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  • 1. Illustrated vocabulary sentences
    Hannah smith
  • 2. All the students converged to the classroom when class started.
  • 3. the benign mother showed nothing but love and kindness toward her children.
  • 4. A googol dollars is a lot of money.
  • 5. The little girl would prate for hours never saying anything important.
  • 6. The class diverged when the period ended.
  • 7. The gregarious neighbors love to have parties and have friends over
  • 8. Us friends have great platonic love, we aren't at all sexually attracted to each other.
  • 9. My pay was augmented my pay by 15$, now I’m making 25$ an hour!
  • 10. The dirge played at the funeral was the saddest music I’ve ever heard.
  • 11. The computer geek had no friends because he was so weird.
  • 12. The small boy felt melancholy when he found out he wouldn’t be getting Christmas presents this year.
  • 13. He told his teacher he cheated on the test of his on volition, nobody made him, he just felt bad about it.
  • 14. Ersatz milk tastes horrible, they make it out of soy beans.
  • 15. A country with a paucity of resources won’t last long without importing goods from elsewhere.
  • 16. He slaked his thirst with a tall glass of water on a very hot day.
  • 17. The empire was at the acme of its power when it controlled over half of the world.
  • 18. His gigantic computer company was a very lucrative business.
  • 19. The student was in a pensive moodduring class, she wasn’t listening to the teacher at all.
  • 20. The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.
  • 21. My essay was moribund when I was just about to press the delete button