Case Study: Hinduja Bank CRM Application


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Case Study: Hinduja Bank CRM Application

  1. 1. Hinduja Bank: CRM Client Name Technology Hinduja Bank ASP.Net, HTML, AJAX, DHTML, MS SQL Services Offered Strategy, Design & Development The Client Created in the year 1978 as a finance company, AMAS Capital, now rechristened Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, is primarily addressing asset management concerns of individuals across geographical boundaries. Proffering innovative solutions in wealth management and corporate advisory service to individual and institutions by combining the best of Swiss Banking tradition and international reach, AMAS Capital, is a preferred choice to merge the best of East and West. The Brief Headquartered in Geneva, AMAS Bank has a global network that gives it a formidable presence, which is extremely relevant and crucial to facilitate mergers and acquisitions. AMAS Bank wanted to translate their existing business model and practices into an automated system for investment banking that could help them document, track and facilitate a business proposition right from its inception. The Approach Hinduja Interactive understood that a vast network like that of AMAS Bank, which is spread across continents, different time-zones and vested purposes would require a web based application that could be accessed from anywhere, any-time. The project required not only documentation/ categorisation of an investment lead, but also management, facilitation and time frame to see that the acquisition is finally signed and sealed on paper. Taking into account diverse background of users who would be interacting on the proposed system, ease of usability and functionality was also a priority while designing the application. The Solution A web based application AMAS Net was designed for AMAS Bank by Hinduja Interactive. The application takes a step-by-step approach to proposed future mergers & acquisitions and documents in detail about a lead – right from its conception to generation to the closure. Hinduja Interactive Tower No. 1, 4th Floor, International Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 075
  2. 2. The database is accessible to members based on their hierarchy in the organisation. This system of disseminating the information ensured that information is in the right hands. AMAS Net merged functionality and process in Microsoft Technologies, using a combination of Microsoft .Net 1.1, C#, AJAX and Microsoft SQL Server technologies, with added tools like Gantt chart to track the progress of project and give a figurative progress report. The functionality of this application gave access to system in real time. Screens The Result The transition of AMAS Bank to an online structure was seamless, with no hiccups the users adapted well to the interface that allowed them to manage their ideas, contacts, leads to look for opportunities and convert them into profitable business propositions. Project planning was now better than before, as application users were able to pick and build the right team from across the world, work time efficiently and map the duration of project. Due to real time functionality of system, AMAS Bank was able to close its deals a whole lot faster than before. Authentication, authorisation and hierarchy management ensured transparency in system and MIS were added advantages that benefited the users of AMAS Net application. Hinduja Interactive Tower No. 1, 4th Floor, International Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 075