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Mobi Adz

  1. 1. StratosHearRevolutionizing mobile advertising
  2. 2. Mobiadz WAP
  3. 3. StratosHear – WAP (MobiAdz)• Premium Mobile WAP Ad Network• Serves 6.5 - 7 billion Text / Banner Ad requests per month via WAP• More than 700 unique publishers• Extensive targeting – Handset manufacturer – Handset OS – Handset Functionality – Operator – Channel/ Site Genre• Targeting Family Branded, Non branded, Adult sites available
  4. 4. How StratosHear’s Mobiadz works BrandInternational Advertisers Publishers StratosHear Advertisers Mobiadz Content Indian Players StratosHear gets campaigns and displays banner / text Ads Publishers bring Advertisers give Traffic through us content / their WAP sites products to sell
  5. 5. Opportunity for Content Clients:
  6. 6. Some Sample Banners
  7. 7. Handset Inventory Break Up Handset Targeted Ads: Example Samsung Omnia Total Network Inventory: 6.5 - 7 Billion per month Manufacturer % of Inventory Nokia 52% Samsung 15.5% Sony Ericsson 6.90% LG 2.20%Samsung Giorgio Armani & HTC 1.74% Galaxy S Others 21%
  8. 8. Handset OS Inventory Break upOS % of InventorySymbian 45%Windows Mobile 3%RIM 1%Android 5%iOS 0.5%Total Network Inventory: 6.5 - 7 Billion per month iOS – Apple’s OS Android OS – Sony Ericsson RIM – Blackberry OS
  9. 9. MobiAdz Premium Network• The most premium sites in the country including: – News Business & Finance Channel: • Moneycontrol ( • IBN Live ( • Indian Express ( • Financial Express ( • Reuters ( • Oneindia ( • Tech2 ( – Sports • Cricket Nirvana ( • Cricbuzz ( • That’s Cricket (* Rates for regular banners
  10. 10. Other Click FunctionalitiesClick to download applications, games, wallpapers etc.Click to Call on the IVR Media portalsClick to Landing Page to provide more information onproducts and servicesClick to SMSClick to LeadClick to e-mail
  11. 11. Our Client list
  12. 12. WAP - MobiadzFor entertainment domain clients:Click to call functionality on WAP Case Study Objective: To divert traffic to their IVR portal and promoting the short code to callers from several operators Targeting: Operator targeting Deliverables: Maximizing revenue for the IVR portal CTR: .7% Conversion rate: Up to 30% achieved
  13. 13. Click to Download Case StudyFor search engine clients:Click to download functionality on WAP Objective: To get more and more users to download the application Deliverables: Maximizing revenue for the client through increased downloads CTR: .7% Conversion rate: Up to 27% achieved
  14. 14. Click to Download Case StudyObjective: To get more and more users to download the ICICI mobile applicationDeliverables: Maximizing revenue for the client through increased downloadsCTR: .5%Conversion rate: Up to 24% achieved
  15. 15. Case Study – Love GuruCampaign Objective:Promotion of IVR Media Portal of One97 – Love GuruTarget:High number of calls on their IVR wherein users coulddiscuss their Love problems and take Love tips.Promotional Channel: WAPActivity:Click to Call. A click on the WAP banner by a user would leadthem to the IVR of One97 where the content was hosted.Result: Duration: 3.5 Hours Clicks: 3,247 As per the reports shared byOne97 team, there was a commendablespike on the day the campaign was run.
  16. 16. THANK YOU Write to: