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Verde Overview Verde Overview Presentation Transcript

      • What is an ERM System?
      • Verde – Key Points
      • E-Resources Environment at CSUF
    Verde Overview
      • An Electronic Resources Management System is designed to automate the “back-office” aspects of acquiring and using electronic resources.
    Verde Overview What is an ERM System?
      • Because electronic resources are different:
      • Complicated licensing terms
      • Often acquired in large packages (frequent, unpredictable changes)
      • ERM systems (unlike ILSs) are designed with these features in mind.
    Verde Overview How does it differ from the ILS?
      • Some integrate directly with an ILS (Innovative Interfaces ERM)‏
      • Others have been developed out of OpenURL link resolvers, and directly integrate with those systems (such as Verde)
      • Let's look at how OpenURL and link resolvers work and how this influenced the design of Verde.
    Verde Overview How do ERM Systems Work With ILSs?
      • OpenURL is a standard way of using metadata to provide “context” for a hypertext link.
      • This allows providers to create one OpenURL link for a resource that can work differently in different libraries depending on their access policies.
    Verde Overview What is OpenURL? (1)‏
      • The OpenURL link includes two parts:
      • 1. A link to a special program called a Link Resolver, which knows about the library's access policies and rights.
      • 2. The identifying data for the resource, such as a title, author, or identification number.
    Verde Overview What is OpenURL? (2)‏
  • Verde Overview Parsing an OpenURL Here is an expample of an OpenURL: http://resolver.school.edu/cgi?genre=book&isbn=0824014111&title=The+Book+Of+The+Damed A base URL : http://resolver.school.edu/ is followed by a query string: cgi?genre=book&isbn=0824014111&title=The+Book+Of+The+Damned
  • Verde Overview The OpenURL Process
  • Verde Overview How Does a Link Resolver Work?
      • How does the Link Resolver do this?
      • A Library's Link Resolver reads the metadata in the OpenURL, checks access rules, and looks for the best match(es) for the resource requested.
      • The information it needs to do this is kept in a Knowledge Base.
  • Verde Overview What is a Knowledge Base?
      • A Knowledge Base is a special kind of database that is structured so it can be used to make automated decisions or judgements.
      • A Link Resolver's Knowledge base contains information about electronic resources.
  • Verde Overview What Information is kept in the Knowledge Base?
      • Targets (journal packages, etc.)‏
      • Objects & Object Portfolios (part of a target)‏
      • Local holdings (a target is activated)‏
      • Rules about access (years of holdings, etc.)‏
  • Verde Overview “ Global” Knowledge Base (1)
      • Knowledge Bases often contain data provided by the vendor for resources widely held by customers. The vendor also maintains this data as resources change, cease, or are created.
      • For example, the Knowledge Base used by Verde contains over 800,000 items.
  • Verde Overview “ Global” Knowledge Base (2)
      • This up-to-date global data is then regularly downloaded by customers into their local server.
  • Verde Overview “ Local” Knowledge Base
      • In spite of the size of Global Knowledge Bases, there are often locally held resources which are not included.
      • Libraries can add these items to their local instance of the Knowledge Base, but they must also maintain them as changes occur.
  • Verde Overview Target Activation and Access Rules
      • Libraries must tell the Knowledge Base that they own a title, a process called Target Activation.
      • They must also add information about holdings and any special rules about access.
  • Verde Overview What is Verde?
      • Verde is the ERM System from Ex Libris, the maker of sfx, among other programs.
      • It uses the sxf link resolver, and its Knowledge Base is derived from the one used by sfx.
  • Verde Overview How will Verde work with Millennium?
      • Millennium includes an Acquisitions module that tracks payments. Verde lacks this feature, and payments for electronic resources will continue to be managed with Millennium.
      • On the other hand, Verde is better at managing electronic resources over the remainder of their life cycle (trials, renewals, cancelation, etc.)‏
  • Verde Overview How will Verde affect the OPAC?
      • Since the basis of Verde is the sfx Knowledge Base, we will use a related system called MARCit! to get MARC records for our electronic resources. These will be added to the OPAC.
  • Verde Overview MARCit! and the OPAC
      • Using MARCit! in this way not only means that items in the sfx Knowledge Base can appear in the OPAC, it also means that changes appearing in sfx can be automatically reflected in the OPAC.
  • Verde Overview How does Verde work? (1)‏
      • Verde is a process-oriented program, which differs from the database-orientation of Millennium and other ILSs.
      • An ILS stores something, Verde does something.
  • Verde Overview How does Verde work? (2)‏
      • Verde breaks down E-Resource management into “workflows”, which are a sequence of “tasks”.
  • Verde Overview How does Verde work? (3)‏
      • Different users are assigned various tasks, and the program uses prompts and alerts to notify users of the tasks they need to complete.
  • Verde Overview How does Verde work? (4)‏
      • As each task is completed, the program proceeds to notify those responsible for the next task in the workflow that they have a task to complete.
      • This continues until the process is completed.
  • Verde Overview How does Verde work? (5)‏
  • Verde Overview How does Verde work? (6)‏
      • So when you fill in data in Verde, it doesn't just store it, it usually does something-- triggers the next task in the workflow, for example.
  • Verde Overview What are some examples of Workflows in Verde?
      • Acquisitions
      • Renewals
      • Deleting
  • Verde Overview Verde record layout
  • Verde Overview E-Products Hierarchy
    • Constituent – Typically Part of a Package
    • Package – Either Selective or Aggregated
    • Interface – Vendor level
  • Verde Overview 3 Levels- Constituent
  • Verde Overview 3 Levels- Package
  • Verde Overview Two Types of Package
    • Selective Packages
    • Aggregated Packages
  • Verde Overview 3 Levels- Interface
  • Verde Overview How Will Verde Be Implemented?
      • Verde will be phased in over time.
      • Initially, only local targets will be managed through Verde.
      • Other items, including resources acquired through the Chancellor's office, will be added later.
  • Verde Overview Verde, part of a Multi-Vendor Environment
      • Not a III product
      • Supports Standards
      • Helps open up our systems to the big world outside the III customer base.
  • Verde Overview Silos, Dead-ends, and Standards (1)‏
      • Traditionally, Library data has been stored in several special systems using proprietary record formats. Data could only get out using special migration programs, or limited access systems like Z39.50.
  • Verde Overview Silos, Dead-ends, and Standards (2)‏
      • Book data was in the one place, Serials holdings in another. Other information was on the web site.
  • Verde Overview Silos, Dead-ends, and Standards (3)‏
      • Failed products, orphaned products, merger victims.
      • Libraries have faced forced migrations, loss of data in proprietary formats, and additional costs.
  • Verde Overview Silos, Dead-ends, and Standards (4)‏
      • Verde complies with many modern standards for data exchange-- a way to integrate the information in the silos
  • Verde Overview Using Verde to Connect Our Silos
      • One possible future project using Verde's “standards compliant” features include:
      • Using SOAP (Service Oriented Architecture Protocol) to make licensing terms viewable for the staff and the public.
  • Verde Overview The E-Resource Environment at CSUF
  • Verde Overview The E-Resource Environment at CSUF