2014 Fall Product Training

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2014 Fall Product Training

2014 Fall Product Training

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  • 1. 2014 Fall Product Program Girl Scouts of NORTH CENTRAL ALABAMA Girl Scout Council Logo Here
  • 2. Thank you for making the time to help Girl Scouts in your council area. Your support means the world to us!
  • 3. What Can Product Sales Do? • Supports council programs for girls in your council area • Provides early start up funds for troops/groups • Girls can earn individual rewards • Creates educational experience for girls to learn life skills Goal Setting Decision Making Money Management People Skills Business Ethics
  • 4. Eligibility and Responsibility • Girl Eligibility – Current registration – Parent Permission • SU Fall Product Manager Responsibilities – Read your position description in the manual very carefully. – Promote the program and the products offered to all eligible troops. – Train all troops and assign a nut-e username and password. – Distribute materials, products, prizes etc. – Maintain regular communication with troops and Council Product Sales Manager during the sale. – Ensure that all troops place and order in Nut-E. – Deliver troop final paperwork to council by deadline.
  • 5. Eligibility and Responsibility cont’d. • Troop Fall Manager Responsibilities – Make sure troop and all girls are registered – Read over the fall manual and all the materials – Attend fall product training – Make sure each girl receive a packet, have each parent sign the permission form. – Keep parents informed of all due dates – Enter all girl orders into Nut-E – Distribute product and collect money – Make deposit and hand in final paperwork by deadline
  • 6. Troop Proceeds • Troops will receive the following • 20% on all nut and candy items • 15 % for any magazine or book orders – Online orders troops will receive and additional 5% • $2 for each completed address booklet. – NEW this year only 5 names needed • 5% additional for troops opting out of receiving rewards. This reward is only for Junior, Cadet, Senior, and Ambassador troops only. Troops can easily earn Early Start Up funds
  • 7. Review of important dates • Order taking begins – September 19, 2014 • Order taking ends – October 10,2014 • Troop orders due in ebudde – October 13, 2014 by 11:59pm – Nut-e is date and time sensitive, troops will be locked out after 11:59pm. • Nut and Candy delivered – November 3-6th , 2014 • Troop deposit due – November 19, 2014 • Troop final paperwork due – November 19, 2014
  • 8. Sea Otters!
  • 9. Participation is Easy! • Two ways for girls to earn more money • Taking orders for magazines and photo keepsakes • Customers can order online, via paper forms or Reach Out (Address Booklet) • Nut and candy items • Girls take orders via a nut order card or online nut store • Pay Up Front • Collect all magazine and photo keepsake money when orders are placed • Nut & Chocolate money is collected at time the order is placed • All Fall Sale options in one envelope
  • 10. Troops earn: 20% for each nut/candy item 15% for each magazine/photo keepsake 20% for Online Orders $2 for each address booklet Girl Packet Nuts & Chocolates Address Booklet Magazines Photo Keepsake Brochure Girl Sales Packets
  • 11. • People already buy magazines! • The average family subscribes to 4 magazines a year and spends $125 • People can support Girl Scouts without spending any additional funds • Magazines appeal to everyone, every interest! Why Magazines?
  • 12. What’s New for 2014 New nut products and a online nut store instead of online nut promise orders Addition of a new product line – ToRememberThis - personalized digital photo books and more Enhancements to online experience for customer, girl and troop leader
  • 13. 2014 New Product Offerings • Almond Cran-Orange Crunch • English Butter Toffee • For 2015 sale, pistachios and blueberry pomegranate nut squares will be discontinued
  • 14. To remember this New! Photo Keepsakes • A collection of photo-driven personalized digital photo books and more • Customers upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, PCs and mobile devices to create photo books, calendars, cards and other items • Runs seamlessly with existing program since orders are taken just like magazines – paper order forms or online. No additional work! • Customers receive email with code or pre-paid certificates with instructions on how to create their keepsakes at torememberthis.com • Completed products delivered directly to customers 5 to 7 days after completion at torememberthis.com • Mobile Bookshelf app included with every purchase.
  • 15. PAPER FORM ORDERING  Same form is used to order magazines and photo keepsake items  Customers should fill out the paper order forms  Money is collected at the time the order is placed  White and yellow returned to Fall Product Manager. Pink copy stays with customer
  • 16. • Use for family and friends not contacted through other parts of the sale • Names and addresses not rented or sold • Easy to complete • Have girls bring holiday card list to a troop meeting and complete booklets during that time • A completed booklet consists of 5 unique names and addresses • Personalize with P.S. note • Opportunity for $2 in troop proceeds for each completed booklet • NEW – Only one mailing sent to customers • Supporters will have the option to go online and order – no processing fee! ADDRESS BOOKLET
  • 17. ONLINE ORDERING Girls can set goals and personalize their welcome page with optional photos and messages Participants register or login at http://girlscouts.qspgao.com/ncalabama for online magazine and online nut store
  • 18. Sending Emails to Family & Friends • For all previous participants, emails from last year will already be preloaded into your send emails page. • Participants will also have access to an Order History Report with customer purchases from last year • Recipients of the email simply click the link, make their selection and pay with credit card • No processing fees for customers • Parents print Girl’s Online Sales Report or email to troop manager for girls to receive credit for orders generated online • Troop leaders should identify themselves during the registration process to receive a detailed report of all sales for girls in their troop at the end of the program
  • 19. ONLINE NUT STORE • All emails will contain a link to shop for nuts online • 25 Girl Scout items + 5 corporate gift items • Customers pay shipping • Girl’s Online Sales Report will have a total number of online nuts and dollars sold • Troop manager should enter this information in Nut-e in the Online Nuts column New!
  • 20. Shopping is Easy Emails sent to supporters will include a link to the Magazine Store and a link to the Nut Store
  • 21. SPREADING THE WORD • Girls can invite customers to order online or order with paper order forms • Two ways to invite customers to shop online • Make sure girls write their Girl Online ID that is assigned upon registration on the business cards to ensure proper credit. If they don’t include this number, they must write first name, last name and troop number that they used to register on the online store • Girls distribute “Spread the Word” business cards to customers who can go directly online using girlscouts.qspgao.com
  • 22. ENCOURAGE GIRLS TO ENTER EMAILS FIRST • Original email sent immediately – Three reminders will be sent 5 days apart – After ordering, recipients will not receive reminder emails • Get emails out first – Emails are working while girls are taking orders using the catalog SEND FALL SALE EMAILS!!
  • 23. Girl’s Online Sales Report • Proceeds are earned for each order generated online • Families simply print out or email the Girl’s Online Sales Report and submit it to the troop manager along with the paper orders to receive credit • Reminder email with Girl’s Online Sales Report at the end of the sale • Troop leaders can register to receive a detailed report at the end of the sale with all sales totals for girls in their troop Equal Credit for All Magazine Orders and Online Nut Promises
  • 24. QSP CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE Customer Service 800.251.1542
  • 25.  Girls use order takers to collect nut and candy orders  Money is collected at the time of order  Products will be delivered to the Service Unit Manager and picked up at the designated time by the troop manager NUTS!
  • 26. $7.00 $7.00 $7.00 $6.00 NEW $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 NEW $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 SALE DATES- 9/19- 10/10
  • 27. Item Ranking 2012 vs. 2013 % Sold Units Sold 2012 Products 2013 Products Units Sold % Sold 17% 7,296 PECAN CLUSTERS PECAN CLUSTERS 4,671 15% 9% 3,910 PEANUT BUTTER BEARS PEANUT BUTTER BEARS 2,856 9% 9% 3,856 CHOC ALMONDS WHOLE CASHEWS 2,381 8% 9% 3,811 WHOLE CASHEWS CRANBERRY NUT MIX 2,299 7% 7% 3,017 CRANBERRY NUT MIX CHOC ALMONDS 2,179 7% 7% 2,882 DULCE DE LECHE OWLS DULCE DE LECHE OWLS 2,067 7% 6% 2,630 CHOC RAISINS CHOC RAISINS 1,969 6% 6% 2,474 CAJUN CRUNCH CAJUN CRUNCH 1,883 6% 5% 2,347 CHOC PEANUTS CHOC PEANUTS 1,849 6% 5% 2,268 MINT PENGUINS BUTTER TOASTED PEANUTS 1,648 5% 5% 2,095 FRUIT SLICES MINT PENGUINS 1,604 5% 5% 2,043 HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS 1,529 5%
  • 28. $50 SALES 3 Mags/TRT ADDRESS BOOKLET 5 NAMES ALL RECOGNITIONS ARE CUMULATIVE 12 EMAILS 5 MILITARY ORDER 6 Mags $100 Combined sales $175 Combined Sales. $275 Combined sales. Choice. $375 Combined sales + $475 Combined sales $575 Combined sales choice $675 Combined sales $775 combined Sales Choice Completed Ashdon and QSP online activity + OR $1000 BEST BUY $100 + $1500 ONE WEEK RESIDENT CAMP VALUE $329 OR
  • 29. See council Fall Sale Guide Book for instructions on assigning login names and passwords www.ashdonfarmsnute.com
  • 30. GIRL ORDERS – Save after entering each girl order and save again to confirm recognitions – Only Submit troop order after all girl orders have been entered by clicking pink button
  • 31. GIRL ORDERS • Girl names can be entered into system at any time during the sale • Enter the number of girls registered and click save – The submit nut/candy order button will be activated • After being added, girls appear in bottom container – Enter products sold by each girl – Photo keepsake items are entered in the magazine columns and count just like a magazine subscription – Online nuts are entered as a cumulative total – Save after entering each girl order and again to confirm recognitions
  • 32. REPORTS
  • 33. DEPOSIT DETAILS • All checks should be made payable to Girl Scouts of North Central Al • Troops must deposit all checks collected by you to your troop account in time for them to clear the bank before you draw a check on your troop checking account. • A troop check written for the amount due to the council should be deposited into the council regions account by November 19th, 2015. • Troops can deposit their magazine payment by October 15th or turn in one check paying for the paper magazine subscriptions. • Troop leaders or chairs should make deposits and return either a validated deposit slip or deposit receipt to the SU Fall Manager
  • 34. Paperwork to Return to Service Unit Fall Manager • Return to SUFPM by October 15th or date set by them. • Separate white and yellow copies of magazine order forms by troop • Address Booklets booklets • Validated deposit slips, deposit receipts or troop check for magazine subscriptions.
  • 35. SU paperwork to turn into Product Sales Manager • If order forms or Address Booklets are incorrect, return to troop leaders or fall sale manager for corrections • Pink copies of order forms remain with customers • Girl order forms (yellow and white copies separated) • Girl’s Online Sales Reports • Address Booklets • Validated troop deposit slips or deposit receipts
  • 36. REPORTS
  • 37. REMINDERS  Collect Girl’s Online Sales Reports from participating girls  Enter online nuts, magazines and photo keepsakes into Nut-e for credit  Nut Delivery from November 3-5. You will be contacted by the delivery agent to finalize time and date  Count nut and chocolate products carefully before signing  Distribute nut and chocolate products immediately…remember chocolate melts.  If you have specific program questions, refer to your training materials or call the council office
  • 38. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! Our council’s success is due to your endless efforts…