AAAI Beginners Serieser... what exactly is an advertising agency?                                                          1
Advertising?!! Whats that?someone once said that advertising is the most fun                So what is advertising? Is it ...
The functions of an advertising agency:                                                                                   ...
Myth: An agency alwaysWho needs advertising?                                                                              ...
The parts of an agency                                                                                                    ...
Ok, now whats a brand?                                                                                                    ...
"Break ke baad!" Advertising in India                                                                                     ...
Advertising and Society                                                Brand IndiaThe hu man condition                    ...
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  1. 1. AAAI Beginners Serieser... what exactly is an advertising agency? 1
  2. 2. Advertising?!! Whats that?someone once said that advertising is the most fun So what is advertising? Is it a science? Is it an art form? Is itone can ever have with their clothes on. Fun aside, it also merely commerce made interesting? There are various schools ofperforms one of the most important functions in society that thought, different opinions and diverse points of view. But all ofis to inform; it gives people the power of choice; the power of these collide into something that we all agree upon. That it isknowledge that helps them make important decisions everyday. probably one of the most powerful influencers of humanToday, advertisements are everywhere. On television, on the behaviour since religion.internet, radio, billboards and even on the empty coffee mug Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television or radio by anon your desk. Advertising has successfully transcended from identified sponsor. (Principles of Marketing: Kotler, Armstrong, Saunders and Wong)one of the most interruptive commercial medium of moderntimes to something that everyone wants a piece of. Not Advertising is the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.surprisingly, everybody has an opinion about advertising. 2
  3. 3. The functions of an advertising agency: • To accelerate economic growth and create public awareness What exactly is an • To provide a total, professional, experienced service which is very personal in its nature • To take the advertisers message and convert it into an effective and memorable communication advertising agency? agencGetting the best out of advertising is a highly skilled job. Advertising has not only come to reflect pop culture but has alsoIt requires the inputs of experts in many different fields like become an important element of economic growth. Today, everywriters, artists, photographers, designers, television person connected with the Indian economy or public should beproduction crews and many others. Even the biggest fully aware what advertising really is and why effectiveadvertisers cannot afford to employ all these experts. advertising campaigns can be performed by full-serviceAlmost all advertising is therefore arranged through an advertising agencies.advertising agency which provides the necessary skill to turnthe message into a memorable and effective advertisement. An advertising agency is a firm that specialises in the creation, design and placement of advertisements, and in the planning and execution of promotional campaigns for products and services of their clients. 3
  4. 4. Myth: An agency alwaysWho needs advertising? helps to sell a productAdvertising is primarily used as a tool by companies to: Government and autonomous bodies use advertising to: What does a professional advertising agency have that is If the advertising needs to be successful, Inform people about new products and services Inform people about their policies unique? With professional talent and loads of communications’ the product needs to: Brand building Promote birth control experience under their belts, agencies are perfectly suited Solve a purpose To remind customers about their brand at the right time and place Educate the masses on health care to take over their clients’ marketing communications problems Fulfil a need To reinforce customer confidence in purchase Prevent panic during natural disasters and help them with specialised services. But like everything it Be satisfactory To build Corporate Identity Dispel harmful rumours too has its limitations. Effective advertising can contribute Have a credible proposition To help their sales force become more effective Attract foreign investment immensely to the success of a product. Similarly, if the product is To give their brand and company a “personality” that makes it unique bad or something that the people cannot accept, then no amount of advertising can save it. Advertising is required because it explains complex issues in ways that are interesting, Fact: Advertising can never easy to understand and meaningful. succeed in selling something which the public will not accept. 4
  5. 5. The parts of an agency How advertising worksAdvertising agencies need to have a wide expertise in the area Media Planning: It is their job to ensure that the clients money Clientof marketing and communications. Which is why they employ is spent efficiently to get maximum efficiency from a campaign.specialists who can easily understand economic, demographic Account Planning: The planners come up with insights Account Executive Account Plannerand psychographic data given to them. and are the futurologists of the agency. They analyse marketsThey add significant insights to this from their own experience and consumer behaviour and are the ones who write the briefs.and data banks. Creative: Probably the most important set of people. ResearchThe various departments of an agency can be classified as follows: They are the guys who write the ads and it is their workAccount Management: The face of the agency. These are the that the world gets to see.people who meet the client on a day to day basis. It is their Digital Studio: Often called the DTP section, this set of Insightresponsibility to ensure that the work goes out on time and the people work on the final artworks that are sent to thebills are paid. various publications for release. Creative Brief Creative Director Campaign 5
  6. 6. Ok, now whats a brand? Can you really "build" brands? Step 1: Defining the message.A brand is not just a logo. Why should consumers care? What is different about the product?By creating a logo one cannot create a brand. A logo is merely an aspect of a brand. e.g. It is about high performance outdoor apparel (Woodland);A brand as a whole encompasses the physical attributes of a logo and encompasses the life of It is about strength and durability (Ambuja Cement);the company, its employees and its audience. Brand building is about product Step 2: Building the image.A Brand is an experience. An experience gained from a company and its services or products. identification and trust. How does your difference translate into the image? BothBrands have personality. It has a specific group of people it wants to get to know and visually and verbally it needs to consistently communicatebefriend, but is open to all. To start building a brand one has to start by defining the the company’s message and value.Brands are powerful. It can influence someone to buy into its personality rather than the product. target customer group and its needs and expectations and go on Step 3: Marketing the image.Brands are consistent. They need to talk the same language across all communication. to realistically assess how well the brand currently meets them. How aggressively can the word be spread? The advertising campaign needs to establish the image. Simply put, a brand is a set of associations: Efforts need to be taken to fashion an image around the brand Step 4: Living the message. • That is related to a brand or company name that is not only consistent with its core benefits but one that Is the message real? Can the consumer identify with it? Is the • That has a special place in consumer’s memory • That helps the consumer understand the following: also credibly promises to bring about excitement and promise being delivered? Does the consumer expectation meet - What the brand or company is satisfaction to the consumer. satisfaction on usage or association with the brand? - Why it is potentially relevant to them - How it is different or similar to other products made by the firm - How it is similar or different from competitors products 6
  7. 7. "Break ke baad!" Advertising in India Advertising and Society How did a small pill change the future of a country? Simple, Balbir Pasha through advertising. and Mala D The Government of India has for a long time relied considerably on the talents of the Advertising Agency and the Advertising or how advertisingIn the beginning. In the 70s and 80s, Doordarshan can make history Agencies Association of India for social causes. One of thewas the only TV channel in India. Being the only carrier, biggest success stories has been the story of the simple birthit had a mix of programmes for both the urban and rural audiences control pill. A poor country like India faces a major problemand agencies had to live with the fact. Though Doordarshan with overpopulation.promised exceptional reach, in the coming years it fell The Mala D commercials and the family planning campaignwoefully inadequate to the needs and wants of the advertisers. popularised in the 80s by advertising agencies to educateThe Second Wave. The advent of Satellite Television saw the Success after success of Indian Agencies at International the masses were extremely successful.advertising industry undergo a sea change in the early 90s. Awards like Cannes, AdFest and the New York Festivals have One of the biggest problems facing India today, is the risingWhile the satellite channels had limited reach they could made Advertising a sought after profession in India today number of HIV and AIDS related cases. Again illiteracy was thetarget very niche audiences at half the cost. It also opened a with a high demand for talented individuals. core of the problem. That unsafe sex is one of the most potentwhole new world in terms of quality of production, content Advertising in India Today. Advertising in India today has ways for it to spread was a fact unknown amongst the masses.and tonality - something that advertising professional evolved into an highly evocative and arresting medium of Family Planning is The Balbir Pasha campaign did wonders to spread awarenesswatched with keen interest. portraying society. It has value-added tremendously to the the most successful about the problem.A decade and a half later, the kind of work that Indian quality of television programming in the country and has campaign for a Since the inception of the the advertising agencies they have social cause by anyagencies are producing is at par and some even better brought with it a new generation of ideas that can only donated crores of rupees worth of time and services to make advertising agency.than their foreign counterparts. contribute towards the progress of the nation. the crusade a success. 7
  8. 8. Advertising and Society Brand IndiaThe hu man condition The pulse of a nationAdvertising agencies have always played a pivotal role in Each subsequent report of the National Council of Appliedimproving general human condition the world over. In India Economic Research shows that the quality of life in India istoo, it has been tremendously successful in educating the constantly improving at the grassroots level.public about cancer and its prevention, AIDS, TB and a host of The role of advertising here is of supreme importance.other situations that demand mass scale communication. Literacy is on the rise and more and more of the middleFact is that today advertising has become a reflection of human class are being exposed to the wonders of modern, whatever state it may be in. If times are good, it celebrates. Almost simultaneously, the banking and financial sectorIf not, it mourns. From creating ads that call for donations to continues to bolster the economy with products and servicesactually working towards the fulfillment of various causes, that are beneficial to the rising needs of the working class.advertising professionals are a set of people who need to be in The urban population, meanwhile, is displaying an evolvedconstant touch with the human condition. They are not and sensibility thats more attuned to that of the global citizen.cannot ever be mutually exclusive. It is in this way that advertising agencies help the Government to take care of its various agendas across the length and the breadth of the country. This is how they help a nation get rid of illiteracy, hunger and unemployment. This is how they build a nation. 8
  9. 9. Our membersA K & I Advertising Pvt. Ltd. DaCunha Communications Pvt. Ltd. Madison Communications Pvt. Ltd. Quadrant Communications Ltd.Advertising Avenues Dattaram Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Magnum Intergrafiks Pvt. Ltd. R K Swamy BBDO Pvt. Ltd.Advertising & Marketing Associates Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd. Mass Marketing & Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd. Radeus Advertising Pvt. Ltd.Advertising & Sales Promotion Company Dentsu Marcom Pvt. Ltd. McCann-Erickson India Ltd. Raka Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.Adwit (India) Pvt. Ltd. Equus Advertising Company Ltd. Mechanix Marketing Associates Rashtriya Advertising AgencyAkshara Advertising Euro RSCG Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Mindset: E.Y.W Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Ratan Batra Pvt. Ltd.Ambience Publicis Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Everest Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mudra Communications Pvt. Ltd. Rediffusion-DY&R Pvt. Ltd.Ankur Media Pvt. Ltd. FCB-Ulka Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Multimedia Aquarius Pvt. Ltd. Roger Pereira Communications Pvt. Ltd.Anugrah Madison Advertising Pvt. Ltd. The Flagship Advertising Pvt. Ltd. National Publicity Service Saatchi & Saatchi Pvt. Ltd.Avishkar Advertising Services Fusion Advertising Services Navnitlal & Co. Sai AdvertisersB Y Padhye Publicity Pvt. Ltd. Grey Worldwide (India) Pvt. Ltd. Network Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Seasons Advertising AssociatesBates India Pvt. Ltd. Impressions Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Newfields Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Shantilal G Shah & Co.BEI Confluence Communication Ltd. Inter Publicity Pvt. Ltd. Ogilvy & Mather Ltd. Situations Advertising & Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.Bidhan Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Interface Communications Pvt. Ltd. Overture Communications Pvt. Ltd. Standard Publicity Pvt. Ltd.Brand David Communications Pvt. Ltd. JWT Parichay Advertising Sunflower Marketing & AdvertisingCanco Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Jaya Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Pen A Trait Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3 Brothers & FilsCapital Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Jaytiyaar Services Percept H Pvt. Ltd. TBWA Anthem Pvt. Ltd.Catalyst Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. L A Advertisers Pinnacle Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Triton Communications Pvt. Ltd.Contract Advertising (India) Pvt. Ltd. Leo Burnett Prem Associates Advertising & Marketing TV AdsCornerstone Communications Pvt. Ltd. Lintas India Pvt. Ltd. Pressman Advertising & Marketing Ltd. Vidit AdvertisingCrayons Advertising Ltd. MAA Communications Bozell Ltd. Publicis (India) Communications Pvt. Ltd. Advertising Agencies Association of India 35, Maker Tower F, 3rd Floor, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005. Tel: (022) 2218 2164 / 2218 7609 Fax: (022) 2218 9590 Email: