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Ici omg

  1. 1. Daily life of a Contractor How to maintain a healthy life His feeling towards his life May 24
  2. 2. Mr. Yap Seng Siang Mr. Yap Seng Siang , building contractor, developer, infrastructure contractor. Both of these jobs are not just a piece of cake. He spends year on studying and getting working experience. His success should be expected due to all his hard works in this building industrial. After SPM, Mr. Yap Seng Siang decided to went to England for a 1year A-level course. He continue his Degree in civil engineering in Manchester University(UK). After that he went for Master in structure engineering in the same University. When he completed his master he wanted to futher his studies to PHD but his family cant afford to support his fees and on the other hand, he is also needed by his family to rescue the family company which is located at Sungai Johor as a contractor. After 2 years of working in the family company, Mr. Yap wanted to have a break through and live a better life. He continue his journey back to his hometown which is Klang in Selangor and start his own business as a developer. Business was great since he started, until
  3. 3. Daily Life of a Mr. Yap is a busy man he works as a Building contractor, developer and a Infrastructure contractor. Despite his business he still starts his day as usual. He go to works in a happy condition. Mr yap is a organise man so he had all his schedule well organise and all left is himself to done the work. Mr Yap starts his work at 8 in the morning, he emphasise that breakfast is most important for him to start his day no matter how busy he is he will still go and take a good meal of breakfast. Mr. Yap normally will be working at his office. Sometimes he needed to go his site to do some research and this process is depends on the criticality of the construction. During the visiting of his project site he will be needed to do some physical observed like see the condition, get more details of the environment, and maybe even touch the site to get more information of the area. Mr. Yap does not like to extent his working hour but sometimes he needed it because of his overloaded work due to favourable season. Mr yap also does not likes his worker to extent their working hour because he knows that everyone still need their private time so that his worker will be able to take some good night rest and start fresh in the next day.
  4. 4. A healthy life means that a person is free from any stress, depression, sickness, and danger. There are several ways of having a healthy life. The most important is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Yap has given us some useful tips on how to have a healthy life despite the business of his job and everyone of us in FNBE can use this tips to maintain healthy. According to Mr Yap food is one of the most important issue in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He describe food as the main factor of having a healthy life. Mr. Yap mention about the Food pyramid. It is important for us to follow the food pyramid. We should have more carbohydrate because it provides us energy. The example for carbohydrate is rice, bread and biscuit. 2nd we must have a equal balance amount of fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables can provide our body with vitamin c and this helps to make sure our body Is healthy and prevent us from sick. 3rd we need to have enough portion of protein as well. The example of protein are meats, eggs, milk and cheese, These foodgives us the ability to grow and regenerate our cells. Lastly we should also need a little amount of fats because it provide us warm and protect us from physical damage. By following this food pyramid and taking the correct portion of food. Our body will be able to maintain physically healthy and of course we will be able to life a happy life eventhough we are as busy as Mr. Yap. Mr. yap mention that he will take a good and healthy meal with his family even he is very busy because it is very important for our body to have enough energy and this energy can make our life different. A healthy Food Pyramid A great and healthy meal according to Mr yap should consist of rice, vegetable fruits, and some meat
  5. 5. Mr Yap will go for regular sports activity. He goes for badminton practise every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm which is after he finish working. Mr yap enjoy playing sports because it not only gives him the physical health but it also refresh his mind thus giving him a way to releases working stress. Mr Yap told us that sometimes it looks little stupid and childish because 2 to 4 people putting so much effort just to hit the shuttlecock but it is the most enjoyable time when everyone thinks nothing but just to hit the shuttlecock and this able him to relax his mind and also give himself some freedom after work and this is 1 of the tips for his success. Even though Mr Yap has a busy life but he never forget about his family. He will always spend his time dine with his beloved family. This is because Mr Yap knows that nothing is more important than family bonding. He is not just a successful man in his career but also a successful father in his family and this makes him a greater man.
  6. 6. Mr. Yap says that his busy life might sometimes making him stress and sad but he never regret of choosing this way to live his life. Even he is busy he can still be albe to spend his spare time with his family comparing to others he lives a better live that both work and family can be manage well. He is also glad that he has a lot of loyal staff working with him even when he just started his business. This make him so happy and he enjoys his fortuned life. Mr. Yap also lives a happy live and he is so glad that he did the right decision and took the correct path. He also gives us some encouragement and some good advise on choosing our future career. He advises us to choose wisely and of course do the job we like not the job that pays more. According to research most of the people are happy with their job. They live a happy life because they enjoy what they are doing everyday.