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  1. 1. 2 million pounds worth of lotteryticket prizes are left unclaimedevery week.Play online using direct debit andnever miss out on your money.
  2. 2. Client: INSIGHT: 2 MIllion pounds worth of lottery ticket prizes SOLUTION: Show our audience just how much money are left unclaimed every week. is left unclaimed within their location and that by playing online using Direct Debit, they can People misplace and forget their tickets, thinking avoid this loss. they will never be the lucky winner.
  3. 3. Instant relief for greasy hair.Batiste stops your hair lookinglike fast food, fast!
  4. 4. Client: INSIGHT: Keeping hair clean is a hassle, sometimes SOLUTION: Batiste is a dry shampoo you can just spray impossible - music festivals, traveling, wanting a and rub out. It de-greases the hair straight away. lie in. Greased back hair might’ve been cool in the 70s but now it just makes you feel self-conscious.Print Ad
  5. 5. Print AdAmbient
  6. 6. The moment yourealise there’s no milkleft in the fridge.
  7. 7. Position Pirinase as a holiday destination that’s totally free from hayfever. The perfect summer escape.Type of work
  8. 8. Client: INSIGHT: How do we give people advance notice, so they SOLUTION: Position Pirinase as a holiday destination that’s can treat their symptoms and stop them from totally free from hayfever. occuring before their holidays begin? The perfect summer escape. So, rather than competing with rival products that advertise in the summer, we grab our market early, when they are planning their holidays
  9. 9. Direct Mail - PostcardsPosters at Travel agencies
  10. 10. Type of workPrint
  11. 11. Long-haul flights can bea pain.
  12. 12. Persil believes thatdirt is good.Even for adults.
  13. 13. A bid to save lives.
  14. 14. What do you do when yourphone battery dies just whenyou need it most?
  15. 15. SAFETY PIN We have all been there; just when you need it most your phone battery dies. Leaving others concerned about wher you are. The app that drops a pin on a virtual map where you were last The SaftyPin app, allows you to allocate seen before your phone runs out were last scene before your phone dies. of battery. It does this by dropping a map pin in a virtual map. When you register you make sure the other allocated people/ devices accept your request – a message is sent to them. O P TW Then when the warning sign pops up telling you yourST E phone battery is at 5% a reminder will appear, asking whether you would like to drop a Safety Pin on the virtual map. You can also drop a pin whenever you like to notify others where you are – only if you want to. NOMOPHOBIA Abbreviation - "no-mobile-phone phobia The fear of being out of mobile phone contact 53 percent of mobile phone users in Britain tend to be anxious when they "lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit, or have no network coverage" The average case of nomophobia to be on-par with those of "wedding day jitters" and trips to the dentists.DOWNLOAD APP Sophie was last scene at BrixtonCHOOSE RECIPIENT STEP TWO academy at 22.35DROP PINBE SAFEAllocate another When your phone alerts you You can also choose to drop aperson or device to be that your battery is at 5% pin at any point to let othersable to see where your You have the choice of know where you are. You arepin is dropped on a dropping a virtual safety pin in control of who sees wherevirtual map before to allow the person/ people you are and when you want to you allocated to be able to see be seen.your phone dies. where you were last.
  16. 16. Your signature is your personalstatement.
  17. 17. DFS are the leading authoritywhen it comes to the comfortof your bottom.
  18. 18. Client: INSIGHT: Old wooden benches, cold slab sills, thin narrow SOLUTION: They deserve better. bicycle seats. People subject their bottoms to some rather uncomfortable situations.Stickers
  19. 19. Stickers / Ambient
  20. 20. OnlineTwitter conversations
  21. 21. Client: INSIGHT: Chip Shop Awards 2010 Work for a client you have but haven’t a hope of winning.Print