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Making Good Ppt Presentations
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Making Good Ppt Presentations


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Making Good PowerPoint Presentations By Julie and Karen
    • 2. Outline
      • Common mistakes in formatting a PowerPoint presentation
      • Examples of Mistakes
      • Tips regarding the content of a presentation
    • 3. Mistakes People Make
      • Too small text
      • Too much text
      • Bad color choice
      • Moving or flying text and graphics
      • Fancy Transitions
      • Overly complicated diagrams
    • 4. Text Size
      • The ozone layer is located between 9km to 50 km (36 pt)
      • The ozone layer is located between 9km to 50 km (32 pt)
      • The ozone layer is located between 9km to 50 km (24 pt)
      • The ozone layer is located between 9km to 50 km (18 pt)
    • 5. Too much text
      • Ozone: Greenhouse gas
      • Carbon Dioxide: May affect ozone layer recovery
      • Ozone is also a greenhouse gas in the upper atmosphere and, therefore, plays a role in Earth's climate. The increases in primary greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide , may affect how the ozone layer recovers in coming years.
    • 6. Poor Color Choice
      • This is hard to read
      • This hard too
      • This is Impossible
      • Light color against dark backgrounds are very hard on the eyes
    • 7. Moving and Flying Text
      • Ozone has a complicated chemistry
      • It is formed by NOx and VOCs
      • Troposphere Ozone is harmful
    • 8. Fancy Transitions
    • 9. Hot Air Balloons
    • 10. Diagrams
    • 11. Diagrams
    • 12. Tips to Making Good PowerPoints
      • Keep backgrounds the same
      • Use dark text and light background
      • Skip fancy transitions
      • Skip fancy animations and flying text
      • Have a good balance of text and graphics
    • 13. More Tips
      • DO NOT use sentences or paragraphs
      • Make graphs and figures large
      • 3- 6 bullets per slide
      • Spend between 30sec- 2min per slide
      • Face the audience, NOT the screen
    • 14. Content problems
      • Poor Preparation- little thought given to the structure of the presentation
      • Lack of Balance of Slide Elements- all text no graphics, or vice versa
      • Using PowerPoint as a crutch instead of a tool
    • 15. Tips on Content
      • Keep all information concise and to the point
      • Make sure all diagrams and graphics are meaningful
      • Start with an Outline slide
      • End with a Summary or Conclusion slide
    • 16. Summary
      • Keep the presentation simple
      • Avoid unnecessary sounds and animations
      • Keep information well organized
      • DO NOT read from your slides verbatim
      • Remind your audience of key points at the end of the presentation