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My official entry for the 3M Presentation Horror Story contest. This presentation is based on personal experiences while presenting and/or attending weird presentation moments. Hope you will learn all the donts of presentation. These basic rules help you deliver a powerful experience to your users.

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Why so ppt

  1. Why So PPT ? Image from the movie: The Dark Knight Copyrights: Warner Bros Image Credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/yassef/2223484748/
  2. Today there is a new Alternative to Halloween
  3. Its Scary Its Spooky Its Terrible !!!
  4. And it’s called …
  5. YES.
  6. In our struggle to become as Uber-CooL as him Image Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Steve_Jobs_WWDC07.jpg
  7. We Compromised & Changed & Modified & Struggled with & Added Zing & Tried Gimmicks & Finally… Destroyed Our User Experience.
  8. This is a compilation of such Weird moments
  9. Once upon a time …
  10. During College days I was asked to present on the topic… Nuclear Family
  11. And a bit of laziness … (that’s 80%  ) Due to shortage of time … (psst 20% of the reason)
  12. This is what I delivered ! Nuclear Family: Wikipedia: A nuclear family is a family group consisting of a father and mother and their children, who share living quarters. This can be contrasted with an extended family. What I said: Nuclear Family! Hmmm (Thinking) Yes we don’t want the nuclear family (got an idea). India and Pakistan should stay as brothers. We don’t want war. We want peace. We don’t want to build a “Nuclear” family ! All countries should say no to Nuclear!
  13. And… these were the reactions! Mom !!! Haha Ha ha !!!
  14. Lack Of preparation and understanding Can Doom your presentation and Kill your image!
  15. Want another quick example? Its hidden right here on SlideShare ! I am participating in the “Presentation Horror Story” contest via this presentation and when I checked the competition… I was freaked !!
  16. The Contest says.. Tell us your (or someone else’s) bad experience related to presentations. For example, the time you fell off the stage while giving a presentation, or the projector refused to work… And the presentations actually talk about spooky Horror stories
  17. Lack Of preparation and understanding Can Doom your presentation and Kill your image!
  18. And the last one… PsstYou might blast laughing at this one At a recent startup event an MBA grad was asked to present his business plan in front of a panel of angel investors.While everything was going well, he noticed a line in his presentation…
  19. Goof up #1 The last slide has a picture of his partner which says… John Doe – A master in cummunication… Cummunication? Really ? What does Cum-munication really mean?
  20. Goof up #2 The partner notices this and (forgetting that there’s a mike tucked in his collar) says What the F***… Later bangs his head on why did he say that
  21. Goof up #3 The presentation ends with stupid clip arts and a LOUD noise of claps…. … These sounds were added hoping everybody will clap along with the ppt.
  22. How #Dumb
  23. Cliparts & Sounds Are so
  24. You need to Deliver an Impact! But I used a clipart here. Oops I goofed up  again..
  25. What I mean is… Deliver Impact!
  26. So Remember… Don’t add Frills Add Simplicity. Don’t deliver Presentation Deliver an Experience. Its not about you Its about your Audience.
  27. Follow these simple rules and you will be a Master Presenter. AMEN! I mean iAmen 
  28. There’s a last secret… And the secret is called Good Karma Share this presentation with friends & Vote on Slideshare!
  29. Thanks for voting this entry! Incase if you are viewing this presentation outside Slideshare just logon to http://www.slideshare.net/himanshuchanda/why-so-ppt To vote this presentation and Download.
  30. The End. Thanks for viewing my presentation.This is the last slide, and incase if you are thinking who am I probably we can catch up on the following links. @HimanshuChanda Note: Images used in this presentation are from public domain, Wikipedia or my Pixmac subscription. They are copyrights of their respective owners and are used here with attribution for education purpose only.