Relational Maintenance Within Families


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Relational Maintenance Within Families

  1. 1. By Hilary Dion & Jennifer Chabot Relational Maintenance  Within Families How We Stay Connected
  2. 2. What is “Relational Maintenance”? The ways in which family members work towards keeping positive and functional relationships with each other, and the efforts put forth in order to maintain a level of connectedness.
  3. 3. Different Types of Maintenance Marital/Partnership Relational Maintenance Parent/Child Relational Maintenance Sibling/Relational Maintenance
  4. 4. mar mar mar mar mar mar Many couples, married or not, struggle with staying connected at some point throughout the relationship. This can be due to loss of interest, increased stress from internal or external factors. “Over time, romance moves into reality.” (p.107)
  5. 5. Strategies for Strong Ties in Romantic Relationships in Romantic Relationships If a romantic relationship is in a stage of stagnancy, use these strategies to keep the mood uplifting: ­ Be Positive ­ Be Open ­ Give Assurance ­ Use Social Networks ­ Share Tasks
  6. 6. Word of Warning Although they can be useful, social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter can also be silent killers with sketchy features such as shady friend requests, private messages, and “stalking”.
  7. 7. Parent/Child Maintenance The book details an interesting (and true) concept, that relationships begin in a state of vertical development, and eventually, as we get older, morph into a horizontal one, where mutual effort and maintenance is require. (p. 109) Parent/Child relationships can become complicated and generally require more effort to maintain when step-relatives enter the mix.
  8. 8. Sibling Maintenance The relationships between siblings have been proven to be the longest relationships one will ever have, especially if two siblings are close in age. The can sometimes prove to be a challenge as we grow up, as siblings sometimes get separated across the country and develop their own families.
  9. 9. Strategies for Strong Ties in Familial Relationships in Familial Relationships Confirmation Recognition Acceptance Rituals
  10. 10. Types of Rituals Family Celebrations Family Traditions Patterned Family Interactions Couple Rituals
  11. 11. Couple Rituals Couple Time Idiosyncratic/Symbolic Daily Routines/Tasks Intimacy Expressions Communication Patterns/Habits/Mannerisms Spiritual
  12. 12. Negative Rituals In order to avoid dealing with problems at home, people may choose to engage in negative rituals in order to distract themselves, such as drinking heavily. Physical, mental or sexual abuse can also be considered negative rituals.
  13. 13. Types of Currencies Some relational currencies are straight-forward in meaning, and are easier
  14. 14. Meanings of Currencies
  15. 15. Survey Results How do you stay in touch with family?
  16. 16. Survey Results Cont. Apart from social networking, which of the following do you use to keep in touch with family?
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