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Overview of impressionism without tutor notes

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  • Many magazines, around 30 in Paris with a reader ship of 2 million nation wide. One paper (Le Charivari) employed over 200 artists for illustrations. One year (1874) Louis Leroy 62, well established in the French art world decided to submit a piece about an exhibition at a disused photographic studio. His writings were well read dispensing with what we would call middle management speak and the jargon of today. It was mounted by a group of artists mainly in their 30's calling themselves 'La Societe Anonyme (ltd Co) artists, engravers, sculpters etc. Cezanne, Degas, Monet, Berthe Morisot, Pissarro, Renoir, Sisley. They did not want to be thought of as a group with a particular artistic style. There were lots of groups at the time 'The Somebodies' The So and So's, The 29ers. And once the critics would start talking about the 'new school, it would imediately sink without trace. Leroy had a problem. How to write a bout an exhibition he found bizare. He solved the problem by writing as if he was accompaning an elderly respected academic painter namely M Joseph Vincent. And this was what he wrote
  • Impressionim

    1. 1. Impressionism
    2. 4. At the sight of this astounding landscape the good man thought his spectacles were dirty . . . .'Good God' he said' 'what on earth is that!' Leroy titled the article 'The Exhibition of the Impressionists” Within a year the phrase spread to America where Henry James used it instead of the word 'perjorative' Virtually all the group hated the phrase 'impressionism'.
    3. 5. Eugene Chevreul Goblien Tapestry Thomas Cook
    4. 7. Railways
    5. 15. Gainsborough, The Morning Walk
    6. 16. Death of Socrates, David 1834
    7. 17. The Air Pump John Wright 1834
    8. 18. Peasants, Corot
    9. 19. Steam, Water , Vapour - Turner
    10. 20. Stonehenge John Constable
    11. 21. 'The Mill' John Constable
    12. 23. Guillaumin
    13. 24. Sunrise, Monet
    14. 25. Sunrise, Monet
    15. 26. Sunrise, Monet
    16. 27. Sunrise, Monet
    17. 28. Paris by Night, Pissarro
    18. 29. Le Dejunere Sur l'Herbe', Manet
    19. 35. La Moulin de la Gallette, Renoir
    20. 38. The First Impressionists Monet Camille Pissarro Degas Renoir Manet, Alfred Silsey Berthe Morisot Cezanne James Whistler Armand Guillaumin Felix Bracquemond Frederic Brazille Post Impressionists Van Gogh Signac Bonnard The later group Mary Cassatt Eugene Boudin Johan Barthold Jongkind Theodore Rousseau Eva Gonzales Gustave Caillebotte Suret
    21. 39. Brazille's Studio Cezanne's Studio
    22. 45. 'A Rainy Day in Paris' 1877, Gustave Caillebotte
    23. 46. The End – for the moment