Author, Hilary Corna on her book One White Face & Daring Yourself


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Author, Hilary Corna on her book One White Face & Daring Yourself

Hilary is on a book tour visiting college campuses and shares this presentation encouraging students to go out of their comfort zone, including travel, and dare themselves in their everyday lives.

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  • Usher dares to audience (dare to come on stage/ stand/dare to hug each other, etc.) -Key – she did so w/o thinking much about it-quickly observed the situation and made the decision that it was okay.
  • Funny thing – they take us out of our comfort zone, make memorable moments. That’s what I want to share with you today—my secret to success: accepting dares as often as you can.
  • Dared to succeed as Senior Executive Officer and Kaizen Leader with Toyota in Singapore as the only caucasian in the 250 person office. I was barely 22, a woman in a Japanese company, working in a foreign country.
  • Red dot of singapore. 4 millions ppl, below malaysia, Chinese and Indian but English speakers. Sweat the moment you step outside. Just a few hundred miles from the equator.
  • We need to taste them. We need to have the courage and boldness accpept and act on dares
  • 14 countries. Bangkok office handling manufacturing.
  • There’s this kid I heard of recently….he has a great story that was turned into a movie… (nope, I didn’t see it or anything….)…one of my favorite parts of the movie was of Justin’s first meeting with Usher. His agent said to him, “Justin, no matter what you do, do NOT sing for Usher—he receives it all of the time. So what did Justin do? The moment usher walked into the room, he belted out singing. I don’t need to tell you what happened after that. What if, however, Justin wondered how his agent would respond, if he would fire him, OR if he would ruin all his chances with usher. But he didn’t. he just sang. He was authentic, and you want to know a secret? People like that. So what does this have to do with you?
  • usually it is ourselves that keep us from being our best.
  • Wantvs can; buddhist story
  • You just let go. Let go of all expectations. Let go of the fear of what may happen and what may not happen. what’s happened in the past and what’s supposed to happen in the future and you just BE. Because it’s when you are living in the moment that you’re pure. You give yourself permission insbtead of waiting for someone else or something else to.
  • Sounds like your mother…parameters + work backwards – define what do you need, then seek them out
  • Those who were most successufl waited to eat the second marsh. With all success, comes sacrifice. How are you spending your time when no one is looking? Would you rather know whether Snookie is going to be having a boy or a girl or making your mark on the world?What could you sacrifice in the short term for more longer term benefits. his is a story about Beyonce. She went 3 days before she relized she hadnt eaten.
  • Focus your energy to prepare whatever necessary. Don’t question, just do.
  • Dog.
  • 20 secsProverb
  • I dare you to KILL jersey shore’s ratings
  • Show up, go swimming, eat eyeballs, as often as possible.
  • You could create your own opportunity, customize your o. wn life to beat any odd.I dare you to come to the front of the room more often, swim more often, eat eatballs.
  • After every school, I do this dare baord. newsletterou see, most people ignore dares. Most ppl let these pass them by and then ask for opportunity/want it to be handed to them. Duh. It’s easier.
  • When I left the company my favortie boss responded with a question. Do you have a dream? (Tub of ice cream. Of course they know their onlyamerican is leaving. )
  • So what have you always wanted to do but either you or someone else has been holding you back? Do you know the odds of you existing today? Do you know the odds of you being blessed to serve a purpose on this earth?
  • You are special. You are here for a reason. You have a duty to fulfill this path. An obligation to experience it, embed it in you.. The world needs and wants you to better it. Live up to your potential…Only you can make it happen
  • They don’t want you to survive. They want you to thrive. Because you know the truth? That’s what it means to live.
  • A raw impetus to get things done. Opportunities all around from fish eyeballs to international careers. Up to us to take itrare opp but you know what the hard part is? to see this, take it and practice it so that you can make your own opportunity. So I dare you, Observe surroundings…o one can tell you the trick to success in life.
  • Author, Hilary Corna on her book One White Face & Daring Yourself

    1. 1. I dare you to go against the conventional way: Keep your phones on. And tell me you did on Twitter: @HilaryCorna
    2. 2. Hilary CornaAuthor, National Speaker, Founder of @HilaryCorna
    3. 3. Dare [dair] – verb (used without object)To have the necessary courage or boldnessto try; venture
    4. 4. Dare: One White Face
    5. 5. Dare #1: Study Japanese @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    6. 6. People do well in the things they enjoy doing. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    7. 7. Dare #2: Intern abroad @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    8. 8. Dare #2: Intern abroad @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    9. 9. The Universe is constantly daring you
    10. 10. Dare #3: Launch International Career
    11. 11. “Konnichiwa” @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    12. 12. Dare #4: Campaign “Konnichiwa” @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    13. 13. “Konnichiwa” @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    14. 14. We can’t just be fed ideas.We need to chew on them. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    15. 15. One White Face @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    16. 16. Toyota Motor Asia Pacific
    17. 17. Copyright 11
    18. 18. Copyright 11
    19. 19. Copyright 11
    20. 20. Copyright 11
    21. 21. Copyright 11
    22. 22. We keep us ourselves from being our best. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    23. 23. 1) Know what you want. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    24. 24. Copyright 11
    25. 25. Copyright 11
    26. 26. 2) Put in the work. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    27. 27. Copyright 11
    28. 28. Are you spending or investing?
    29. 29. 3) Campaign. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    30. 30. Copyright 11
    31. 31. Tell the world. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    32. 32. “Proactive. No residue” x10 (-My mom) @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    33. 33. When you’re ready, your teacher will come @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    34. 34. Could you identify an opportunity? @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    35. 35. Imagine… @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    36. 36. TheDareBoard.
    37. 37. It’s easier not to. @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    38. 38. What have you always wanted to do?
    39. 39. One in 400 Trillion @HilaryCorna Copyright 11
    40. 40. Don’t survive. Thrive.
    41. 41. When Your Intuition Dares You, Accept It.
    42. 42. Go on now, Discover. I Dare You. Thank you,