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0. introduction _credits

  1. 1. “H.I.S.-tory”by Vince Ciotti© 2011 H.I.S. Professionals, LLC, all rights reservedIntroduction& Credits
  2. 2. Why Bother?• A lot of friends asked me that question during the 2 years I’vebeen writing this H.I.S.-story – “why bother, when you can be outthere making money as a consultant charging for your time?”• I’ve also been warned by many savvy friends: “Be Careful, this willpigeon-hole you as an ‘old fart’ not in touch with today!”• The reason is best credited to George Santanawho so insightfully said: “Those who cannotremember the past are condemned to repeat it.”• Also, being born in 1945 and raised inPhiladelphia, PA, the same time & place asENIAC, I think I was destined to write this…• But please, if you learn anything reading thisHIS-tory, give credit to the scores of pastfriends, some new enemies, business associatesand voluntary contributors whose names follow:
  3. 3. Da Man!• Prime credit goes first &foremost to Mr. HIS-talk whoso generously printed theseweekly HIS-tory episodes inhis superb blog:http://histalk2.com/• If you want to stay on top of our industry and read HIS-tory as itis being made, this weekly blog of news & opinion is the place!• Not only did he give this series invaluable space, but heprovided encouragement when I was getting blogged down,gave me many leads on where to find HIS-tory heroes, andamazing vignettes of HIS vendors from his own experience:Muchas Gracias!!
  4. 4. First Presentation• Credit must go to HIMSS and inparticular, whoever was on theselection committee for presentationsfor their 2011 annual conference.• They let me make an absolute fool ofmyself dressing like a 1960’s hippy(actually, Mr. HIS-Talk’s idea – he sentme the web site for this garb & wig!)• While I presented a 60-page version ofthis HIS-tory. Needless to say, theaudience enjoyed the spectacle!• If anyone out there would like arepeat at a national or regional event,just say the word – I still have theclothes and, right now, they still fit(barely…)
  5. 5. Former Employers…• Thanks to many old friends at the HIS firms I once worked at, whonot only told me some great stories of early days, but providedmany documents & pictures that made this dull tome come alive:– Shared Medical Systems• Jim Macaleer – who hired me despite my having noknowledge of hospitals, computers or accounting– Jim, just what were you thinking??• Mike Mulhall – first boss & mentor, RIP much too early• And so many friends there: Karl Sydor, Bill Bogutski, GlenMarshall, Bob Haist, Jim Carter, Mike Cassidy, Steve Myers…– McAuto – Dick Schopp, Bill Corum (RIP), Jud Foreman, Ed Gavin…– HIS, Inc. – Brain Fitzpatrick, Roland Thibault (RIP), Jim Smith– Micro Healthsystems – Jim Pesce, Jim Trogge, Alex Cibenko– Sheldon I. Dorenfest (SIDA) – the wisest seer in HIS-tory!
  6. 6. HIS Vendor CEOs• Retired founders of so many HIS pioneering firms who took timeoff of their pressing golf & other schedules told their fascinatingstories and provided invaluable documents and graphics:– Bob Pagnotta – founder of MDS, Tymshare & HISProfessionals– John Depierro – founder of Gamut and Medical Data Tech.– Jim Pesce – of GE Medinet, McAuto, and Micro Healthsystems– Dave Pomerance – founder of Dynamic Control Corp. (DCC)– Ray Paris – founder of Keane’s Health Services Division– Larry Ferguson – of SAI’s (Systems Associates, Inc.) “Saint”– John Sacco – the eponymous founder of JS Data– Sheldon Dorenfest – founder of Compucare as well as SIDA– Frank Poggio – founder of HMDS, the first “Client/Server”– Mike Kaufman – president of SDK, named after his father
  7. 7. HIS Vendor Rank & File• Veterans of other HIS pioneering firms who shared their stories:– Gerber-Alley – Brian Curnutt, Karen See, Brian Robson, ConnieWilliams, David Salazar, Mark Edelstein, Dave Wellons and KarlKiss– AR/Mediquest – Paul McVicker and Kalon Mitchell– JS Data – Steve Kilgus, Ron Young and Tom Aikens– Meditech – Bill O’Toole, former inhouse legal counsel– CliniCom – Marjorie Rodell and Don Gilchrist– Eclipsys – Mike Smeraski, formerly of SMS & HBOC– DATX – Gary Lakin who worked for Tim Zinn & Lou Phillips– Lockheed – many thanks to these ladies who kindly corrected anumber of egregious errors in one of my earliest stories on MIS:• Jane Baseflug, Connie Berg, Edith Caesar, Ann Farrell, Deborah(Debby) Kohn, Elizabeth West
  8. 8. Work In Progress…• This HIS-tory of our business actually never ends; I hope longafter I’m gone, someone will carry the torch and update thesefiles with the stories of entrepreneurs building today’s systems.• If you have any stories of HIS days of yore that you’d like to share,and especially any old photos or graphics, please send themalong • I’ll gladly add your name to the list of credits,• I hope some day to make a book (probably “e”since paper seems so out of date…) out ofthese PowerPoint files, in which case I promiseyou an autographed copy of edition #1!• So, please, if you know any of early HIS heroes or stories, pleasegive me their contact info and I’ll add them to this treasure trove:- vciotti@hispros.com• Or just give me a call at 505/466-4958 (no dots for we old-timers!)