Architecture Review
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Architecture Review

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Software Architecture Review Process

Software Architecture Review Process

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  • 1. Architecture Reviews Dr. Himanshu Hora SRMS College of Engg. & Tech., Bareilly INDIA
  • 2. Architecture Reviews • Architecture reviews are an effective way of ensuring design quality and addressing architectural concerns. • The principal objectives of a software architecture review are to assess an architecture’s ability to deliver a system capable of fulfilling the quality requirements and to identify potential risks.1 1. P. Clements, R. Kazman, and M. Klein, Evaluating Software Architectures: Methods and Case Studies, Addison-Wesley, 2002.
  • 3. prepare work Products and plan examine work products prepare review package ready for review? read package study work products prepare comments schedule review send out packages Author Moderator Reviewers Y N DESIGN REVIEW Data Flow Diagram Of Architecture Review
  • 4. • Work products (design) ▫ use cases ▫ class diagrams ▫ primary responsibility of each class ▫ sequence diagrams ▫ models ▫ etc. • Plan ▫ what will be reviewed and the order ▫ what types of issues will be covered  don’t hide risks Work Product & Plan
  • 5. Review Package • Intro- history, key problems, important decisions, requirements, designs, analysis etc • Agenda- Order materials will be reviewed. • Criteria- Define the various fields • Work products- Use cases, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc. • Reviewer assignments- What each reviewer is responsible for; e.g. give each reviewer responsibility for a subset of the classes
  • 6. Roles In Review Process • Moderator – not a member of reviewed team – keeps review moving – ensures all voices are heard and key points covered – ensures decisions are made: accepted, major/minor revisions, further review • Recorder – member of the reviewed team – takes notes, records all issues raised and decisions reached, all questions, suggestions, and action items – publishes a report of the review
  • 7. • Reviewers – Raise questions, concerns • Author and design team – Answers questions but is otherwise silent
  • 8. Goals Of Architecture Review We perform architecture reviews to ensure: • The architecture of a system is documented. • It provides a coherent description of the system. • It is conformant to State and Agency principles, standards and plans. • It is compatible with the legacy technical landscape. • That the chosen technology and design is likely to achieve the project’s goals and objectives.
  • 9. Benefits of Architecture Review • Identifying potential risks in the proposed architecture • Assessing quality attributes (for example, scalability, performance) • Identifying opportunities for reuse of artifacts and components • Promoting good architecture design and evaluation practices • Reducing project cost caused by undetected design problems • Capturing the rationale for important design decisions • Uncovering problems and conflicts in requirements
  • 10. • Conforming to organization’s quality assurance process • Assisting stakeholders in negotiating conflicting requirements • Partitioning architectural design responsibilities • Identifying skills required to implement the proposed architecture • Improving architecture documentation quality • Facilitating clear articulation of nonfunctional requirements • Opening new communication channels among stakeholders
  • 11. Thank You • Dr. Himanshu Hora • SRMS College of Engg. & Tech., Bareilly • INDIA