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  1. 1. The Next Generation of Healthcare: Personal Connected Health & Wellness www.continuaalliance.orgCopyright© 2010 Continua Health Alliance ® All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Mission “Our Mission is to establish an ecosystem of interoperable personal connected health systems that empower individuals and organizations to better manage their health and wellness” |
  3. 3. The Continuum of Care CONTINUUM of LIFE Active Lifestyle Diet/Fitness Chronic Focused Patient Amateur Acute Athlete Recovery Continua Health Alliance enables a Living Infant personal connected health eco-system Independently that empowers individuals & families to better manage their own health and Physician Extended Family wellness across the continuum of life and care methods. Family Caregivers Home Healthcare Professional Wellness CoachCONTINUUM of CAREGIVERS |
  4. 4. Realize Peak Health Potential Potential Goal: Realize Peak Health• Goal – Experience peak health potential throughout life for a high quality of life at minimal costs• Reality – Average individual is experiencing much less of full health potential than expected at a high financial & quality of life cost• Cause – Adverse health events such as stress, poor nutrition, inactivity… are causing the population to fall away from their peak health potential Age Wellness 0 25 65 Higher $$ Costs to All Modifiable lifestyle 60-80% Lifestyle Pre-Illness Management Happening earlier in life Irreversible Disease state Illness Unpredictable Health Predictable (Rules-based) Death Health Adapted from Oregon Medical Labs | 4
  5. 5. The ChallengeWorldwide today: – 1 billion adults overweight – 860 million individuals with chronic conditions – 600 million individuals age 60 or older – 75-85% of healthcare spending is on chronic condition management | Source: World Health Organization; McKinsey
  6. 6. The Goal: Improve Lifestyle Choices, Health = Non Modifiable Contributors to Disease = Modifiable Contributors to DiseaseHu et al. Diet, lifestyle and the risk of type 2 Diabetes in women. NEJM 2001 Sep 13;345(11):790-7.Stampfer MJ, Hu FB, Manson JE, Rimm EB, Willett WC. Primary prevention of coronary heart disease in womenthrough diet and lifestyle. N Engl J Med. 2000; 343: 16–22 |
  7. 7. The Solution: Personal Connected Healthcare There is increasing evidence to support the value of remote monitoring for individuals with chronic conditions, including: • 35-56% reduction in mortality; • 47% reduction in risk of hospitalization; • 6 days reduction in length of hospital admission and • 65% reduction in office visits; • 40-64% reduction in physician time for checks and • 63% reduction in transport costs (Cleland et al 2005; Lee R, Goldberg et al, 2003; Scalvini S et al., 2001; Elsner et al, 2006; Van Ginneken et al 2006) |
  8. 8. Continua Domains To organize its work, Continua segmented the market in three large Domains Living Independently Wellness Longer Manage Chronic ConditionsPeople are at the center of everything we do |
  9. 9. WellnessOne billion adults overweight worldwide Heart Blood-pressure Strap Digital Cuff Home Pedometer Weight Cell Phone Scale Weight loss Healthcare Personal Fitness Internet and fitness Professionals Health Equipment coaching Record PC Medication Tracking Continua member companies help individuals live healthier, more active lives by connecting them to their wellness team through a more efficient exchange of personal fitness information. |
  10. 10. Manage Chronic Conditions860 million individuals with chronic conditions world wide Pulse Ox Thermometer Blood-pressure Cuff Digital Home Pedometer Cell Phone Weight Scale PC Fitness Internet Family Disease Healthcare Personal Equipment Personal Care Management Provider Health Givers Service Record Health Medication System Tracking Glucose Meter Continua member companies help individuals with chronic conditions live healthier lives by connecting them to their care team through a more efficient exchange of personal health information. |
  11. 11. Living Independently Longer600 million elderly individuals world wide Blood-pressure Pulse Ox Digital Cuff Home Pedometer Cell Phone Home Automation & Control PC Family Elderly Diet and Disease Internet Care Monitoring Wellness Management Personal Givers Services Services Service, Fitness Healthcare Equipment Health Provider System Medication Tracking Continua member companies help the elderly live independently longer, with dignity and security, through the efficient exchange of personal health and safety information that connects them to their family and care team. |
  12. 12. Already Complete: Interfaces & Standards Personal Device Aggregation Telehealth Health Manager Service Records Center Thermometer Pulse Oximeter CCD Pulse / PCD 01 Blood Pressure Weight Scale Glucose Meter Continua BT ProfilesCardio / Strength Independent EHR Living Activity HIE Peak Flow PHR Medication Health Adherence Wide Area Record NHIN NetworkPhysical Activity Network Interface (WAN) Device Interface Connectivity | 12
  13. 13. Guidelines  Certification  Recognizable Logo Guidelines Continua member companies will select connectivity standards and publish Guidelines for strict interoperability. Certification and Logo Continua is establishing a test and certification program with a recognizable logo signifying the promise of interoperability with other certified products. |
  14. 14. Ecosystem Development Developer Resources Certification  Web-based environment (repository,  Test and certification tools collaboration tools)  Right to use certified logo upon  Reference source code completion of successful certification Market Intelligence Collaboration  Access to market research data  Plugfests participation  Access to pre-publication drafts of the  Participation in RFP MatchMaker design guidelines program  Internal and external education and  Unlimited participation in Continua training quarterly summits, town hall meetings, and education seminars | 14
  15. 15. Board Members9/28/2012 | Continua Health Alliance Confidential 15
  16. 16. OpenPromoter Members International9/28/2012 | Continua Health Alliance Confidential 85
  17. 17. Over 200 Member Contributors Companies! Advanced Micro Devices  Care Innovations  FitLinxx Alive Inc.  CEA-LETI  Flextronics Design SRL All Medicus Co., Ltd.  Centre for Global eHealth  Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. - Innovation Allianz AAL Allion Labs, Inc.  Cerner Corporation  Freescale Semiconductor Alps Electric Co., Ltd.  CETIC  frog design, inc. ALPWISE  Chongqing University  Frontline Test Equipment American Heart Association  Christus Health  GE Healthcare Anakena Solutions, Inc.  Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.  GlobalMedia Group, LLC Analog Devices  Cinterion Wireless Modules  H3System Co., Ltd. Andago Ingenieria s.l.  Cnet Sweden  Healthrageous Anson Group LLC  Cogent Healthcare Systems  Hidea Solutions Co., LTD Aptar Pharma  Comarch  Hitachi, Ltd. ASE Consulting Limited  CORE Corporation Chubu Company  Hosiden Corporation AstraZeneca  Coöperatie Slimmer Leven 2020  Hospital Clinic AT&T U.A.  Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. AT4 Wireless  CSC  Humana, Inc. Austrian Institute of Technology  CSR plc  iMetrikus Bayer  DELBio Inc.  iMPak Health LLC Biocomfort Diagnostics GmbH  DELTA  Industrial Technology Research BIOSPACE Co., Ltd. Institute  Dexcom Inc. Bluegiga Technologies Oy  Infineon Technologies  Dialog Semiconductor BodyTel Europe GmbH  Info Solution SpA  Doro AB Broadcom Corporation  Institute of Biomedical  DSP Group Brunel University  Dynastream Innovations Inc.  Elbrys Networks  Empirica GmbH  Epstein, Becker, & Green, P.C.  Essence Security International  ETRI |
  18. 18. Over 200 Member Contributors Companies! Insung Information Co., Ltd. InterComponentWare, Inc.  Sasken Communication  TRaC Global Ltd.  NeuroVista Technologies Ltd. Juniper Networks  TTA  Neusoft Xikang Healthcare  Satyam Computer Services Limited Kaiser Permanente Technology Co., Ltd.  Tynetec Ltd  Seers Technology Co., Ltd.  UCB SA KDDI R&D Labs  NHS Connecting for Health  Seiko Epson Corporation  UL Kontron AG  Nihon Kohden Corporation  SHL Telemedicine  Unicare Saude KT Corporation  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone  Signove Tecnologia S.A.  University of Applied Sciences L & T Integrated Engineering Corporation Services  SINTEF Technikum Wien  Nokia Corporation Lamprey Networks, Inc.  SterlingTech, Inc.  V.A.  Nordic Semiconductor ASA LG Electronics Inc.  Stollmann E+V GmbH  VigNet Inc.  Novo Nordisk Macnica, Inc.  Stonestreet One, LLC  Vodafone Group Services Ltd.  NXP B.V. Marvell International Ltd.  Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.  Voluntis  Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.  Swissmed Mobile  VTT Technical Research Centre of  ON Semiconductor  Sybase iAnywhere Finland MEDCOM - The Danish Healthcare  openit, Inc. Data Network  T-Systems International GmbH  Weinmann Geräte Für Medizin GmbH &  Oregon Scientific Inc. Co. KG Medtronic  TA Technology (Shanghai) Co.,  PA Consulting Group Ltd.  Wind River Mentor Graphics Corporation  Prodea Systems Inc.  TaiDoc Technology Corporation  Wipro Limited Merck Serono S.A.  Prolific Technology Inc. Micrium Inc.  TechnoGym  Proskauer Rose LLP  Telbios, SpA Microchip Technology  Qatar Science & Technology Park Microsemi Corporation  Telcare, Inc.  QNX Software Systems Co.  Telecommunication Metrology Microsoft Corporation  Rancore Technologies Private Center of MIIT Mindray DS USA, Inc. Limited  Telefonica S.A. Mindtree Ltd.  Renesas Technology America  Telehealth Solutions Ltd. MIR - Medical International  ResMed Corp. Research  TELUS Health Solutions  Rogers Communications  Terumo Corporation MITRE Corporation  Ryoyo Electro Corporation MOH Holdings Pte. Ltd.  Tesan SpA  S3 Group  The Scottish Centre for Telehealth MphasiS Ltd.  Sagemcom Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Tokyo Electron Device Ltd.  Samtec, Inc.  Toshiba Corporation NEC Corporation  Sanofi-Aventis |
  19. 19. Supporting Participants9/28/2012 | Continua Health Alliance Confidential 19
  20. 20. Industry Liaisons9/28/2012 | Continua Health Alliance Confidential 20
  21. 21. Building Awareness Around the World… Vancouver LondonAmsterdam June 2009 2011 2007 Ireland Luxembourg Belfast January 2008 2010 April 2008 Boston San Francisco October 2006, South Korea June 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Spain 2010 Tokyo 2007, 2008 San Diego Washington D.C. March April 2007 February 2010 2009 February 2009 2011 Austin 2012 Singapore 2011 Continua sponsored public 2012: Austin, Berlin symposiums and member summits | 2013: Portland, Taipei
  22. 22. Thank you! For more information or to join Continua Health Alliance… Sign up for our newsletter Visit our website