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Load runner & win runner

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Load runner & win runner

  1. 1. Load Runner & Win Runner Dr. Himanshu Hora SRMS College of Engineering & Technology Bareilly (INDIA)
  2. 2. CONTENTS • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction History Why We Use This? Working With Load Runner Process Flow For Load Runner Working With Win Runner Process Flow For Win Runner How we use it our Company? Benefits of Automation Testing Facts about Load Runner Facts about Win Runner
  3. 3. Introduction • HP Load Runner software is an automated performance and testing product from Hewlett-Packard for examining system behavior and performance, while generating actual load. • HP Win Runner software is an automated functional GUI testing tool that allowed a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts.
  4. 4. History • Mercury (formerly Mercury Interactive Corporation) is now part of Hewlett-Packard. • HP Win Runner was originally written by Mercury Interactive. Mercury Interactive was subsequently acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP) in 2006. • HP acquired Load Runner as part of its acquisition of Mercury Interactive in November 2006.
  5. 5. Working with Load Runner… • The Virtual User Generator captures end-user business processes and creates an automated performance testing script, also known as a virtual user script. • The Controller organizes, drives, manages, and monitors the load test. • The Load Generators create the load by running virtual users. • The Analysis helps you view, dissect, and compare the performance results. • The Launcher provides a single point of access for all of the Load Runner components.
  6. 6. Process Flow for Load Runner Plan Load Test Create Vuser Scripts Analyze Result Define Scenario Run Scenario 6
  7. 7. Working with Win Runner… • Win Runner must learn to recognize the objects in your application in order to run tests. • Win Runner writes scripts automatically when you record actions on your application, or you can program directly in Mercury Interactive’s Test Script Language (TSL). • You debug the tests to check that they operate smoothly and without interruption. • You run the tests on a new version of the application in order to check the application’s behavior. • You examine the test results to pinpoint defects in the application.
  8. 8. Process Flow for Win Runner Establish Test Plan Design Test Case Execute Test Write Test Report Remove Software Defects Test Complete 8
  9. 9. How we use it our Company? • At Symtrax we do Bench-Mark for our product and to define an optimum use of our product we need to know the limit to our product. • To identify the limit to our product we make use of the Load Runner as well as Win Runner software. e.g.: We have tested the limit for the BC-XOM Connector in the Supervisor Module using the Win Runner Software to run the same query of printing the file through the SAP Server. e.g.: Similarly we use Load Runner to Archive document to our module to check for the performance of the module when there is access load.
  10. 10. Benefits of Automation Testing
  11. 11. Facts about Load Runner • No need to install it on the server under test. • Uses ANSI C as the default programming language and other languages like Java and VB. • Excellent monitoring and analysis interface where you can see reports in easy to understand colored charts and graphics. • Supports most of the protocols • Excellent tutorials, exhaustive documentation and active tool support from HP.
  12. 12. Facts about Win Runner • Win Runner doesn't support web applications • Win Runner only supports IE and Netscape Navigator. • The default time setting of Win runner is 10000 ms. • The logical name of true and false in Win runner is 1 & 0. • Win Runner doesn't provide the snapshot of output. • Win Runner has 3 kinds of Checkpoints,2 kinds of Recordings, and 3 kinds of Exception Handling mechanisms.. • In Win Runner GUI Spy is available. • Win Runner uses TSL script(Test Script Language) • Win Runner only works with 32-bit machine
  13. 13. Dr. Himanshu Hora SRMS College of Engineering & Technology Bareilly (INDIA)