Cookie rookie training 2012


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  • The objectives are what we are working towards accomplishing tonight.
  • Cookie rookie training 2012

    1. 1. Girl Scouts of North - Central Alabama
    2. 2. • To provide you with an overview of the Cookie Sale Program• To give you information and tools to be a successful Troop Cookie Manager!• To provide general information on the ebudde system• To prepare you to train girls and parents
    3. 3. 1. Preparation2. Organization3. Communication4. Documentation
    4. 4. How do Girl Scouts Benefit fromParticipating in the Cookie SaleProgram? ◦ Goal Setting ◦ Decision Making ◦ Money Management ◦ People Skills ◦ Business Ethics
    5. 5. Training Girls and Parents Read the manual completely. Complete the online training. Get answers to any questions from your Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM) Hold a meeting with the girls to set goals Invite girls to plan a family meeting where they can share their goals and plans Only give forms to registered girl
    6. 6. Goal Setting  Troop Goals Personal Goals ◦ Meet with girls to ◦ Have the girls set a discuss what the goal of how many troop would like to packages they want do with their troop to sell. proceeds? ◦ Use the order card ◦ Is there a trip or to help them reach special event that their target. girls want to plan? ◦ Calculate the cost and see how many packages per girl they will need to sell. ◦ Keep parents informed of troop goals.
    7. 7. How Do I get the Girls Motivatedand Excited about Selling Cookies? Make selling  Have girls make cookies fun! Be individual and troop excited! goal posters Participate in  Track the troops council scheduled progress with a rally visual chart that they color in the packages sold  Remind girls of their goals, encourage and support them
    8. 8. Cookie Rally Cookie Rally January 6, 2012
    9. 9. OverviewCookie Program Sale Training (online + service unit meeting) Review all materials/ask questions Set up troop meeting Girls begin taking initial orders Initial orders submitted Girls continue selling using Goal Getter Order Card Cookie pick ups/ deliveries Cookie Rally Booth sales begin ½ payment due
    10. 10. OverviewCookie Program Sale Final payment due Submit final paperwork and incentive order online Give incentives to the girls Celebrate your success!
    11. 11. Initial Order Taking Begins on December 30, 2011. Girls can wish people Happy New Year and ask if they would like to start the year off right by buying Girl Scout Cookies! Girls will take orders on order cards and turn them in to the TCM January 14, 2012, or a date set by you. After initial orders are completed, girls will continue to sell using the Goal Getter Order Card.
    12. 12. How do I know how many cookiesto order? Enter all the girls orders from the order cards into ebudde. Look at the number of cookies ordered by variety by girls. How many booth sales do you have planned? Check with your SUCM for ideas on booth sale cookies needed for local booth sales. You should order extra of the top selling varieties for booth sales. (Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, and Tagalongs)
    13. 13. Booth Sale Scheduler Booth sales will be coordinated through eBudde online system. Benefits ◦ All sales will be uploaded to the cookie locator website, customers will find cookies by entering their zip code ◦ Allows you to sign up for booth sales from the comfort of your home ◦ Eliminates double-booking
    14. 14. Council-Sponsored Booth Sales
    15. 15. Troop Booth Sign-up Request
    16. 16. Troop Booth Sign-up Request (continued)
    17. 17. Booth Sales Begin February 10, 2012 All booths sales in eBudde will be uploaded to cookie locator website: Be sure to go over booth guidelines and tips in the Cookie Sale Program Manual. Be sure to include booth sale cookies on your initial order!
    18. 18. eBudde This is the online system that helps troops, service units, and the Council manage all aspects of the Cookie Sale Program. All troops need to enter their information into eBudde. ◦ This is how cookies, incentives, recognitions, and payments are tracked. ◦ Troops should regularly check their sales report to check their progress during the sale. Discrepancies should be reported to SUCM.
    19. 19. ebudde (continued) Each user is given access based on their needs (determined by Council). SUCMs will have access to their service unit information and all of their troops’ information.
    20. 20. Warehouse & Cupboards Going to the warehouse or cupboard, to pick up additional cookies you must have the following: ◦ Cookie Identification Card ◦ Photo identification You may go to any cupboard in the Council area to pick up cookies. Cookies can be checked out by cases only. Damaged cookies may be swapped only at the service center nearest you.
    21. 21. Ordering Cookies from theCupboards or Warehouses Locations to pick up additional cookies can be found in your manual. You will place a pending order through eBudde. Please call cupboard contact to let them know you have a pending order. Benefit: ◦ Inventory can be managed based on cookies to be picked up. If additional cookies need to be ordered, this can be done earlier.
    22. 22. Pending Cupboard OrdersProduct Transaction Form
    23. 23. Pending orders
    24. 24. Financial Procedures All transactions require receipts. Troops must not release cookies without a signed parent permission form and signed receipt for the cookies (retain all paperwork). Required ½ payment due February 28, 2012 Final payment due March 7, 2011 If a parent does not turn money in to troop: ◦ certified letter ◦ receipts/signed parent letter
    25. 25. Troop Sales Report
    26. 26. Troop Overpayment Report Troops are to use their Sales Report from eBudde to manage their Cookie Sale Program activity. The report includes all transactions and automatically deducts their proceeds from what troops owe to the Council. The amount due is what should be deposited into the Council account. If a troop deposits their proceeds into the Council account in error they will complete a Troop Overpayment Report in order to receive a refund.
    27. 27. Manuals
    28. 28. Demonstration Site Web address – Login will be your email as set up by Council. No email sent in the system. Can perform all functions in the system just like the live site. See Council for further information.
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