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Final Project for NMDL

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  • So here are the topics that I will be talking to you guys about today they are the Target Audience, the Key Performance Indicators, the Big Idea, the Tool and Tactics, and the Budget.
  • The target audience for my campaign will be both genders that typically involved in or watch some sort of outdoor sport that takes place during the winter months. The specific age group I will be targeting is from age 15 to 30. These “participants” will be targeted because of the uniqueness of their sport in relation to our cold weather products. With the help of our product keeping these participants warm in the harsh conditions will substantially help the performance and stamina of them during their events. Not only will the actual participants want the product but also the people in the stands at these events, if they want to stay warm on a cold bench then the help of the cold gear is their answer
  • The main indicator of the campaign will be the overall sales of the cold gear apparel. One way to link the campaign to the sales would be to monitor the clicks that the Holiday Playbook is generating. Not only will we be monitoring how often we get clicks but also the percentage of people that click on the ad that actually go through with a purchase. The goal of this campaign is to have at least 50% of the people that click on the ad actually purchase a cold gear product. Some other indicators that we will be monitoring is how many new followers that we gain on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If the numbers increase across the board than we know that we are gaining interest from our customers. This is vital to our success because the more people that see our images and quotes the more powerful our message becomes.
  • The main idea of this campaign is to link the need for Under Armour when entering the cold weather for watching or playing a sport during the winter. The main idea is to create images, shared through social media, that depict athletes competing in extreme conditions but they are able to succeed with the help of Under Armour cold gear. These images will be so extreme and extraordinary that they will be imprinted in the mind of all the people that have contact with the ad. When an athlete of our target audience sees these scenarios and sees the extreme feat that the ad depicts, we want them to be able to image them being the athlete in the ad and get the feeling of being unstoppable and unaffected by harsh conditions. We want our audience to put themselves in the shoes of the athletes in the ad and dream about the possibility that it can be them in real life. By doing this we create a need in the audience and they believe that if they want their dream to become a reality than they need the help of Under Armour to become unstoppable athletes that are shown in our campaign. Hopefully with this campaign we create the link between extreme condition sports and Under Armour.
  • This is the sequence is what we want our customers to go through. We want them to be link cold weather sports to Under Armour. This is the basic way we believe our images will be transferred into our customer beliefs. Whenever they think of cold weather we want them to immediately think of the need for Under Armour.
  • These are the five tools that our ad campaign will focus on and will be constantly monitored to see the effectiveness of the campaign. Every one of these will be important as to we want to improve our Social Media presence across the board and have a very large presence in all of them.
  • These are some basic Google AdWords that the Campaign will contain. These will show results not only on the top of a Google Search but also on the side. We will be spending approximately $1000 a day and will be closely monitoring them to make sure we are reaching our target audience.
  • These pictures are exactly what we will be posting through our social media outlets. They all depict cold weather and athletes performing in then harsh conditions. We will be posting numerous times throughout the day but yet not enough to annoy our followers, we want to only inspire them. We will also be hosting contest on Pinterest and Twitter where winners will receive prizes and special deals daily to keep the interaction level with our customers very high.
  • The budget for this type of campaign will be higher that their normal ad campaign but it is with good reason. This ad is trying to create a lifetime customer, which will by the products for the rest of their life so the ad will have a large amount of longevity. I expect his ad campaign to cost $250,000 and this amount of money will not go to waste and will be well spent. The placement of the ad is a key component and if we place it on large market sites than the rewards are also large. Among this budget will be $50,000 that we will be giving away to our winning customers of numerous Social Media contests. The main stress of this campaign is creating the lifetime link between cold weather sports and Under Armour, this ad campaign is very expensive but if you look at the long run then it is well worth it. This campaign is created to last a lifetime and so will the results.
  • Creating a lifetime link is a hard thing to do and it takes a lot of work. This campaign objective is to do just that. Under Armour is a huge company with huge goals that this campaign hopes to succeed. The target audience is people we want to impact in a very positive way, we want them to be our customer for the rest of their life. Think about that, it’s a very long time! When they think cold weather sports ore even going out in the snow for a walk, we want them to think of Under Armour. We want to be their go-to product to help them succeed at whatever they are doing. Under Armour wants to be a main reason for your success and we are willing to put it all on the line to help the customer succeed. Athletes from around the world participate in the cold and with the help of Under Armour they can become unstoppable.
  • Final NMDL Under Armour

    1. 1. Target AudienceKey Performance IndicatorsBig IdeaTool and TacticsBudget
    2. 2. 15-30Male and Female Age Winter Athletes
    3. 3. Online SalesInstagram Cold FacebookFollowers Likes Gear Twitter Followers
    4. 4. Use Social Media to Link Success to Under Armour
    5. 5. FacebookPinterest Instagram Google Twitter AdWords
    6. 6.  Under Armour Cold Gear Holiday Playbook Winter Apparel Snowboarding Gear Skiing Vacation Sporting Goods
    7. 7. $50,000$200,000 $250,000 Contest TotalPlacement Winners
    8. 8. UnderArmour Unstoppable & Successful AthletesWinterSports