Cholera investigation


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Cholera investigation

  1. 1. Cholera InvestigationName:<br />It is 1860. There is a terrible outbreak of cholera in the city of London. Strangely, the outbreak is centred in only a small area of the city, although the number of cases is clearly rising. <br />The City of London has turned to YOU, a local genius, to solve things<br />You have got to:<br />a) Work out where the cholera is coming from.<br />b) Suggest a solution to the problem.<br />c) Suggest how the epidemic could have started.<br />d) Present your findings to the important people in the City of London (they have enlisted the help of more than one local genius, and will vote for the solution that they consider to be best). Your presentation needs to be convincing – so you need to clearly explain why you have made your decisions.<br />Cholera is a water-borne disease – it is especially common when people drink polluted water.<br />The following pages are all of the evidence that you have to go on.<br />Deaths from Cholera between June and August 1860<br />AreaDeaths June JulyDeaths July AugustHouses 14080Houses 28388Houses 32077Houses 48874Houses 5268Houses 6160Houses 798106Houses 834Houses 910Houses 10317Houses 1132Houses 1222Houses 1310Brewery23Workhouse00TOTAL DEATHS347581<br />This is the only area of the city where cholera is causing serious problems. There have been a few isolated cases of cholera elsewhere in London.<br />Additional information.<br />All cases of cholera in London that have been outside of this district can be linked to a visit to this district: either on business, or meeting friends.<br />Residents of the workhouse stay within the compound for the major part<br />The brewers eat and drink at the brewery. They are a very rowdy bunch because they drink beer almost continuously<br />Water and sewerage information:<br />Cess pit 1 has been there for as long as anyone can remember<br />Cess pit 2 has been there for as long as anyone can remember<br />Well no. 1 has been there for 80 years and has given a good supply of water<br />Well no. 2 has been there for at least 300 years and has given a good supply of water<br />The water pump has been there for 28 years. It dried up at the end of July due to a very hot summer, so has not been used at all in August<br />River water is occasionally drunk by residents, but is not usually considered to be particularly good.<br />Water is not always boiled before consumption<br />Sewerage disposal in 1860<br />Sewerage is transported by hand in chamber pots to the cess pits<br />Occasionally overnight sewerage is emptied out of top floor windows<br />Public urination and defecation are unusual but not unknown (especially from drunken members of public)<br />250 MWorkhouse wellRiverCess pit 1Water Pump Houses 1Cess pit 2Well no. 2Well no. 1Houses 13Houses 12Houses 11Houses 10Houses 7Houses 9Houses 8Houses 6Houses 5Houses 3Houses 4BreweryWorkhouseHouses 2<br />