Ad man Tom Monahan once remarked ‘Advertising is the rock-n-roll of         How a Creativethe business world’. The creativ...
The Drummer                      The Head-Banging                                  (The Group Head)                 Lead G...
THE CA                                                                     MPOn the rare occasions thatthis dysfunctional ...
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  2. 2. Ad man Tom Monahan once remarked ‘Advertising is the rock-n-roll of How a Creativethe business world’. The creative department of an ad agency thinks, Department Worksacts and even smells like a Rock Band. They are often perceived to bebrash, arrogant, erratic and almost every other offensive adjective in Once the creative guys are handedthe English dictionary. Truth be told, it’s only because they are visibly over the creative brief and theobsessed with their work. deadline, they spend most of their time bothering about neither. Their disregard for the brief is L R abundant, yet they do consider it sacrosanct. Keeping the brief in mind, the team then decides theThe Copy Team The Art Team best way in which the clientTheir job is to simply and Popular opinion is that they form the support staff to the copy should say what he wants to knowinterestingly convey the brand with team. But the fact is that they about his brand. They provide thewords, an image or maybe even ablank page. Let’s suppose the are both equally indispensable. product/service with a face, aclient wants to say that his product They give the creative idea a feeling, an emotion, and bring it“smells the best”. The copywriter definite form. If copy is about to life. Probable creative routeswould put it as, “It smells like the the words, art is the pictures. are explored and then discussedearth after the first rain”, or a can Simply put, if the copywriter is with the planning team forof glue or whatever that might the singer who carries a song on feasibility. Following that, thetickle his fancy. The headline, his voice, the art team is the best routes are short-listed. Thebaseline and body copy of an ad is music; without which the song work is then broken down betweentheir area of expertise. can often be quite empty. the copy and art teams. 2
  3. 3. The Drummer The Head-Banging (The Group Head) Lead Guitarist The Music Director He’s like the drummer who (The Art Director) Bass Guitarist (Production Team) nobody remembers, but his Not big on words, but he is (The Senior Copywriter) They come in when the radio beat holds the song together. responsible for making an ad The pretty boy of the band with star wants to go on TV; cut a Just as talented as the look good. Just like the lots of spunk. The liveliest of music video. In other words, Creative Director, only not as long-haired head-banging the lot, just a little a television commercial. As good at holding centre stage. guitarist, that makes the band inexperienced. After the long as it’s a print ad, the He is responsible for taking look oh-so-cool. He is the guy headline and the baseline, he is copy, art and studio teamsThe Lead Singer the idea to the ends of its that decides the visuals and the body copy. Mostly in the can handle everything, but(The Creative Director) possibilities and ironing out the layouts in a print ad background, but can when it comes to televisionHe is the star of the agency. the creases. He manages a campaign and the props, sets, occasionally carry a good solo. you need a completelyHe runs the show, so to say. skilled team of copywriters look and feel of a TVC. Usually a trainee’s best friend. different set of skills. LikeHe is responsible for conjuring and art supervisors. making actors act. That’s theup the ‘Big Idea’, the creative production teams speciality,breakthrough. Once that’s in From buying props, to gettingorder, he teams up with the actors, to costumes, lights,art director to figure out the Back up vocals cameras, action and pack-up,best way to execute that idea. (Trainees) everything is done by them.Next to the client, he is the The art and copy best aware and most They’re always big in number,obsessed with the brand. usually 3-4 in a mid-sized agency, to 10-12 in a big agency. Always on the far side of the stage and rarely warrant even a mention in the credits. They get the most challenging work, to come up with interesting solutions for uninteresting projects like brochures, flyers, posters, etc. 3
  4. 4. THE CA MPOn the rare occasions thatthis dysfunctional unitmanages to get some work AIGNdone, the result is a harmony Curtainsthat can hold the imagination Although, the creative team isof the world. often considered the spine ofTheir music is the ad the agency, theyre by nocampaign. And if they get it means the end all and be all.right, it can register sales Just like songwriters, stagebigger than any #1 in all of managers, musicians, editorsmusics history. and other specialists work together to bring the wholeBut of course as there are experience to an audience,hits, there are flops. every person associated withRegardless, these rock stars of an advertising agency isthe business world ferry forth evenly responsible for thewith unabashed arrogance. final show. Advertising Agencies Association of India 35, Maker Tower F, 3rd Floor, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005. Tel: (022) 2218 2164 / 2218 7609 Fax: (022) 2218 9590 Email: