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Lots of women generate gestational diabetes by means of mother to be period of time.
Devoid of an abundance of insulin, blood sugar are unable to get away from the actual our own bloodstream and turn into changed so that you can energy.

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Gestational diabetes blog

  1. 1. DIABETES BLOG GESTATIONAL DIABETES TIPS Gestational diabetes blog | Hilary buff
  2. 2. What is gestational diabetes? Gestational diabetes is a health problem that develops during the gestational period {pregnancy} and like any other types. It occurs when the glucose levels in the blood are significantly elevated above normal, it often does not cause any symptoms at all You may not be diabetic to develop gestational diabetes, but pregnant mothers can develop diabetes. Gestational diabetes risks: Gestational diabetes is a complication more common in pregnancy, with consequences for the mother or the baby. The risk of recurrence of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy following is 66%. More blood sugar is high and the risk of developing gestational diabetes is important. It is important to detect early onset of gestational diabetes in women with this risk:  Presence of diabetes in the family :  Overweight: a woman with a BMI greater than 25 is exposed to the risk of gestational diabetes.  Finding of a high blood sugar levels under control pill.  A birth weight of mother greater than 4 kg or less than 2.5 kg.  Women aged over 35 to 40 years.
  3. 3. Prevention of gestational diabetes:         The mother must have a balanced diet and it must be the first stage of the pregnancy. Physical activity is highly recommended. Avoid sugar foods. Consume up to 3 fruits per day as they bring sugar. Limit consumption of sugary drinks like soda, syrup, fruit juice Use fat in moderation keeping yourself healthy and for promoting the best outcomes for your baby, Manage the diabetes with healthy recipes. Treatment When gestational diabetes is diagnosed, a diet designed to achieve normal blood glucose (blood sugar) should be initiated. Insulin treatment is sometimes necessary when the system is ineffective. The goal of treatment is to maintain normal blood sugar levels while managing to maintain a healthy diet for the mother and for the child. It is essential to monitor regularly your diabetes:  Glucose.  The presence of sugar in the urine.  Blood pressure.
  4. 4. How to control gestational diabetes?  Having a balanced diet. is the mainstay of treatment. watch the amount and type of sugar consumed per meal, regular meals, etc. specific recommendations will be proposed by a nutritionist.  regular physical activity (walking, yoga, swimming ..) you must control efficiently your blood sugar, in addition to being in better physical condition, it is recommended to do 2:30 hour of physical activity per week, ideally spread throughout the week 3-5 sessions from 30 to 45 minutes. For more information please visit: