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Film Talk 1
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Film Talk 1


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. The BBC had to bail out my Father arrested as a potential communist spy for sketching a police box for the original Tardis Later the BBC almost arrested me for loosing control of a Dalek in the scene dock. Daleks have no brakes. A remarkable oversight for an alien wishing to take over the world
    • 3. Art Director Budget Visuals Plans Logistics Props Buyer Greensman Animal wrangler Scenic artist Model maker SFX Construction Manager Carpenter Minimum 5 years experience on major films Painter Marbling, Wood graining, Aging Rigger Scaffolding Stage Hand Keeping the stage organised Plasterer Mouldings Textures Sculpter Director Creative Producer Fiscal and deadlines Director of Photography Location Manager
    • 4. Shepperton Studios H Stage Render Farm The Old House Creche A Stage
    • 5. Pinewood Studios
    • 6. Pinewood Studios, D Stage Makeup Blocks Green rooms Production Offices Workshops Props
    • 7.  
    • 8. Rainmaker – projection geometry composite for Da Vinci Code C Stage Shepperton Saint Sulpice Paris Projection stills - Canon EOS 1DS MK2.
    • 9. St James Theater Wellington
    • 10. Budget Time Quality
    • 11. Turkish Delight, Prelight, 'A' Stage Shepperton Showing the painted cyc, groundrows, gauze, middle and foreground elements. Each is lite separately. The arc lamps each use over 200 amps. 3 phase power is separated into the grid, ground rows and arc lights. 150 x 50 meters of painted cyc – 10 days design and build
    • 12. Lighting for mid day and dawn Gauzes allow great flexibility of lighting By ten the following day all this was cleared out ready for the next one.
    • 13. Two gauzes used in this effort
    • 14. Brazil An example of utilising a mirror in a model set The figure is some 15cm across with the painted cyc 25 meters wide. The clouds are made from kapoc polyester filler
    • 15. Brazil – ext
    • 16. 8 by 20 meter backdrop of New York for a Dutch TVC Two scenic artists over 3 days Sets utilise backdrops, ground rows and foreground elements First the backdrops
    • 17. TVC backdrop, Elstree One artist for three days Note painted tree and it's shadow on the wall
    • 18. 'D'' Stage Pinewood ‘The Wall’ 3 meter high skyscraper ground rows being flown in Setting up the horizon line is important along with moving from a single VP to double VPs for a more natural look
    • 19. Scenic art is often combined with 3D Note real book against his nose
    • 20. ‘ H’ Stage Shepperton Studios Build and prelight for Wimpy tvc Profits from this job bought our first studio – way back in 1976
    • 21. The Meaning of Life Hero building in full size, intermediate and miniature versions
    • 22. The Meaning of Life “ Crimson Pearl Assurance” 'City of High Finance' 5 meter high perspex buildings
    • 23. Time Bandits Fortress of Ultimate Darkness Miniature designed for a 9.8mm lens
    • 24. Time Bandits Fortress of Ultimate Darkness The Gate House - Miniature and intermediate model
    • 25. Top view of Intermediate model
    • 26. Final composite with Miniature as backplate with the Invisible Barrier rotoscoped in with an optical step printer.
    • 27. Napoleonic Traveling Theater for Time Bandits We made this fully practical so it could be filmed front and back
    • 28.  
    • 29. ‘ Alien’ followed ‘2001’ and the just released ‘Star Wars’
    • 30. Essentially about this . . . .
    • 31. . . . . .bumping off these actors
    • 32. Ronald Shussett's original visual for Nostromo's 'Bridge'
    • 33. Original look for Nostromo interior
    • 34. Evolving to the claustrophobic
    • 35. . . . and aged We used f.e.v's to provide the oily translucent look Note mirror and studio wall
    • 36. 'C' Stage Shepperton ‘ Nostromo’ Interior
    • 37. ‘ C’ and ‘D’ Stage, Nostromo Interiors
    • 38. Dallas Dallas
    • 39. 'Shussett‘ visual for LV246 ext , ‘H’ Stage
    • 40.  
    • 41. Gieger visual
    • 42. Ext /model /Bray Studios
    • 43. Gieger visual for LV246 ext
    • 44. H stage LV246 Note matte flag
    • 45. Nostromo ‘leg’ H Stage
    • 46. H stage, build LV246
    • 47. H stage. Note painted backdrop on cyc
    • 48.  
    • 49.  
    • 50. Gieger at work with his favourite double action airbrush
    • 51. Same subject redone to accommodate practical details
    • 52. Glass painting in final shot
    • 53. A stage int. based on previous visual
    • 54. The completed ‘Jockey’ finished in pearlescents and f.e.v.s
    • 55. John Hurt catwalking in his off the shoulder number
    • 56. Gieger with one of his babies
    • 57.  
    • 58.  
    • 59. Älien stills courtesy of 20 th Century Fox
    • 60. The End