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At OMG meeting on Dec. 12, 2014, we presented astah GSN.

We have been developing a new GSN(Goal Structuring Notation) tool on top of our UML/SysML tool "Astah" to covert both system's Design Model(as UML/SysML) and Assurance Case Model(as GSN) together.
In this session, we will demonstrate and explain how we have integrated the two models in the same user interface.

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OMG Astah GSN Demonstration

  1. 1. Integrating UML/SysML and GSN/Assurance Case: New Tool Demonstration Kenji Hiranabe (Change Vision, Inc) Kenji Taguchi (AIST)
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Background and Goals • Our GSN Demo • Conclusion • Future Ideas
  3. 3. Change Vision, Inc. Overview • Founded February 22, 2006 • Representative - President and CEO : Kenji Hiranabe • Locations – US Office 66 Front St, Berea, Ohio, 44017, USA – Headquarters Ueno HS Building 8th floor, 2-7-7, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005 Japan – Fukui Office 3-111 Toiyacho, Fukui City, Fukui 918-8231 Japan
  4. 4. Fukui Tokyo
  5. 5. Astah Family Astah Community Astah Professional Astah Lightweight, easy-to-use, and free UML modeler, For free. Full-featured edition with UML, ERD, DFD, Flowchart, CRUD, Mind Maps and Requirements Table integrated together. Simple SysML Edition June, 2013 SysML Astah GSN NEW Simple GSN Edition (α) α NEW Dec, 2013
  6. 6. wide acceptance in Brazil Germany Taiwan India Poland France UK Others 10486 7480 5278 4505 4235 3435 50737 France Poland 1% 1% India 1% Germany 3% Others 14% UK 1% Taiwan 2% USA 3% China 3% Brazil 30% There is a big user community in Brazil . Half of the non-JP users are in Brazil. Japan 41%
  7. 7. Our Projects Kenji Taguchi GSN/Assurance Case Today! Kenji Hiranabe Noriaki Ando SysML to RTC Last Year Toshihiro Okamura Geoffrey Biggs
  8. 8. Example GSN(and Legend) Goal (Claim) InContextOf G1 C1 C2 Control System is acceptably safe to operate Operating Role and Context Context Control System Definition SupportedBy C3 G2 Tolerability targets (Ref Z) All identified hazards have been eliminated or sufficiently mitigated Assumption C4 Hazards identified from FHA (Ref Y) Strategy A1 S1 All hazards have been identified Argument over each identified hazards A Module G4 G5 Hazard H1 has been eliminated Probability of Hazard H2 occuring < 1x10-6 per year Sn1 Formal Verification Solution (Evidence) M2 Probability of Hazard H3 occuring < 1x10-3 per year
  9. 9. Astah GSN •Conformance to “GSN COMMUNITY STANDARD V1” •“Yorkish” style diagram •Focus on Usability •Multi-Platform – Mac/Linux/Win •Integration with UML/SysML •SACM XMI import/export
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. Problem Description Demonstrate the movements (Spiral and Back-and-Forth) by controlling multiple autonomous Controller PC kinect robots from externally. Operator can switch between the autonomous mode and demonstration mode. Wi-Fi Hardware architecture is already known, we use Roomba Receiver PC with PC that can control it using Wi-Fi and use Kinect to switch the mode. Operator Roomba
  12. 12. SysML: Overview
  13. 13. SysML: req [Core requirements]
  14. 14. SysML: req [Robot requirements]
  15. 15. SysML: req [Controller requirements]
  16. 16. SysML: bdd [Context diagram]
  17. 17. SysML: bdd System Struture&Interface
  18. 18. GSN for the system C1 G1 System is acceptably safe to operate S1 Argument over each component Robot Module Control module Robot is acceptably safe Control System is acceptably safe System Definition (BDD: Demo components)
  19. 19. GSN – UML/SysML Drag & Drop UML/SysML Diagrams on GSN Elements You can jump to the diagram
  20. 20. Module You can create GSN inside Modules.
  21. 21. Robot Module G2 Robot is acceptably safe G3 G4 Max speed is lower than 10cm/sec Sn1 Safety functional requirements Operator can stop Robot anytime G5 C1 (Req: Stop immediately) Everyone can stop Robot by pushing the power button anytime
  22. 22. Import/Export XMI SACM ver 1.0 (Structured Assurance Case Metamodel) with some restrictions
  23. 23. Conclusion • We have developed a new GSN tool. • GSN and SysML/UML in one solution, and implemented links between each other. • An Easy-to-use tool(Astah GSN) boosts effectiveness of assurance case modeling. • Need standard to exchange GSN models (hope to see SACM 2.0).
  24. 24. Difficulties • Relationship between GSN models and SACM’s is not known for some elements • Difficult to adopt SACM as the data format for GSN tools because SACM is still under development • Hard part in using SACM(ARM) as GSN tools – Can not recognize the kind of a element before adding a relationship. (Ex. Solution)
  25. 25. GSN - SACM GSN Ver. 1.0 SACM Ver1.0 GSN Ver. 1.0 SACM Ver1.0 Goal Claim Module Argumentation? Context InformationElement Contract ? Strategy ArgumentReasoning Away Goal CitationElement? Solution InformationElement linked using an AssertedEvidence instance Away Solution CitationElement? Away Context CitationElement? SupportedBy AssertedInference(Or AssertedEvidence when linked to Solution). The arrow head attaches to the source element. ToBeSupporte ? dByContract InContextOf AssertedContext. The arrow head attaches to the source element. Elements of Argument Patterns Undeveloped ToBeSupported = true Assumption Claim linked using an XXRelation instance? Justification Claim linked using an YYRelation instance? ? SACM 1.0 is not ready for GSN Extensions
  26. 26. Future Topics • Traceability and impact analysis from/to GSN to SysML via the tool. • Further support for modular extensions and pattern extensions. • SACM XMI with modular extensions and pattern extensions.
  27. 27. Thank you We are exhibiting the tools. Please visit us. Kenji Hiranabe Toshihiro Okamura Free Trial Download: Michael Jesse Chonoles