How To Guide For Correcting A Golf Slice
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How To Guide For Correcting A Golf Slice

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If your intrested in the How To Guide to Correcting your Golf Slice check this out

If your intrested in the How To Guide to Correcting your Golf Slice check this out

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  • 1. ==== ====FOR CORRECTING YOUR GOLF SLICE CHECK THIS OUT: ====I recently read an article that I wrote some time ago entitled "Stop Slicing A Golf Ball" which hasnow prompted me to write about what causes a golf slice. In all honesty my previous article wasmore about what causes a golf slice than it was about how to stop slicing. So let me try and rectifythat here.You can only slice a golf ball if two things occur. That is it - no more than two. Forget abouteverything else you have heard - Ill explain in a little while.The two things you have to do that cause a golf slice is strike the ball with an open club face on anout to in swing path.What does this mean?An Open Club Face.Lets take a look at this first.An open club face is when the leading edge of the club face is open at impact. To see what I meanpick up a six iron (or any other club) and address a ball. Without changing your grip, turn the faceof the club in an anti-clockwise direction (right hand rolls over left for right handed golfers). Bydoing this you have "closed" the club face. Now turn the club in a clockwise direction (the righthand rolls under the left). You have now "opened" the club face.So to cause a slice this is one aspect that must be present - an open club face.Out-to-In Swing PathThe second aspect that has to exist (together with the open club face) is an "out-to-in" swing path.This is a bit more difficult to explain. Imagine you are the face of a clock and your belly button isthe center of the clock. Now in slow motion take your club away to about the 2 oclock position andthen bring it back to about the 8 oclock position.Or another way is to describe it as pulling it from in front and away from your right foot to belowand towards your left heel.I hope all that makes sense.Try and picture the golf slice as a tennis drop shot where the face of the racquet is kept open andthe stroke is a diagonal slash through the ball causing it to spin in a clockwise direction.
  • 2. So what does this all mean?Firstly because you are hitting the ball from outside-to-in the ball will always take off left of whereyou are aiming. (Important note: "left of where you are aiming" could well be different to left ofwhere you think you are aiming or left of where you want to be aiming. So check your alignment.)The law of physics says it must start off left if you hit it in that direction! It will only start curling tothe right once the spin (caused by the open club face) starts taking effect - see below.How many times have you tried to solve the problem of slicing by trying to hit the ball more to theleft only to find that the slice is exaggerated further? The reason? You have increased the angle ofyour out-to-in swing path.Secondly the clockwise spin imparted on the golf ball, as the result of the open club face, willcause it to go from left to right - because the ball is spinning in a clockwise direction. Because theclub face was open at impact this spin is quite significant.The only thing that can cause a golf slice is an open club face and an out-to-in swing path. Forgetall this talk about grip, stance, posture, alignment, wrist cocking and all the other mumbo jumbothat your well intentioned mates tell you.That stuff may be the reason you are cutting across the ball with an open club face but I canassure you that even though you may have the correct stance, grip, posture, etc. you can stillcause a golf ball to slice.I really do believe that many slices are made worse by well intended people trying to help. I wouldsuggest that you learn a little about the basic golf swing. It really isnt that complicated. And thenyou will know what you are doing to cause the two factors needed to slice a golf ball.Now that you know what causes a golf slice what do you do about it? What is the easiest way toget rid of it? Well in my opinion the easiest way is to do some very slow motion drills walking yourmuscles through the swing. Repeat as often as possible and gradually speeding up until you havethe correct swing path and club face through impact.In my next article entitled "Avoid Slicing a Golf Ball" I will explain possible reasons for the out-to-inswing path and ways to fix it. In the meanwhile please believe me that the cause of a golf slice isan out-to-in swing path with an open club face through impact.Keep your swing simple and compact and you will find it easier to rid yourself of your slice.The best advice I have ever come across for a simple compact swing comes from Bob Eldridgeand his team over at Pure Point Golf. With a little help from Bob and his team you will soon get ridof your slice.Head over to Pure Point Golf and take a look at what Bob has to offer.
  • 3. Get rid of your slice forever!Happy golfing!Article Source: ====FOR CORRECTING YOUR GOLF SLICE CHECK THIS OUT: ====