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Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
Agility Webinar 1028
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Agility Webinar 1028


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • September 28, 2009 Apple today announced that more than two billion apps have been downloaded from its revolutionary App Store, the largest applications store in the world. There are now more than 85,000 apps available to the more than 50 million iPhone and iPod touch customers worldwide and over 125,000 developers in Apple’s iPhone Developer Program. “The App Store has reinvented what you can do with a mobile handheld device, and our users are clearly loving it,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO
  • see article on changing mgt structure
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • David Osborne
      • Jill Hinson
      “ Creativity and innovation happens in states of disruption; you need to remain in a state of chaos or disconnection long enough for innovation to emerge.” Patricia Shaw
    • 2. Organizational Agility: How to Thrive in Today’s Business Environment
    • 3. What core reason brings you to this topic?
    • 4. to move quickly, decisively, effectively in anticipating initiating AND taking advantage of change
      • v
      How are we defining agility? [ ] ability to quickly bring products to market internal & external openness continual reframing and improvisation exploit disruptions and “jump the curve adaptive capacity
    • 5. whose getting it right? [ ]
    • 6. Agility: Is it for all industries?
      • Today’s Business Environment
      • Global networks transform how resources & ideas are shared (i.e. Open Source Development)
      • Social media and online resources increase consumer power to provide instant feedback
      • Disruptive technologies transform industries overnight
      • Shifting international power dynamics and conflicts influence markets
      • Changing population demographics and customer trends call for constant innovation
      • 69% of respondents experience disruptive changes in the last 12 months
      • HRI Study 2007
    • 7. Organization Agility Flexible Processes & Structures Strategic Sensitivity 90% of CEO’s reported wanting to become more responsive 2004 IBM Global Study Agile Workforce
    • 8. Constant connection with the external environment Internal information sharing Broad understanding of your business New ideas and identifying evolving customer needs is everyone’s job Encourage disconfirming information and feedback Strategic Sensitivity [ ] The ongoing, everyday ability to sense strategically important changes and opportunities as they emerge; the foresight to notice & act.
    • 9. Strategic Sensitivity: Spotlight
      • Proctor & Gamble: Research and development is no longer a sterile lab - their employees learn alongside housewives
    • 10. Strategic Sensitivity: Spotlight
      • Innovative products that re-invent the way people think about technology
      • Rapid colonization of digital music distribution system
      • Strategic Partnerships
      • Staying ahead of the curve; leverage their strengths to introduce disruptive technology to new markets
    • 11. Strategic Sensitivity
      • Ways to Become More Strategically Sensitive
      • Shell Scenario Planning
      • U Theory
      • Strategic Fitness Process
      • Reframe & Refocus
    • 12. Adaptable Strategic Awareness Intellectual Flexibility Innovation Creativity Interpersonal Collaboration Business Acumen Results Oriented Agile Workforce [ ] A workforce that has the capability to change and adapt rapidly in response to shifts in the strategic direction. Collaborative, innovative, open-minded, effective & business savvy describe this workforce
    • 13. Agile Workforce: Spotlight
      • Ideas go from brainstorm to product with rapid speed
      • Maverick, anti-structure culture - free spirit attitude
      • Fluid talent structure and teamwork
      • 20% of time is spent on innovations
      Fortune, 11/09/06; Shambala Sun 09/09
    • 14. Agile Workforce
      • Continuous improvement at the heart of everything
      • Oobeya: “the power of open minds”
      • “ There are no taboos in oobeya. Everyone in that room is an expert. They all have a part to play in building a car. With everyone being equally important to the process, we don’t confine ourselves to just one way of thinking our way out of a problem.”
      • Takeshi Yoshida
    • 15. Agile Workforce
    • 16. Agile Workforce
      • Simple Rules
      • Action Learning & Collaborative Problem Solving
      • Trading Places - cross training
    • 17. Fluid Structures and Boundaries Ad-hoc project teams Cross functional connectivity Knowledge Management & Communication Shared language Talent Fluidity Product development/New Business units Shared Values & Simple operating Rules Financial & Goal Setting Flexible Processes & Structures [ ] Flexible processes and structures provide the capacity to rapidly adapt to shifts in strategic direction and business imperatives.
    • 18. Flexible Processes & Structures: Spotlight
      • Advanced network technology
      • Complete and disruptive re-organization since 2001
      • Networked, distributed leadership- from command and control to a “distributed idea engine where leadership emerges organically”
      • Cross functional Councils and Boards take ideas to business in 120 days
      • Deep and widespread use of social media to collaborate
    • 19. Flexible Processes & Structures
      • Strategic Partnering
      • Ad-hoc teams; consulting model
      • Dispersed communication: Think Communities of Practice leveraging social media tools
    • 20. Strategically Sense ? Relinquish controls? Enable an Agile Workforce? How will you........
    • 21.
      • We provide organizational development
      • support in 3 ways
      Consulting by project 24/7 “ on call” Monthly retainer