group dscussion method


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group dscussion method

  1. 1.  Introduction Principals of discussion method What skills are judge in group discussion Tips for good discussion Merits of discussion method Demerits of discussion Suggestions
  2. 2.  Oral expressions of different points of view among two or more persons a critical conversation about a particular topic Exchange of ideas about topic A group discussion is a type of meeting, but it differs from the formal meetings In discussion method students discuss on topic given by teacher in groups
  3. 3. Following are the principals of discussion method The topic should be selected from daily life. Students should have sufficient information about it The discussion should remain topic based .Irrelevant details from students’ side should be discourage Participants should be small in number to insure the participation of each individual in the discussion
  4. 4.  During the discussion, the teacher should remain present for guidance and maintain discipline In the end the discussion should be summarized to reach logical conclusion During discussion ,discipline should be maintained. Every one should be given a chance to share ideas but in turn
  5. 5.  Your listening skill. Your attitude and confidence. How you put forward your views. How you behave and interact with group. Your analysis skill and subject knowledge. Your leadership and decision making skills. How good you are at communication with others.
  6. 6. Keep eye contact while speaking: Keep eye contact with every team member while speaking.Initiate the Discussion: Initiate the group discussion only when you understood the group discussion topic clearly and have some topic knowledgeAllow others to speak: Do not interrupt anyone in-between while speaking.
  7. 7. Speak clearly: Speak politely and clearly. Use simple and understandable words while speakingPositive attitude: Be confident. Do not try to dominate anyone. Keep positive body language. Show interest in discussion.Listen carefully to others: Speak less and listen more! Pay attention while others are speaking
  8. 8.  Assign topic for discussion according to their subject Create friendly atmosphere Try to facilitate students about educational materials for study in advance Invite most outspoken students to get involved at first Invite all students to get involve in discussion
  9. 9.  Student centered method Active role of student Discussion make classroom environment alive Students take interest in discussion Equal opportunity for all the students It develops critical thinking in students Helpful to improve verbal communication power of students
  10. 10.  Its a two way communication Values like broad-mindedness, self- confidence, tolerance , co-operation , appreciation and positive criticism flourished in students It develops the habit of study Democratic attitude develops among students
  11. 11. Discussion method is not free from pitfalls. Some are here … Science subjects can not taught through discussion Discussion method is only suitable for higher classes. It is not applicable in early classes It can be time consuming when discussion diverges from the topic
  12. 12.  Discussion method creates the problem of discipline. Class control loses and near classes are disturbed
  13. 13.  The discussion must have a purpose Students must have something to say Topic should be easy for students Think few minutes before starting of a group discussion Topic should be from syllabus Provide equal opportunity for each student in discussion A variety of points of view are put forward and discussed. Class discipline should be maintain
  14. 14.  Thank You