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Buzz tribe deck

  1. 1. Digital Credentials
  2. 2. We ideate. We debate. We converse. We engage. In a rapidly shifting, changing, buzzing virtual ecosystem, we ensure your part of the buzz about us
  3. 3. background comprehensive and extensive experience in web technologies Dedicated network of professionals all across the country 10 member team readily scalable to 20 in a quick TAT diverse service offerings & expertise in the digital media space
  4. 4. clients and partners
  5. 5. turn-key services • brand development & management • digital marketing & communication strategy • digital media buying & planning • search engine marketing & search engine optimization • social media marketing • online brand monitoring • market intelligence & insights • mobile marketing & solutions • interactive web design & development • analytics, database & content management opportunity • dedicated team as an extension of business services
  6. 6.  how do you build brands online?  How do you involve your consumers in the dialogue?  How do you interact, engage and entertain?  Do you have the right tactics, tools toys & technology?  What should be your tone, voice & social persona? If we ask the right questions first we surely will arrive at the right answers  Interactive and web 2.0 enabled Websites  E-commerce integration and adaptation  Robust CMS & CRM solutions  Web/SNS/mobile applications & widgets  Micro sites & WAP sites  Blogs and community development  3D & Animation bricks and mortar
  7. 7.  How can you tap into your consumer’s psyche & motivations?  What forms of media are your consumers most likely to consume?  What are they saying about or around your brand, product or service?  What is your competing brands doing online? Effective & efficient processes to discover, dissect & document consumer opinions, motivations, intentions  consumer insights & intelligence  online research & analysis  competition mapping & tracking  product development, testing & launch  target group definition & identification  Radian6 and SM2 to monitor social media trends insights
  8. 8.  How do you protect your brand’s image, identity, personality, initiatives and assets online?  What do you make of negative sentiments?  How do you deal with critics and commentators? A real time 24*7 process to track, report, address and resolve consumer issues online a comprehensive mechanism to ensure that a brand’s image, identity, personality, initiatives and assets are protected & portrayed in the right picture monitor and track what is being said online  analyze how the visible information affects your brand, your reputation influence the results by participating in the conversation and eliminating the negative reputation management
  9. 9.  who is an influencer?  how do you build meaningful dialogues and relationships with them?  how can you earn trust and be invited to the party? Nurture and nourish relations in the virtual world Digital PR online outreach programs  relationship building & marketing  blogger networking & media relations Word of mouth campaigns influencer outreach
  10. 10.  The old premises on which all marketing and communication strategies relied upon have been done and dusted  You cannot bank on automated software when dealing with human interactions, emotions and motivations  You simply can’t apply the same traditional models to measure reach, engagement and response plunge into this dynamic world of proactive participation… we can help you chart the course  digital media consultancy  online marketing strategy  Digital road map planning  social media training: planning & workshops strategy
  11. 11.  What should be your content environment around your brand, service, product or category?  What messages will resonate with your target audience?  What communication is most likely to register? What should be your tone, persona and voice like? There are plenty of useful resources that can teach you about social platforms and tools, but they can’t teach you how to be social. We can. content development  copy & advertising concepts  communication design & strategy  blogging, podcasting & webinars, whitepapers communication
  12. 12. strategy & creative environment single minded proposition competitive insights consumer insights the application of our methodology, key strengths and processes resulting in the most effective strategies and creative environments for a brand in the digital space approach
  13. 13. Creative Portfolio
  14. 14.
  15. 15. event microsite
  16. 16. campaign site in making
  17. 17. : Event Site
  18. 18. YES!: youth empowerment summit (launch Sep 2010)
  19. 19. IIFA Blog
  20. 20. TAA (launch Sep 2010)
  21. 21. IIFA 2011 (launch Oct2010)
  22. 22. Social Media Portfolio
  23. 23. IIFA
  24. 24. Caption It Winners IIFA
  25. 25. : FB application
  26. 26. Ozel Lifestyle
  27. 27. Dewar’s iPhone application
  28. 28. Thank You