andonline competitive gaming was born. A handful of Doom fan sites report the favoredmaps of the time being e1m4 and e1m5.-Doom II
  4. 4. Game GenresFighting games Examples to these games are like the “Street Fighter”, “Mortal Kombat”, and “Tekken”. Fighting games are like the must have games in tournaments as it was one of the things that created this culture.Real-time strategy (RTS) Mainly the only best recognized games for this genre are “Starcraft 2”, “League o f Legends”, “Dota 2”, and “HoN”. These games are like the main hit to take the popularity in gaming tournament s these days as it needs extreme coordination and skills that can only refined th rough months of training.
  5. 5. First Person Shooter (FPS) Example of games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Doom and Quake. First Person shooters are one of the traditional games to be held in gaming tournaments. First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through a first-person perspective; that is, the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist.Sports Games Fifa, NBA There isn’t much interest to many players in sports games such as above as players are more interested in games that are not much virtual or based on normal live to be much competitive. This games are much more into console gaming tournaments that are mostly in Major League Gaming tournaments.
  6. 6. World Cyber GamesThe World Cyber Games (WCG) is an internationalcompetitive video-gaming (e-sports) event operated bySouth Korean company World Cyber Games Inc. , andsponsored by Samsung and Microsoft. WCG eventsattempt to emulate a traditional sporting tournament,such as the Olympic Games; events include an officialopening ceremony, and players from various countriescompete for gold, silver and bronze medals. The official motto of WCG is "Beyond the Game", which is also thetitle of a documentary about e-sports.
  7. 7. World Cyber Games Intro
  8. 8. Major electronic sports games StarCraft II StarCraft II– Real Time Strategy (1vs1, PC)This game has found a home in South Korea, where many play it professionally or as a spectator sport.In Korea, Starcraft II has leagues such as Ongamenet Starleague,MBC Starleague, and Proleague. Finals for these league attract tens ofthousands of fans and are viewed on cable TV with great popularity. Counter StrikeCounter Strike – Tactical Team FPS (5vs5, PC)Played all around the world as also including European, American andSouth East Asia. Without a uniting body in competitive gaming many of thes e claim to be the games "World Championship" tournament.
  9. 9. Major electronic sports games League of LegendsLeague of Legends (LoL) Real Time Strategy (5 vs 5, PC)Played professionally all around the world that are majorly in American,European, and South East Asia, there are dozens of "professional" teams.The game played of pure team work, and has the highest chances of being inworld tournaments for years to come.LoL is seen as the competitive RTS-game with the second biggest playerbase,with the number players online that has 15 million registered users for theirMMO, League of Legends, with over 1.4 million players logging on every day.
  10. 10. Tournament and EventsThere are many, many tournaments held all over the world allowing players to compete and attracting huge crowds of fans to spectate and cheer on their favourite players. Events such a MLG (major league gaming), the GSL (global star league) and Dreamhack all attract a huge crowd and put up a substantial prize poolfor the winners and runners up.MLG:1st $5,000.00 GSL: Dreamhack:2nd $3,000.00 Winner: $85,700 Winner: $11,0003rd $2,000.00 Runner-Up: $25,700 Runner-up: $40004th $1,400.00 Semi-Finalists: $8,6005th $1,000.00 Quarter-Finalists: $3,4006th $700.00 Round of 16: $17107th $500.00 Round of 32: $430 USD8th $400.00 Round of 64: $260 USD
  11. 11. SurveysUsing information collected in places that held gamingTournaments such in cafes, and hotspots to find professional gamers inKuala Lumpur and Selangor. Searching for casual gamers andcompetitive gaming players. 35 30 25 20 15 Competitive gamers Casual Gamers 10 5 0 FTZ Blitz Zone Café
  12. 12. The Survey bar chat above was done using leaflets give out inthe cyber café FTZ above except of in Blitz Zone cyber café.It shows that there is a lot of players that are into eSports, andthe other group that are just into gaming for fun.Some players said that also given the chance wouldparticipate in this tournaments.This information only shows of people who went to the café’sthat was surveyed under and not also for those who play at home and are in a different place in Malaysia.
  13. 13. Tournaments/Events & Info’sCyberathlete League (CPL) USD $ 1,000,000 prize pool. USD $ 150,000 Grand Prize.World Cyber Games (WCG) Held in Seoul, S.Korea Quake, Starcraft 2, FIFA, League of Legends, Counter S trike. USD $ 462,000 prize pool Over 700 participants from over 70 countries.
  14. 14. Electronic Sports World Cup International championships held annually in France. Prize pool of Euro $ 400,000. Total of 543 participants from 53 countries. Events also broadcasted over the internet live.Major League Gaming (MLG) More than 1 Million participants have competed online for the qualifiers. Gamers from over 28 different countries. It is the North American Gaming League. Halo, CoD:MW, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Count er Strike, Mortal Kombat.
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  16. 16. The End &Thank you for staying awake