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50th DAC 2013 Austin

50th DAC 2013 Austin







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    50th DAC 2013 Austin 50th DAC 2013 Austin Document Transcript

    • 50 DESIGN AUTOMATION CONFERENCE 50 YEARS OF INNOVATION50th DAC EXHIBITOR PROSPECTUSAustin Convention Center Conference: June 2-6, 2013Austin, TeXas Exhibition: June 3-5, 2013 Sponsored by: In technical cooperation with:
    • 50 DESIGN MEET IC DESIGNERS & AUTOMATION 50 YEARS OFINNOVATION CONFERENCE IC MANAGEMENTDAC ISThe Design Automation Conference (DAC), celebrating its 50th year as the premier conference devotedto the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), is the oldest and largest conference in EDA.DAC 2013 is a not-to-miss occasion for the worldwide community of system designers, system architects, logic and circuit designers,validation engineers, CAD managers, senior managers, executives, researchers and academics. As well as planning for a robusttechnical program, the DAC Executive Committee is planning several memorable and exciting events that will be announced in theupcoming months.The 50th DAC will be held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, from June 2-6, 2013. The 50th DAC’s focus is oninnovation and research, tools, algorithms, EDA tool usage and design technologies for all aspects of electronic circuit, system,and embedded design for DAC 2013. In addition to conventional EDA topics, DAC 2013 is also focusing on embedded systems andsoftware (ESS) and related categories.For video highlights of the history of DAC from 1964-2013, see www.dac.com.
    • 50 DESIGN DAC ATTENDEES WERE POLLED AUTOMATION CONFERENCE 50 YEARS OF INNOVATIONPRIMARY JOB FUNCTION ENG R INENGINEERING CAD 40% 11% HE E 4 Engineering ER 4 OT 5 Hardware Physical Design 8% 5 ING Hardware Logic Design 5% 6 6 7 Verification 4% 8 System Architect 3% 9 Application 3% Application Software 2%10 M11 Embedded Hardware 1% AN12 Embedded Software 1% AGE M ENT Management13 Test and Assembly 1% 114 Board Design & Layout 1% 2 3MANAGEMENT 36% 1 Executive/Senior Mgt. 16% 2 Engineering Mgt. 14% 3 CAD Engineering Mgt. 6% PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES YOU RECOMMEND,OTHER 22% PURCHASE, OR INFLUENCE THE PURCHASE OF Professor/Researcher 8% Digital Logic Simulation 29% Student 6% Logic Design and Synthesis 24% Marketing/Sales 5% Editor/Publisher 1% RTL & Formal Verification 19% Financial or Industry Analyst 1% Analog/AMS Design & Simulation 19% Venture Capitalist 1% Physical Verification 19% Placement & Routing 18%DESIGN TYPE Physical Design 17% 1 ASIC 39% IP/Cores 15% 2 ASSP 32% Verification 13% 3 Analog/MS ICs 23% HW/SW Co-Design 11% 4 Digital ICs 15% System Design and Specification 11% 5 DSPs 15% Equivalence Checking 12% 6 Analog/MS Systems 11% Design for Manufacturing and Yield 12% 7 Libraries/IP/Cores 11% Full-Custom Layout 12% 8 Memory 11% Other Logic Verification 10% 9 Microproc./controller 10% Libraries/Models 10%10 PLDs/FPGAs 10% Embedded Software and System Design 9%11 Firmware 9% 6% System/Logic Design 9%12 Application13 Digital Systems 6% Algorithm Design 8%14 Embedded Systems 6% Test 8%15 PCB Layout 5% Embedded Software Design 7%16 Spec. Proc. (e.g., GPU) 5% Foundry/Silicon Vendor 7%17 RF, Microwave 4% Packaging 6%18 MEMS 3% PCB 6%19 RTOS 3% Post Silicon Services 5%20 Middleware 2% Application Specific Std. Part (ASSP) 3%
    • 50 DESIGN GENERAL DAC 2013 AUTOMATION 50 YEARS OF INNOVATION CONFERENCE INFORMATIONEXHIBIT SPACE PRICINGPricing for 2013 follows a graduated discount system based on size of the exhibit space according to the schedule below. Exhibit space must belicensed in 10’ x 10’ increments. Become an EDA Consortium member for FY2013 by October 1, 2012 and receive a 10% discount on all space! Findmembership information at http://www.edac.org Exhibit space pricing is as follows: The first 100 square feet of exhibit space is $43.75 per square foot From 101 to 400 square feet the cost is $35.00 per square foot From 401 to 900 square feet the cost is $33.50 per square foot From 901 to 1500 square feet the cost is $32.00 per square foot From 1501 to 3000 square feet the cost is $30.00 per square foot 3001 square feet and above, the cost is $27.00 per square footSUITES – WHAT MAKES DAC DIFFERENTDesign automation tools are complex, highly proprietary products that require in-depth discussions to fully explore the ability of the product tomeet the customer’s needs. To address this need, DAC has developed its unique suite package to offer exhibitors a simple, cost-effective way tobuild private meeting suites into their booths. The suite package is included in your space rental and can drastically reduce your exhibit costs whileproviding you with your own private meeting space. DAC provides suite walls and carpet to the ‘suite’ area of an exhibit space.Exhibit space must have a portion of the area designated as public access to all attendees. Floor spaces less than 400 square feet - a minimum of 100 square feet of an Exhibitor’s floor space must be public. From 401 to 6000 square feet - 25% of an Exhibitor’s space must be public. From 6001 to 7500 square feet - a minimum of 1500 square feet of an Exhibitor’s space must be public. Greater than 7500 square feet - 20% of an Exhibitor’s space must be public.SUITE - ONLYSuite-only space is available exclusively to first-time 2013 DAC participating companies. Cost for contracts received on or after September 3, 2012 is $48.00 per square foot.EXHIBIT HOURSExhibit hours are from 9am to 6pm, June 3-5, 2013 (Mon., Tues., Wed.).ABOUT THE FACILITIESThe Austin Convention Center offers DAC over 260,000 square feet of exhibit space. The Management will carpet the aisles. There is easy access toelectrical outlets and good loading facilities. All technical sessions will take place in close proximity to the exhibit area.EXHIBIT MANAGERThe 50th DAC has selected MP Associates, Inc. (MPA) as the conference and exhibit manager.MPA acts as an agent for DAC. If you would like to learn more about exhibiting at DAC,please call or email Cedric W. Fellows, Sales Director, Events - (650-995-0566 , cedric@dac.com) www.mpassociates.comTo Reserve Space, Contact:Cedric W. Fellows, Sales Director, Events1721 Boxelder St., Ste. 107Louisville, CO 80027tel +1 650-995-0566Fax +650.240.3818cedric@dac.com
    • 50 DESIGN AUTOMATION CONFERENCE 50 YEARS OF INNOVATIONINNOVATIONFor 50 years, from its humble beginning in 1964 as a workshop with 132 attendees to the modern EDA industry as we know it today, DAC has playeda pivotal role in the industry. Many of the products being sold today have their roots in an idea that was presented as research in the technicalconference years earlier. There is a development cycle DAC enables that leads from concepts being formed in workshops and birds-of-a-feathersessions to formal research papers then on to commercialization and display on the exhibit floor. The unique interaction of researchers, practicingengineers and the companies producing products and services makes DAC a powerful tool for innovation and interaction of all segments theEDA universe.Join the celebration as we look at 50 Years of Innovation in electronics design! The past fifty years were a time of tremendous growth, change, andevolution in all aspects of electronics. DAC has been there every step of the way to support the industry’s development. We’ll look at the incrediblestrides made in the past 50 years as a springboard for the next 50!COME EXPERIENCE DAC ‘s Golden Anniversary in AustinTo Reserve Space, Contact:Cedric W. Fellows, Sales Director, Events1721 Boxelder St., Ste. 107Louisville, CO 80027 For more information such astel +1 650-995-0566 pricing, floorplan, etc., please visit:Fax +650.240.3818cedric@dac.com WWW.DAC.COM