Hinsdale Public Library Renovation Project Part 1


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Hinsdale Public Library Renovation Project Part 1

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Hinsdale Public Library Renovation Project Part 1

  1. 1. Renovation Project: 2007–2008
  2. 2. The Referendum On March 21, 2006, Hinsdale Residents overwhelmingly approved a rate increase to renovate the library building and to fund capital repairs and replacement.
  3. 3. Before the Renovation Project…
  4. 4. Before the renovation, shades of blue, teal and maroon dominated.
  5. 8. Hard surfaces and an open central staircase created a noisy environment.
  6. 10. The lower level featured large planters with tropical foliage.
  7. 11. The pre-renovation Youth Services Department
  8. 12. The Large Meeting Room before the renovation
  9. 13. Phase I
  10. 14. Moving all of the books from the east to the west side of the second floor was the first order of business.
  11. 16. The Reference Desk showed a lot of wear by the end of its service.
  12. 17. A demolition crew came in and dismantled it one snowy morning.
  13. 18. Meanwhile, demolition prepared the way for new administrative offices on the west side of the second floor.
  14. 19. The new administrative offices framed and covered with plywood
  15. 20. Inside the administrative offices, drywall workers prepared the walls for painting.
  16. 21. As work begins on the staircase, cement is transported into the library… one wheelbarrow at a time.
  17. 22. Then it was sent down a trough to the lower level, where it was used to create new sections of foundation.
  18. 23. A crane lifts steel beams onto the roof of the library.
  19. 24. The beams will support new floor space created by filling in portions of the open central staircase.
  20. 25. Old metal in the central staircase is cut away by steelworkers to make way for the new beams.
  21. 26. The beams are winched into position until they can be permanently attached.
  22. 27. The corrugated metal floor pan resting on top of the steel beams will be filled with concrete to create new floor space.
  23. 29. Phase II
  24. 30. Renovation of restrooms on the lower level
  25. 32. Colorful new tile adds visual interest to the remodeled restrooms.
  26. 33. New carpeting in the youth services area on the first floor
  27. 34. One of the exciting new features of the renovation project is the Reading Cabin.
  28. 35. Designed in a rustic style, it offers a safe and inviting place for young kids to play and read.
  29. 36. A new book display area is adjacent to the Reading Cabin.
  30. 37. There’s a new Storytime Room too!
  31. 38. A new aquarium at the base of the stairs on the first floor entertains kids and adults alike.
  32. 39. Meanwhile, on the first floor… The space formerly housing adult fiction books highlights new arrivals and audiovisual materials.
  33. 40. More energy efficient lighting is installed throughout the building.
  34. 41. The new quiet room, at the west end of the library’s main level, faces Washington Street.
  35. 42. Phase II also brought a major change to the exterior of the library: a dedicated exterior entrance.
  36. 44. Inside the new entrance doors, updated lighting and tile combine to create a sophisticated first impression.
  37. 45. Phase III
  38. 46. Phase III began with a celebration of the new entrance. Executive Director Lynn Elam greeted the first patrons to enter the doors.