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Enbe 2

  1. 1. ChuaLilyPeiWeiGarnetteChewName: Chua JiaCheng(0315160)Group: Natural
  2. 2. RED DRAGONFLY1. Scientific name: Sympetrum Fonsclombii2. Family: Libellulidae3. Characteristic: (Male) have a redabdomen,wings havered veins and the base ofthe wings is yellow.(Female) yellow abdomen,wings does not have redveins.(Common) Black and yellowleg.
  3. 3. 5 SENSES• Taste: Did not eat the dragonfly but since it ismade of “Chitin” it should be crunchy.• Smell: The dragonfly does not smell special justlike other normal insect.• Hear: The dragonfly does not produce sound butwhen it fly the wings that flap with incrediblespeed produce some sound.• See: I saw how an dragonfly can fly but I am notsure with how it fly because it is too fast.• Touch: I did not touch the dragonfly because itmight sting me and I might kill it as well.
  4. 4. Camouflage Motion• That is the motion of a dragonfly when itcapture its prey, unlike others the dragonflyactually have the ability to capture its prey bychasing it according to its original position andfly to the direction parallel to its originaldirection.• This is more effective as it will suddenly attackits prey without let the prey know it isfollowed by the dragonfly.
  5. 5. Dragonflies are very good hunter they huntsmaller insect like flies mosquito and otherwhich looks delicious.Here’s another video about dragonfly takenfrom:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNbTByRGPmI
  6. 6. Function Of Bamboo1. Bamboo leaf is a very nice food and healthy aswell it have a long history as food and medicinein china. This is because it contains manyeffective ingredients.2. It also function as a tool to control soil erosion.3. Bamboo can also use to make furniture andhandicraft.4. Bamboo charcoal can be made into Bamboocoal material as well.5. It is also role of bamboo to maintain theecosystem.
  7. 7. 5 sense• Taste: It actually has not much taste the shootcan be eaten but it also does not contain muchtaste.• Smell: It smells like soil maybe because the smellof soil at my site is to strong.• Hear: The bamboo does not talk or move. Whenthere is wind the bamboo will shake producingsounds of leaves moing• See: The bamboo has a smooth surface with lotsof blade leaves protecting it’s new leaves.• Touch: The bamboo has hair or fur that makesthe people who wanted to attack the plant feelitchy.
  8. 8. Here is a video showing how people useBamboo to make usefull things such as Basket.This video is taken from:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL8zWhtg8ks
  9. 9. Sketch of my 10m x 10m site~
  10. 10. Top View
  11. 11. 5 SENSES1. Taste: The water is like tap water does not have anyspecial smell2. Smell: The water is odourless and the soil is odourlessas well.3. Hear: I can hear the water flowing and the trees leavesmoving because of the wind blowing.4. See: I can see a lot of living things around water, fish,turtle, Insects, plants and non living things like rocks,soils, mud, and rubbish.5. Touch: the surface of the rock are mostly slippery this isbecause the water make it moist and there are alsomoss growing on the rocks. The soil are smooth whilethe water flow is also fast because our site is close tothe “waterfall” site which cause the water flowingfaster.
  12. 12. I feel happybecause I can getcloser to natureI feel sad becausepeople tend todestroy nature bypollute itI feel angry to all thosenot responsible peoplefor destroying natureI feel glad that there arestill some people in ourFNBE course that helps toclean up the rubbish