If Barbie Were As Big As We

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  • 1. If Barbie were as big as me…
  • 2. Barbie and me
    • How should I scale Barbie so she will be the right size?
  • 3. What do you need to find out? Barbie’s measurements My measurements
  • 4. What should I measure? P.S. I measured everything in inches. 0.6 2 0.75 1.25 4 1 2.5 5 3.75 6 6.5 5.5 12 Here’s Barbie’s 10 12.5 6.5 10 21 7 17 37 26 34 40 30 68 Here’s mine
  • 5. How should I scale Barbie?
    • If Barbie were as tall as me, she would be 5 ft 8 in tall, but her wrist wouldn’t be big enough for her bones.
    • If Barbie’s wrist were as big as mine, she would be 8 ft 8 in tall (but her wrist bones would probably be bigger now.)
    • Change Barbie’s proportions yourself
  • 6. How much would Barbie weigh?
    • We have made Barbie larger by multiplying by the same scaling factor.
    • Weight is different – it depends on volume, not just length.
  • 7. How much would Barbie weigh? Ratio of the sides is 4 to 1 What is the ratio of the volume of the large cube to the small cube? Small cube 1 in sides Large cube 4 in sides 64 to 1; 64 small cubes make one large cube; 64 is 4 cubed Change volume or weight by multiplying by the ratio of the lengths cubed Here are two cubes. Determine the ratio of their volumes to find the ratio of their weights.
  • 8. Life Size Barbie
    • What are some of the problems with Barbie’s proportions?
    • Which feature is the most out of scale for her body?
    • What conclusions can you make about Barbie if she were life-sized?
    Check out Barbie’s weight for different heights. Are these reasonable?
  • 9. How about Ken?
    • Change Ken’s proportions to make him life sized
  • 10. Clothing for Barbie
    • What size clothing would Barbie wear?
      • Tops
      • Bottoms
      • Shoes
    • What size shoes would Ken wear?
    • Clothing charts
  • 11. Life size Barbie posters Posters made by grade 7 students at Horizons, Clarkson University, Summer 2005