Charming spring wedding favors


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Charming spring wedding favors

  1. 1. Charming Spring WeddingFavors
  2. 2. With the holidays behind us, it is time to start thinkingabout spring weddings again! A wonderful way to add apersonal touch to your wedding is with a well-chosenfavor. Visit pear wedding favors for more info. Theseare some of the most charming spring wedding favors.
  3. 3. Flowers are one of everyones favorite parts about spring,so why not choose a floral wedding favor for your springreception? There are many lovely options, depending onthe style of your wedding. If your taste runs to a romanticbridal gown and pearl wedding jewelry, a tiny pot ofpansies would be a delightful favor. Brides who favor eco-conscious wedding gowns, jewelry, flowers and the likecould give seed packets for their wedding thank you gifts
  4. 4. Cherry blossoms are one of the annual symbols of spring.A cherry blossom candle would make a very specialspring wedding favor. Or use the elegant motif todecorate a set of four petit fours. For the bride with anartistic flair, it would be marvelous to hand paint petitevases with a graceful cherry blossom branch. A set ofguest soaps in the shape of the cherry blossoms would beanother pretty favor idea. Any of the cherry blossomfavors would be particularly nice for a wedding with anAsian design inspiration.
  5. 5. Of course, edible favors are always fantastic, so youmight wish to do something classic like a flower shapedfrosted sugar cookie in a fancy bag. For an Aprilwedding, you could play up the old expression "Aprilshowers bring May flowers" and package a pair ofgourmet cookies: one shaped like a flower and the otherlike an umbrella. It would be sure to bring a smile tothe faces of your wedding guests.
  6. 6. In the spring, many people love to get outside andgarden. Any wedding favor with a gardening motifwould be great for a spring reception. Small tinwatering cans in the wedding colors would be very cuteset at each place, and as a bonus, they could bepersonalized with the names of the guests to double asplace cards. A set of metal garden tags inscribed withthe names of herbs and presented along with thecorresponding seed packets. Ladybugs are consideredvery lucky by gardeners, so another terrific gardentheme favor would be gourmet chocolates wrapped upin ladybug patterned foil.
  7. 7. One more favorite spring motif is the butterfly. Use it towrap up spring wedding favor boxes, as the shape of fancychocolates, or as the design for gourmet cookies. A crystalbutterfly paperweight could make a delightful favor forthe female guests at your wedding (presumably the menmight prefer an alternate favor).
  8. 8. colorful butterfly accent would also be wonderful tiedto a bag of traditional pastel colored Jordan almonds.Any wedding favor which captures the upbeat feeling ofspring will be sure to delight your guests.