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  1. 1. WHAT IS SEVENTYNINEsev’en.ty-naIn adj. & pron.“The human body consists ofseventy-eight organs & organsystems. Our pursuit is to bringin the next essential organ to aconscious ecosystem.Whilst not deliberating a feelon the humanoid bionetwork(which we don’t have fullunderstanding of as yet), webelieve we are very wellversed in the digital mediaecosystem, and can act as thenext essential organ in thatecology”
  2. 2. WHAT WE DOMEDIA - Distribute, Monetize & M-establishment (Studio)Engage Quality Audiences Conceptualization, development & Deploy & push for maximum visibility: Place delivery of full-bodied mobile applications apps on App Stores; Distribute them across across platforms highflying apps, mobile web (WAP), partner (IOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian/Java, networks and high-ranking publishers for WP7 & HTML5) maximum visibility Quick Turnaround: Monetize your apps as it gains momentum in our distribution Video & Rich Media channel, thus fueling organic and deep- Build on the continual usage of enriching seated growth user experiences across platforms with Metrics & Analytics: We thrive on the pool Interactive Media Ad Units and Video of knowledge that is available out consumables there, and our capability includes bringing .: framework tools :. it all to the table for sustained engagement and continuous & relentless enhancement in offerings
  4. 4. INDIA: A MARKET SNAPSHOT 950+ million mobile subscribers 250+ million are internet capable 24+ million use mobile internet Smartphone Sales – Growth % 100 79 80 58 60 38 40 22 20 0 2010 Q4 2011 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3Sources: Distimo, Visionmobile, Nielsen, ChetanSharma Consulting – Nov 2011
  5. 5. GROWTH OF APPS Worldwide: App Downloads Market Share Downloads Growth iPhone 51.8% 1.6b 26% 5 Android 28.5% 1.2b 65% 5 iPad 10.2% 267m 12% 5 Nokia 4.6% 120m -NA- 6 Blackberry 3.4% 90m -NA- 6 WP7 1.2% 33m 30% 5Sources:,, [x]Cube Labs, Google Blog – Dec 2011
  6. 6. GROWTH OF APPS India: App Downloads “Top Categories” Market Share Downloads Growth 2%1% 1% 1% Games 3% 3% Social Nokia 48% 52.92m -NA- 4% Utilities Android 18% 19.6m 5 Entertainment 9% iPhone 14% 15.48m 5 Lifestyle Music Blackberry 5% 5.88m 6 10% 56% Photography iPad 3% 3.53m 5 Productivity Finance Others 11% 11.76m -NA- 10% Travel ReferenceSources:, Nielsen – Dec 2011
  9. 9. MEDIAWho we target …Target specific platforms Behavioral targeting (coming soon) Benefit from our audience profiles based on their behaviors patterns and past actionsTarget devices Target by demographic dataReach target audiences by device (coming soon)brand, device models, OSversions, connection type Target audiences by(3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi) age, gender, income group, occupation, lifestyle andTarget by context, genre custom demographicsTouch target audiences by beating Retarget and Re-engageinto our genres, tags and categories (coming soon)Target location & providers You’ve noticed that your usage hasTarget by country, city, locale & telcos dropped recently. We’ll help you retarget users that haven’t used the app for a while
  10. 10. MEDIA Never over-pledge and under-deliver!! “All platforms have limitations. We respect that and thrive on bringing the most viable targeting options toTargeting Checkpoints the table, hence deriving quality audiences” Location/Provider Device Info Contextual Sociography Demographics * (Country, City, Locality, (Brand, Model, OS (Category, (Consumer (Age, Gender, IP, Operator, ISP, APN) version, Connection) Genre, Tag) Groups, Interests) Income, Custom)Browser – WAP Country, IP Brand, Model, OS version a a a Country, ISP, IP (City,Browser - HTML5 Locality via GPS/a-GPS) Brand, Model, OS version a a a Country, Operator, ISP,Android IP, APN (City, Locality via a a a a GPS/a-GPS) Country, Operator, ISP,IOS IP, APN (City, Locality via a a a a GPS/a-GPS) Country, ISP, IP (City,Symbian/Java Locality via GPS/a-GPS) Brand, Model, OS version a a a Country (City, LocalityBlackberry via GPS/a-GPS) Brand, Model, OS version a a a Country, Operator, ISP,Windows Phone IP, APN (City, Locality via a a a a GPS/a-GPS) * Subject to availability of data
  11. 11. MEDIACampaign Formats Level up and get down straight to business “The Web has a few business outcome units. Mobile extends that array and we bring them all to you”
  12. 12. MEDIAReporting & Media Insights Application reporting including request, views, clicks/click-through rate, revenue, eCPM and more Campaign reporting including views, clicks/click-through rate, spend and more Complete Funnel-based Campaign tracking Schedule, serve and track all kinds of mobile ad units Consolidate revenue and performance metrics across all sources on an hourly/weekly/daily/monthly basis Compare campaigns and efficiently manage performance“Access real time stats to make data-driven business decisionsabout application and campaign performance”
  15. 15. OUR REACH “Engaging Traffic from verticals like Quality platform News, Ecom, Travel, So audience from Feature cial, Lifestyle and & Smartphones more”
  16. 16. ANALYTICSBusiness Insights … not just Metrics Daily Drivers Support for major mobile platforms • App Primetime • New vs. Returning users • Geographic Metrics Business Insights (coming soon) (Country, Continent, City (using GPS/a-GPS), Locality (using GPS/a- • M-Commerce Tracking GPS)) • Sale Conversion Tracking (on • Technical Metrics ( Device supported platforms & ad Brand, Model, OS version, Screen networks) Resolution, Language) • Conversion Tracking • Event & Goal Tracking (Alerts, Days-to, Visits Unit and more …) • Demographics (Age, Gender, Interests) • Feature level Conversion Comparison • Service Providers (Operator/Telcos, ISPs) • Custom Metrics (Pivots) • Engagement Analysis
  17. 17. ANALYTICSCompelling intelligence for App Developers The power to understandSupports multiple your users …reporting formats andexport options … “Comprehensive App Usage Analytics is not just a value-“On Screen Dash widgets - add but a game changer”Pie & Bar Charts, ExtenderTabs & Tag Clouds”“Export toExcel, PDF, HTML, JSON, XML”
  18. 18. ANALYTICSWhat you need is what you get … Complete Funnel Reports “All-embracing Campaign Tracking from Media Acquisition to Usage & Behavior metrics brings a new dimension to business”
  19. 19. ANALYTICSDashboardGain Key Insights“Seventynine analyzes data to identify trends, patterns and relationships entailedwithin data to preempt and foresee significant insights into your mobile business.”
  20. 20. ANALYTICSDevice Metrics Deep Dive into Device Metrics “Seventynine Labs is always hungry for data derivations. Our device intelligence brings an all- round data matrix that measures up for superior analysis of device capability and maturity”
  21. 21. CREATIVESEnrich user experiences with ingenious & lush digital fabricsBanners, Interstitial In-Store Widget Video Ads Interactive Ads (coming soon) (coming soon)
  22. 22. CREATIVESInterstitial Banners
  23. 23. CREATIVESRich Clickable Banners
  24. 24. CREATIVESVideo Banners Full Screen Expandable Video Ads
  25. 25. CREATIVES Design: Simple procedures get you higher conversions Text General Rules • Text Banners should get their own dedicated screen in an • Anchor your Banner: Make them app stick when the user scroll down • Re-engage regularly: Refresh the banner every 2-3 minutes Interstitial • Go Native: Make the Ad look like • The skip button for interstitials part of the App in terms of its should be delayed by 1-5 design seconds • Do not break Gameplay: Show ads between levels or after the game • Ad Frequency is Crucial: Often enough to get attention but not to Banners annoy the user • Animate the banner Animate Blend in START FINISH CTR (%): X CTR (%): 3X Prominent Reduce Invoke User eCPM: $ X Logo a Clutter a Action a eCPM: $ 3XAbove figures are indicative numbers for an average performing app genre
  26. 26. CREATIVESDeploy: SpecificationsBanner sizes: Aspect ratio for in-App banners XXL – 320x52 pixels • 16:9 and 4:3 for Interstitial XL – 300x50 pixels • 6:1 and 4:1 for banners L – 216x36 pixels M – 168x28 pixels File formats: S – 120x20 pixels • Banners/Inters – GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNGInterstitial sizes: • Rich Media – HTML5 XXL – width 320 pixels XL – width 300 pixels File weight: L – width 216 pixels • Between 7 & 12 KB for static M – width 168 pixels banners (15 KB for interstitials) S – width 120 pixels • Between 15 & 18 KB for animated bannersText Ads: • No more than 20 KB for Rich Media Support for small, medium, large Ad Units and x-large text Ads From 10 through 24 characters
  27. 27. CREATIVESVideo Box (coming soon) Video Ad Your App run it through enabled Video Box App Seamless Video Ad Wrapping …
  28. 28. M-ESTABLISHMENT (STUDIO)From concept … to realization“Engaging with brands who have notyet explored app as a business”“Conceptualize once and allow us to ideate, buildand deploy to multiple platforms including MobileWeb Apps (HTML5)”
  29. 29. M-ESTABLISHMENT (STUDIO)DealBook “DealBook aggregates an ever growing list of online deals so you dont have to”
  31. 31. OUR CHANNEL PRESENCE2’’ FEATURE IPAD & INTERACTIVE PHONE TABLET TELEVISION (WAP, MOBILE (MOBILE (TV APPS, APP WEB) WEB, IN-APP) PLAYERS) SMART PC & MAC PHONE 21’’ (WEB, ISTREAM) (MOBILE WEB, IN-APP) W News – 20% M Games – 15% T Games – 20% W Games – 15% T Games – 10% A O A E E Business – 20% News / News – 20% News / Sports – 10% P B Business – 20% B B Business – 20% L Finance – 10% I Social – 15% L Social – 5% Social – 15% I News – 10% L E V Technology – E Technology – T Business – 15% Technology – I Business – 10% 10% - 10% - 10% S Entertainment A Entertainment A Entertainment Entertainment I Movies & – 30% P – 30% P – 30% – 30% O Music – 40% Others – 10% P Others – 10% P Others – 10% Others – 10% N Others – 20% with CROSS CHANNEL VIDEO ADS coming soon!!
  32. 32. ACCURATE TARGETING OPERATOR DEVICE GEO IP PLATFORM CATEGORY TIME News OS RAW IP Web Business Direct Time of day Brand Country (via IP) Finance Technology Model State (via IP) WAP Social Screen Size City (via GPS) Entertainment Billing Day of week Games App Screen Locality (via Resolution GPS) … more
  33. 33. ANALYTICS App Primetime Video impressions M-Commerce Tracking New vs. Returning users Click Throughs Sale Conversion Geographic Metrics Video Duration Tracking (on supported platforms & ad networks) (Country, Continent, City (using GPS/a-GPS), Locality (using GPS/a- Video play intent by Conversion TrackingApp & WAP Analytics Video Analytics Business Insights GPS)) User (Alerts, Days-to, Visits Unit and Technical Metrics ( Device more …) No. of mutes / unmutes Brand, Model, OS version, Screen Feature level Resolution, Language) Clicks on Share Option Conversion Comparison Event & Goal Tracking Facebook Likes / Fan Custom Metrics (Pivots) Demographics (Age, Gender, Interests) Clicks on Exit / Close … many more button Service Providers (Operator/Telcos, ISPs) Clicks on Companion Engagement Analysis Banner … many more No. of Replay … many more Funneled Media Reports Seventynine brings an all-embracing campaign tracking mechanism that tracks your media right from the Acquisition phase through to Usage & Behavior metrics
  34. 34. WE’RE DIFFERENTWe aim to outweigh our own expectations Market Cloud  Storefront Widget Ad Units  Performance Network  Interactive Rich Media  Full-Circle “Funnel” Metrics  Sociography Targeting *  Multiple Reporting Formats  App to WAP conversion Tracking  Campaign Tracking  All Mobile Platforms  Custom Metrics (Pivots) ^  Conversion Comparison by Features ^  Screen Load Time ^  Loyalty Tracking ^  Days to conversion ^  M-Commerce Tracking
  35. 35. THIS IS OUR HOME Rich Media Ad Network Analytics Distribution Performance Network
  36. 36. OUR STRENGTHSWe excel at service offerings TECHNOLOGY MEDIA “Supply and “Planning & Buying” Demand side API Integration” ANALYTICS MONETIZATION “Deliver Business “Quick Return on Insights to Investment” Measure Success Criteria” DISTRIBUTION “Organic Delivery to Maximize your Visibility”
  37. 37. SEVENTYNINE LABSWhat’s cooking behind the scenes …Analytics Rich Media & Video Pivot Metrics – Mine data yourself  Video Ads and create custom metrics as your  Video Box (Ad Wrapping) business demands  Expandable Banners Screen Load Time – Measure  Interactive Banners time consuming activities within  Rolling Banners your app Loyalty Tracking – Know your loyal fans, engage with them as Click-to Actions they engage with your app Days to conversion – Get  .. Locate appraised insights on estimated  .. Storyboard conversion times with email alerts  .. BuyAdditional Platform Support and plenty more …
  38. 38. SOURCES CONTACT US e: u: