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Using SysML in a RTC-based Robotics Application : a case study with a demo
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Using SysML in a RTC-based Robotics Application : a case study with a demo


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OMG meeting at Burlingame

OMG meeting at Burlingame

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. robotics2012-12-10Using SysML in a RTC-based RoboticsApplication : a case study with a demo Kenji Hiranabe(Change Vision, Inc) Noriaki Ando (AIST)
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction• Background and Goals• Problem• Analysis and Design via Demo• Conclusion• Future Ideas
  • 3. Who am I ?• Kenji Hiranabe, Change Vision, Inc.(maker of Astah)• Astah is a UML editor popular in Japan –• Astah/SysML – Newly developed – Focused on “Usability” and “Web collaboration”• RTC plug-in – Plug-in for Astah/SysML to generate RTC.xml to OpenRTM
  • 4. Project members Honda R&D Team Kenji HiranabeNoriaki Ando Makoto Sekiya Toshiki IwanagaGeoffrey Biggs Toyotaka Torii Toshihiro Okamura Isao Hara 1 SysML to RTC 2 OpenRTM to Honda RTM
  • 5. Background and Goals• Evaluate how SysML can help design a component(RTC)-based robotic application using a simple problem. 1 SysML to RTC• Try a demonstration test to verify that one common model can work and interoperate on multiple RTM implementations. – OpenRTM-aist – Honda R&D RTM 2 OpenRTM to Honda RTM
  • 6. Problem DescriptionDemonstrate the movements(Spiral and Back-and-Forth) bycontrolling multiple autonomous Controller PC Operatorrobots from externally. Operator kinectcan switch between theautonomous mode anddemonstration mode. Wi-FiHardware architecture isalready known, we use Roomba Receiver PCwith PC that can control it usingWi-Fi and use Kinect to switch Roombathe mode.
  • 7. System architecture Kinect Kinect SDK OpenRTM Runtime Honda R&D RTM Runtime Kinect input RTC (OpenRTM-aist) Controller RTC (Honda R&D RTM) Controller PC Receiver PC for OpenRTM Receiver PC for Honda R&D RTM OpenRTM Runtime Honda R&D RTM Runtime Robot RTC (OpenRTM-aist) Robot RTC (Honda R&D RTM) libRoomba libRoombaRoomba SCI (Serial Control Interface) Roomba SCI (Serial Control Interface) Roomba Roomba RTC connector Software I/F Serial Bus (USB/RS232C)
  • 8. OMG RTC FamilyName Vendor FeatureOpenRTM-aist AIST C++, Python, JavaOpenRTM.NET SEC .NET(C#,VB,C++/CLI, F#, etc..)miniRTC, microRTC SEC RTC implementation for CAN・ZigBee based systemsDependable RTM SEC/AIST Functional safety standard (IEC61508) capable RTM implementationRTC CANOpen SIT, CiA Standard for RTC mapping to CANOpen by CiA (Can in automation) and implementation by SITPALRO Fuji Soft C++ PSM implementation for small humanoid robotOPRoS ETRI Developed by Korean national projectGostaiRTC GOSTAI, THALES C++ PSM implementation on URBIHonda R&D RTM Honda R&D C++, Python. FSM Component. 8
  • 9. Process overview Implementation astah SysML RTC source SysML OpenRTM-aist codes SysML SysML SysMLRequirements requirements ← Components Component RTCBuilder (Skelton ) (Block) (block) ↑ SysML RTCs Component SysML SysML (block) SysML Use cases FSM STMs Use cases RTSystemEditor Executable RTC SysML SysML Restore connectorsContext (Block) requirements RTC Plugin Honda R&D RTM RTC source codes astah RTM (Skelton ) Component SysML spec. RTCFSM FSMs RTCs Component RTC.xml (block) RTS.xml Executable RTC Analysis Design Implementation 1 SysML to RTC 2 OpenRTM to Honda RTM
  • 10. Analysis and DesignDiagrams in Astah /SysML
  • 11. Overview
  • 12. req [Core requirements]
  • 13. req [Derived Requirements]
  • 14. req [Robot requirements]
  • 15. req [Controller requirements]
  • 16. uc [Use cases]
  • 17. bdd [Context diagram]
  • 18. bdd [System overview]
  • 19. ibd [Demo system components]
  • 20. ibd [Physical structure of robot]
  • 21. ibd [Physical structure of controller]
  • 22. stm [State machine of controller]
  • 23. Conclusion• SysML “Block”s map to “RTC”s nicely.• <<Satisfy>> relationships between “Requirements” and “Components” can be visualized to show the intentions of components reasonably.• An Easy-to-use tool(Astah/SysML) boosted effectiveness of modeling.• Communication between teams worked well using web-based model sharing feature of the tool.
  • 24. Future Topics• Real-time aspects into the model• Relate Safety Case models(Software Assurance Case Model/Safe ML) with SysML models• SysML Profile for RTC.• Traceability and impact analysis from/to requirements to components via the tool.
  • 25. Thank You !We are exhibiting the demo, and tools. Please visit us. Honda R&D Team Kenji Hiranabe Noriaki Ando Makoto Sekiya Toshiki Iwanaga Geoffrey Biggs Toyotaka Torii Toshihiro Okamura Isao Hara