Presentation Skills
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Presentation Skills

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  • 1. + Presentation Skills Presentation Skills
  • 2.
    • Presentation is the key to being heard and then understood
    • It is not always the content that grabs the listener or user, but the packaging
  • 3. Examples /
  • 4. A good presentation
    • Enables the tour guide to show themselves as the leader and one responsible for the group
    • Helps to ascertain control over the group
    • Enables the presenter to identify who is following and who is not
    • Standardises the information passed to all
  • 5. Good presentation
    • Qualities of the presenter
      • Presents him/her self first
      • Is appropriately groomed
      • Is motivated
      • Speaks for all to hear and understand
      • Uses appropriate language
      • Uses their hands to show and guide
  • 6. Good presentation
      • Is synchronized with the layout of material
      • Keeps eye contact
      • Rehearses his/her speech
      • Is well informed
      • Is able to answer questions
      • Gives apology immediately for those they can’t
      • Looks for answers and relates it later
  • 7. Poor presentation
      • Does not introduce themselves at the start
      • Speaks in a low voice
      • Gives wrong information
      • Uses inappropriate language
      • Does not cater for all listeners
      • Uses their hands overly
      • Is not appropriately groomed
      • Does not maintain contact with audience
  • 8. Poor presentation
    • Does not prepare speech beforehand
    • Manufactures answers to questions
    • Does not know when to talk and when to stop
    • Does not have good supporting material or signage
  • 9.  
  • 10. Activity
    • Your task is to:
      • Design a marking sheet which can be used to assess the qualities of what makes a good tour guide leader
      • This is to be done in pairs and presented to the lecturer as a word processed form