Send Mothers Day Gift To Your Loving Mom


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send beautiful gifts to your mom from and make your mom day very special and memorable

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Send Mothers Day Gift To Your Loving Mom

  1. 1. Happy Enjoy Mother’s Day Mother’s Day With
  2. 2. F.A.M.I.L.Yis one of the sweetestwordAnyone can say,BecauseThe letters of FAMILYmeans..."Father and Mother I LoveYou.. !!"
  3. 3. A Mother May be,Educated orUneducated.But,She is the Bestguidelines in theworldwhen you fail in yourLife.. !!
  4. 4. All Occasion Gift Hamper A perfect gift to give at any time of the year....whether it be for a colleague, an employee or a customer this gift will show that they are appreciated.
  5. 5. Seasonal SupremeThis healthy, juicy and freshgift is irresistible. Thebeautiful basket contains 5kg (10 lbs minimum) of thebest seasonal and exoticfruit.
  6. 6. Spring BreakfastThe recipient of thisgift will think of youwhile enjoying thesewonderful breakfastgoodies.
  7. 7. HatboxFruit, Cheese & Wine DelightThis is the perfect giftfor lovers offruit, cheese and wine!A deliciouscombination of ofpremium quality
  8. 8. Breakfast Hatbox The recipient of this gift will certainly think of you while enjoying these wonderful breakfast goodies.
  9. 9. What A LoveMy love, my baby, mysweet, my dear… Youhave no idea how manytimes my heart beatsthinking in you, youhave no idea how muchI miss you.
  10. 10. Personalized box of chocolates Your photo will be printed on photo paper 10 x 15 cm and glued to the box custom chocolate.
  11. 11. Cosmetics Duo and ChocolatesDuo of chocolate milkcosmetics, body lotion andshower gel and bath, with abox of chocolates 125G blackand / or milk - (pure cocoabutter chocolate handmade -2 Bottles of 30 ml)
  12. 12. Milk ChocolateCinammon Wafers 200g This is a unique flavor and fusion of milk chocolate and cinnamon. Spoil someone with them!
  13. 13. Sweet Tooth Standard A perennial favorite! A candy fantasy for the sweet tooth in all of us. Walkers Shortbread, Nieder egger Marzipan, Marble Cake, Cote dOr Mignonettes, Petit Fours, fruit drops and more. See
  14. 14. Flowers & chocolatesDelicate mix of redflowers accompaniedby eight heart-shapedchocolates with milkchocolate.
  15. 15. Sas syDelivered in a glassvase, this moderngrouped bouquet usesa contrast of colorsand textures to bringit to life! Sassy is aperfect way to letsomeone know thatthey are on yourmind.
  16. 16. Celebration Let’s make a day to remember, celebrating all the good things we can find in the world, all the love we can receive from the lover, all the kind and all the care we can find with the families, and all the light we can find in a new day.
  17. 17. With this Triple Chanson A Colombian red rose, a baby sparkling Chanson Brut And a traditional cake
  18. 18. TranquilityA modern creation oforiental lilies and choicegreenery arranged in aceramic container.Tranquilitys use of boldflowers and leaves,together with the simple,yet elegant colorcombination, makes it oneof Interfloras mostpopular designs.
  19. 19. Passionate Lady Surround me with your love, with your kind, with your affection, with your kind and peace, surround me with your passion girl, surrender me with your sweetness my passionate lady. Item: 01 Single red rose + Box of chocolates (Ferrari Richer)
  20. 20. Box of chocolates (850G)Box of chocolate 850GChocolate black and / ormilk - pure cocoa butterchocolate handmade.
  21. 21. Chocolate heart (50 G)A lovely chocolateheart to offer to allchocolate lovers -Choice of dark or milkchocolate - pure cocoabutter chocolatehandmade.
  22. 22. Entic eCute, modern andcolorful. This ceramiccube containing 10bright roses is sure toset hearts racing
  23. 23. Basket of chocolatesA beautiful basket fullof crisp 400-G (3chocolate almondsand candied lemon andorange chocolatecovered)
  24. 24. Personalized MothersDay CoffeeMugsTreat your mother toone of our customPersonalized MothersDay coffee mugs.
  25. 25. Personalized Natures Song PictureCelebrate Frame of nature and the the beautyprecious gift of friends and family with thispersonalized picture frame, ideal forMothers Day, graduation, or any otheroccasion when you want to say "You’reSpecial!" Adorned with natures finest gifts ina variety of colors, the words on this framelet that special person know exactly how youfeel about them.
  26. 26. What A LoveMy love, my baby, my sweet,my dear… You have no ideahow many times my heartbeats thinking in you, you haveno idea how much I miss you.What a love, what a love isthis that makes me want toscream?
  27. 27. ColorEight national multicolorroses amidst the greenleaves in vanish glass linedwith rushes, with 130gr.ofcookies in different shapesand colors, from mildflavor with essence oforange flower water,dotted with sugar, theBiscuits decorated FernandoRibera.
  28. 28. Mrs. Fields Box of Cookies end a gift that truly warms the heart. This box of mouthwatering, lip- smacking, chewy cookies will surely bring smiles and a dose of cheer. This yummy gift includes a half dozen assortment of cookies.
  29. 29. Pleasant GlowFor the one who alwaysreminds you of all that ispleasant. Warm her heartwith this glowing bouquetof pink, lilac and fuchsiaroses, carnations, daisiesand mixed floral.
  30. 30. Roses with TrufflesThis order is for Metro Manilaonly. What a romantic indulgence!Six mouth-watering BozoChocolate truffles, paired withone dozen of our premium Red andPink Roses.
  31. 31. A ROMANTIC BASKET SEASON A whole basket full of delicate flowers in delicate colors! How can you express affection better?