2009 conservancy annual_report


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2009 conservancy annual_report

  1. 1. ROSE FITZGERALD KENNEDY GREENWAY CONSERVANCY ANNUAL REPORT JULY 1, 2008-JUNE 30, 2009_______________________________________________________________CONTENTS: PAGE:Key Accomplishments ………………………………………………………. 1Summary of Financial Statements …………………………………………. 3Donors ………………………………………………………………………... 4Conservancy Staff ………………………………………………………..….. 15Board of Directors and Leadership Council …………….………………... 16Audited Financial Statements ……………………………………… Addendum
  2. 2. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTSThe Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway (“the Greenway”) is one of the largest and mostimportant public projects in Boston’s history, and it is just beginning to realize its full potential.A Greenway “district” is emerging, with more cafés, retail stores, entertaining and educationalattractions, and new investments in properties adjacent to the Greenway. The Greenway itselfis an integral part of this evolution, expressing the best of Boston though horticulture and thearts.As the steward of the Greenway, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy (“theConservancy”) has been working to achieve a shared vision of the Greenway as a physical andcivic connector. The Conservancy is proud to present an overview of our accomplishments forthe past year in the areas of park operations, public programs, fundraising and support.PARK OPERATIONSInspired by the life of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Conservancy’s approach to everything wedo blends the practical with the principled. To support public health and maintain the newlyrestored water quality in Boston Harbor, our park operations staff (five positions) has made acommitment to use methods and products that are environmentally responsible and avoid theuse of toxic chemicals. The park maintenance team has grown to include individuals withdisabilities, subcontracted from Work, Inc., and soon will incorporate Boston teens and youngadults through the Conservancy’s Green and Grow youth workforce development program.PUBLIC PROGRAMSThe Conservancy’s ongoing commitment is to program the Greenway as “common ground”,ensuring residents’ continual informal enjoyment of the parks while hosting public programsthat encourage a sense of shared civic life in Boston; our approach is collaborative, and makesadded sense in this time of limited funding.With support from local businesses and organizational funding, the Conservancy created anumber of multi-cultural and multi-generational events and activities that everyone could attendfree of charge. On October 4, 2008, the Inaugural Celebration introduced the Greenway to50,000 friends and neighbors. Counting over 100 events, the Conservancy and its 60+ culturaland educational partners delivered innovative programming that created positive social andcivic connections.During the spring and early summer season of 2009, the Greenway came alive with two events –an Earth Day Clean-Up Celebration and Family Play Day, serving a combined 5300 people – andreoccurring activities that served an additional 2300 people, including: • Storyhour in the North End for children; • Fitness classes in the Wharf District Parks for adults; • The Greenway Carousel; • The Boston Public Market Farmers Market sponsored by Rodale and Market Concerts; • Games for families, residents, and office workers. 1
  3. 3. FUNDRAISING – MOTHERS’ WALKThe Mothers’ Walk program was a continued success, attracting new Greenway supporters tothe Conservancy from cities throughout Massachusetts, the U.S. and even internationally(Barcelona, Spain and Kanagawa, Japan). Since launching in 2007, over 1600 individuals andfamilies have honored loved ones on the Greenway with an inscribed paver on the Mothers’Walk, contributing nearly $1 million in revenue. Interestingly, the majority (68%) of Mothers’Walk donors live outside the City of Boston, even beyond Massachusetts, including 26 states asclose as New Hampshire and Rhode Island and as far west as California and Washington: Breakdown of Mothers’ Walk Donors by Geographic Areas • 32% - Boston (Cambridge, Brookline, West Roxbury, Charlestown, Dorchester…) • 17% - South (Quincy, Milton, Braintree, Dedham, Hingham, Norwood…) • 16% West (Newton, Wellesley, Natick, Watertown, Sudbury, Framingham…) • 15% Northwest (Medford, Andover, Winchester, Belmont, Lexington, Concord…) • 10% North (Melrose, Beverly, Marblehead, Wakefield, Malden, Salem…) • 10% Out of State (NH, NY, FL, CA, IL, ME, RI, NC, MD, DC, MN, CT, VA, NJ…)FUNDRAISING – 2008 GREENWAY GALAOver 380 business and community leaders attended the Conservancy’s first annual GreenwayGala dinner that raised $290,000. Eunice Kennedy Shriver was honored with a standing ovation,and Caroline Kennedy spoke on behalf of the Kennedy family, saying “I hope that grandma’scuriosity and courage, her love of the outdoors, of flowers and children, her devotion to faithand family will animate this beautiful park that bears her name.” George A. Russell, Jr. fromState Street Corporation chaired this successful event that marked the beginning of theInaugural Celebration weekend and the opening of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.SUPPORT – VOLUNTEERSVolunteers played a vital role in the success of the Conservancy’s events, programs, andhorticulture needs. During the Inaugural Celebration, over 120 volunteers participated in thepark-wide event by staffing information booths, supervising children’s games and activities,helping Mothers’ Walk donors to locate their pavers, etc. To celebrate Earth Day in April, theConservancy enlisted the help of local residents and business people to help awaken the parksfrom their winter slumber, clearing litter and debris, cutting back overgrown grasses andcleaning benches. Volunteers included employees from the Chiofaro Company, FederalReserve, HCR Group, Boston Marriott Long Wharf, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and State StreetCorporation, as well as Greenway residents from Greenway Place and Harbor Towers andorganizational partners from A Better City. Every day, the horticulture staff relies on volunteersto maintain the gardens and green space for the health and beauty of the Greenwayenvironment. 2
  4. 4. SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTSThe Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is pleased to present the financial resultsfor the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. This past year brought significant financial successesalong with challenges presented by the economic climate. Fundraising from both private andpublic sources was adversely affected, particularly in the third and fourth quarter. Notablecontributions included $347,000 in gifts and in-kind revenue from fourteen donors in support ofthe Inaugural Celebration, and a grant of $2 million to support park operations fromMassDevelopment that will be dispersed over a period of two years.The Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee prudently voted to keep theConservancy’s entire endowment in CDARS, and as a result there was no loss in the $12 millionprincipal in the permanently restricted endowment fund. However, this decision also broughtreturns below 2%, reducing the total interest income from the endowment to $237,000. FY 09 Revenue and Support $4.053M Contributions and $561,531  Donations Public Sector $261,960  14% 6% Contributions and Donations Private Sector $236,596  $2,000,000  6% 49% Endowment Interest $992,954  25% Mothers’ Walk Income In-Kind RevenueIn assuming daily operations of the Greenway in late February, operating expenses increased by$826,000 over FY’08. The Conservancy was able to achieve a surplus ($785,000) for the fourthconsecutive year by realizing cost savings in planned expenditures and administration, program,and capital projects. FY 09 Expenses $3.268M Park Operations $620,668  Public and Education 19% $900,909  Programs 28% Marketing $598,868  18% Development $1,020,537  31% Business and $127,345  Administration 4% 3
  5. 5. Starbucks Coffee Company Lawrence John GageOUR DONORS Tufts Health Plan Michele GellerThe Conservancy gratefully Claudia and Charlie Wu Diane Georgopulosacknowledges those whose Donald E. Giambastianigifts, pledges and in-kind $5,000 to $24,999 GoodSearchservices have helped to American Institute of Architects – John Graysustain our work between Western Massachusetts Chapter Ann Habener6/30/2005 – 6/30/2009. Lauren and Charles Baker* Halvorson Design Partnership, Inc. Berkeley Investments, Inc. Jean Marie Hawley*Denotes payments that are part Boston Marriott Long Wharf James Hughesof muli-year grants or pledges Nancy Brennan Merrill and Bob Hunn Charlesbank Capital Partners Helen Isenman$1,000,000 and above Martha and Neil Chayet Susan L. IsenmanHonorable Michael Bloomberg, Gloria and Allen Larson* Francis M. James Mayor of New York Marjorie Harris Reynolds Foundation Peter JohnsonBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryann Gilligan Suydam* Jessica B. Kane Massachusetts Cheryl and William Swanson* Ausonia Council 1513 - Knights ofBoston 2004 Dorothy Terrell and Albert Brown* ColumbusJoseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation* Vanguard Charitable Endowment Robin E. LawfordMassachusetts Development Finance Program Bruce Levy, Kaye Wild, and the “CD Agency* Executive Committee”Massachusetts Turnpike Authority $1,000 to $4,999 Catherine MaffeiRaytheon Company* Allsteel Christopher MaffucciState Street Corporation Arnold Worldwide Douglas M. McGarrah Judith Banker Merhling Maureen McWalters$500,00 to $999,999 Cathy and Eric P. Geller Barbara Boyce MeyerBank of America Thomas Hiller Margaret E. MichaudBoston Scientific* New England Farm and Garden Darryl MiltonJohn Hancock Financial Services* Association, Inc. Sarah MortonLiberty Mutual Group* Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP Lindsay NeagleNational Grid* Stamats Communications, Inc. Carole Nicholson Starbucks Foundation Barbara L. Nihen$100,000 to $499,999 William Weld Barbara PeteryBeacon Capital Partners, LLC Richard Burck Associates, Inc.The Boston Foundation, Inc. Under $1,000 Karen and Mark RidlenBoston Properties, Inc.* William F. Achtmeyer Lucy and Richard RobbCitizens Bank* Ruth D. Alfasso John SnyderThe Clowes Fund Erin Boden Laura Jeanne SolanoEaton Vance Corporation Boston by Foot Barbara SouliotisSandra and Paul Edgerley Brighton-Allston Historical Society Karyl StoiaEquity Office Properties Myles A. Brown Karen M. and Robert W. SweetPatricia and Scott Eston* Elise R. Browne Jeanne TraxlerBarbara and Steve Grossman* Beatrice C. Burke Urban AdvenToursHarvard Pilgrim Healthcare Drandafile Calaj Ralph F. VerniKessler Family Foundation* Maryann Cecelia Calia Jeanette VoasLoomis, Sayles & Company, LP* Betsy Reynolds Cargill Renata von TscharnerMellon Financial Coporation Patricia Cherney Amy and Ed Wertheim Foundation Janie V. Chickering Weston Garden ClubRodale, Inc. Mariagnes Clifford John F. Condon, Jr.$25,000 to $99,999 Denise M. CultreraThe Beal Companies Elizabeth and Nicholas DeaneCorcoran Jennison Companies* Kathleen Ferguson DevaneyThe Davis Companies* Paul S. Dewey, Jr.Ladd Family Foundation V. Pat EstonLynch Foundation Linda FarioleRosanne and Peter Meade* Eileen T. FayRowes Wharf* Friends of Post Office Square 4
  6. 6. Bryan W. Anderson Patricia Joyce BensonIN-KIND DONORS Denise Mary Anderson Seth P. Berman Dorothy C. Anderson Kathleen Marie Berry$50,000 and above Kimberly Leigh Anderson Pia Kathryn BertelliThe Chiofaro Company Pamela Kathryn Anderson Joanna Bewick Steven Anderson Dianne and Magdi BichayEdwards Angell Palmer & Dodge Shiro Ando Deborah BirminghamESI Design Eunice Miranda Andrade Abbe Ellen BjorklundMinelli Inc. Stephanie C. Andrews Melissa BlaeserPartners & Simons Christy Andrzejewski Sarah BlairRodale, Inc. David Peter Angueira Ann Marie Blake Peter Annicelli Fred Boak$1,000 to $4,999 Mary Rose Anthes-Washburn Scott A. Bobek Amy S. Anthony Lorna BoduckBlue Cross Blue Shield of Susan Appelbaum Kathleen Bogomolov Massachusetts John J. Aquino Jessica Braley BonzagniBPH Electrics Lorrie Anne Arena Linda D. BoornazianFulgent Media Maryann F. Arsenault Sarah E. BoothNew England Cable News Hillary Ashton Elizabeth A. BorghesaniPeabody Office Furniture Lois AuCoin Paul D. BoscoRaytheon Company Dorothy Auffrey The Boston Committee of the James Aurelio Garden Club of AmericaReed Hilderbrand and Associates Robert A. Aurilio Jacqueline M. BoudrotStarbucks Coffee Company Simone Auster Linda BoulangerMichael Van Valkenburgh and Barbara Leslie Ayotte Angela Mary Bova Associates, Inc. Joseph T. Baerlein Jane BowersVon Grossmann and Company Elizabeth Bagnani Linda S. Bowers William E. Bagshaw Ian A. Bowles Carolyn Bailey Katherine Bowles Anne Boyce Baker Priscilla Bradley_________________ Bruce W. Baker Sandra L. BradleyMOTHERS’ WALK Charles D. Baker Charles P. Baker James Walter Brady Steve BradyDONORS Kate Baker-Carr Meryl Bralower Clara Balkas Sheldon H. Bramson11/10/2007 – 6/30/2009 Carol S. Ball Frank A. Brand, Jr. Maya Staver Balle Sonia Y. BrathwaiteAlison Abbott Nicole Baltzer Richard BraunSusan Lang Abbott Maureen Banks Nancy BrennanMargaret Anne Abbott-Guiod Christina D. Baran Paul BreslerFrancine Achbar Michelle Marie Barr Donna M. BresnahanWilliam F. Achtmeyer Margarita Barresi Alexandra BriggsSally Adams Francis P. Barrett Gail A. BrinleyPhyllis Ann Addivinola Mary Margaret Barrett Myra BrodneyDeborah K. Adduci Laura Barricelli Ruby BrooksJill Ann Adduci Melissa Anne Barron Giustina BrosioPaul G. Afonso Stephanie Marie Barron Albert H. BrownDorothy C. Africa John Bartlett Cynthia Farr BrownDonald J. Aharonian Ivan Basch Edmund F. BrownMarie L. Ahearn Robert D. Basow Ellen Shapiro BrownAtosa Ahmadi The Baupost Group, L.L.C. Jeanne BrownDorothy Ann Aiello Richard James Bausemer Ken BrownPhil C. Aikele Genie Beal Robert A. BrownRobert R. Albee George P Beal Ross Eugene BrownRosaria Alesso Robert L. Beal Stephen H. BrownKathryn Alexander Nat Beale Tamsen BrownMalek Al-Khatib David J. Bean Arlene E. BrowneHerbert Allen Caitlin Lisa Bearce Bridget BuckleyKatherine K. Allen Megan Tonderys Bearce Cathy Ann BuckleyNancy Osborne Almquist Katharine C. Beaudouin James Henry BuckleyJames A. Aloisi, Jr. Ariela G. Beck Marilyn BucknerJohn M. Alvino Susan C. Beck Lauren BuddingMonaf Alyassi Edward Milton Beecher Kathleen T. BurgessCarl Ameno Caroline Begreen Phillip BurgessDonna Marie Amorello Katie Bell Clare Marie BurkeDonna M. Amoroso Anne Bellew Frances BurkeChristine Georgia Anastos Susan Benjamin Mary P. BurkeJodi Paris Anastos Desiree Benoit Stephen William Burke 5
  7. 7. Jesse E. Burnett Susan M. Cleary Jennifer Anne CurrieAlbert Christopher Burns Jeffrey P. Cleven John DahlstromDenise M. Burns Alexander Cohen Barbara DaileyJennifer Burns Howard Cohen Geraldine A. DalyLarry Burns Scott Cohen T. Edmund DalyPamela Jane Burns Melissa Cohen-Fyffe Lisa DamtoftValerie Burns Linda E. Cole Alison DAngeloWilliam Clark Burns Judith Coleman Gregory Michael DAntonaPatricia A. Button Laura Coleman Robert DantowitzKatherine Byers Ann K. Collier Andrea and Emmanuel DaskalakisColeen Kearon Byrne Lisa J. Collins Sarah H. DavenportKevin Cahill Paul J. Collins Thomas Michael DavernCharles Joseph Cain Thomas Collins Nati DavidiJoe Cain Jacob Colognesi Andrew Michael DavisKristin G. Cain John Q. Colognesi Kevin S. DavisFranklyn Caine Richard Conlan Barbara Florence DawsonMaryann Cecelia Calia Sean Conley John L. DawsonDaniel Calista Maria L. Conlon Margaret DayPatrick J. Callaghan Elizabeth Connell Denise A. DeAmoreKatie Elizabeth Callahan Kristen Connell Sally G. DeCaroTerry Cameron Terence Connell John M. DeCiccioAlexandra Campbell Martha Connellan Dorothy DeCrescenzoGary Campbell Mary Connelly Peter J. DegnanLee A. Campbell Jodi Lee Conners Bonnie DehnerRobert B. Cantrell Joseph Albert Connolly Susan Del ConteLydia A. Capano Kathy Connolly Laurie DEliaJanice Caporiccio Mark Connolly Susan Jean DeLiddoStephen Anthony Capuccio Mary Micheal Connolly Ursula M. DellaPortaStephen P. Capuccio Nancy J. Connolly Kerry DelloRussoDolores B. Carabillo Neave M. Connolly Louise Angela DeLucaTerri Carabillo Nicholas Connolly John Joseph DeMarcoWendi Arlein Cardeiro Charles Joseph Connon Anne M. DeMatteisDonna J. Cardillo Matthew Conti Jane Cashin DemersBetsy Reynolds Cargill Laura M. Conway Florence M. DemetrioDavid P. Carlon Patricia Ann Conway Jan deMoorHilary Sheehan Carlson Carrie Cook Donna DempseyRichard Carmosino Elizabeth Cook Erin Elizabeth DeNapoliAnn Carnes Tim Cook Thomas M. DenlyJames Francis Carr Patricia Gorman Cooper Marianne DePamphilisMargaret E. Carr Ranny Cooper and David A. Smith Paul Julio dePooMaryAnn Singleton Carr Cathy Coote Darlene DeRemerDavida Carvin Kathleen Copson Patricia E. DeSanctisColleen Cary Patricia Corcoran-Chapple Susanne T. DeSanctisPatricia H. Casey Melissa Cordray Roger E. DeschenesSandra M. Caso Leah Cosby Irene DesharnaisMichael Cataldo Ellen M. Cosgrove John P. DesmondMaria R. Ceddia Kevin W. Costello Michael James DesrochersAnn Marie Centola Michael Costello Cory DestribatsJean Margaret Cesario Nina Cotran Kathleen Ferguson DevaneyPatricia Chadwick Elias Peter Coulouras Robert L. DevaneyNat Chamberlin Mary Beth Cox John D. DevereauxLawrence A. Chan Karen Coye Nancy E. DevineNancy E. Chane David Coyne Sandra DeVitaCharles G. Talanian Family Doris Craig Michael A. Devney Foundation Elaine Gasbarro Crandall Mary DewartSuzan Chatis James L Crandall Eva Yona DeykinLindsey Cheney William Josepth Cribby Kim Di CamilloRosemary Chiariello Ellen Criscioni Henry Joseph Di VaioDon Chiofaro Caitlin Jane Cronin Susan E. DialTeresa Brown Chirlin Cheryl Cronin John F. DiamondKelly Christiano Sylvia A. Cropper Lauren DiasAlison B. Chu Mildred Sullivan Crowley Consuelo and Emiliano DiazDevon Laine Ciampa Cynthia Crutchfield Lawrence DiCaraBrian A. Clancy Denise M. Cultrera Paul A. DiederichSusan Clancy Joanne B. Cunningham Denise M. DiFioreLeslie A. Clark John J. Cunningham Mark DiGiovanniTheodora Clark Sheila S. Cunningham Robert DiGirolamoAmy Clary Stephen Cunningham William Diller 6
  8. 8. Marie E. DiMare Ellen Famiglietti Sandra Agnes FrackletonPeggy DiNatale Melina Fan Arleen R. FrascaAnne M. Disarcina Stephanie Fan Suzette FraserAlison DiTomaso John Fanton Joanne FrateLouis Dittami Linda Fariole Kai U. FrerichsAzi Djazani Martha Farmer Gary FriedmanCina Wertheim Doctoroff A. Joseph Faro Howard FriedmanCatherine Doherty Marie L. Farrell Lorelei FritschFrank X. Doherty Paul Farrell Arlan F. FullerJoanne Doherty Steve Farrell Lawrence John GagePatricia Doherty Russell Faux Jay L. GainsboroSheryl Allen Doherty Eileen T. Fay Haralabos GakidisSheryl and Chris Doherty Thomas M. Feeley Caroline GallacherDuncan Donahue Jerilyn Feener-Laing Annmarie D. GalliElisabeth Donahue Kenneth Ian Feldstein Dolores Marie GalvinWayne Gardner Donelson Maggie Fellner Hunt Anna M. GarberLiam K. Donoghue Carolynn Felton Wendy B. GardinerJohn Donohoe Patricia Ann Fernandez Nora and Ernest GardnerKerry Donohue Gay Urban Ferrie Margaret M. GarityThomas Joseph Donohue Andrew Thomas Ferris Elizabeth Ann GarnerAmy Katherine Donovan Carol A. Ferzoco Paul GasparroAnn F. Donovan Deedee Fici Theodore GekasMarsha A. Donovan Elizabeth Fierman Peter E. GelhaarWalter P. Donovan Maria Figueiredo Susan W. GelwickBarbara Donovan-Rizzo Jaime Figueroa Eamon GeogheganJoseph Doran, Jr. Blanca Delia Batteau-Fincham Peter GeorgeKevin Dorney Christopher Joseph Fincham Frances T. GeorgiannaManford John Doucette Laurie Finigan Susan James GeremiaDavid William Dougherty Susan Fairfield Finkle Christopher GermanJoseph B. Dougherty Billy Finn Neil GershenfeldAnne Marie Dowd William Raymond Finn Stephanie GertzMary E. Doyle Delia Louise Finneral Jane GibbonsDenise F. Doyon Mark A. Fischer Janet Z. GieleNeal Drawas Elijah Lando Fishelson Lynn GiffordJohn E. Drew Gill Fishman Amanda Helen GilesEdgar J. Driscoll, Jr. Catherine Goff Fitch Brandi R. GilesBeth du Toit Ruth Fitch Sean Michael GilesWilliam Norman Duffey Robin JB Fitton Michael Scott GilfeatherEllen Duffy Barbara Fitzgerald Matthew G. GilliganLisa Dugan Donna M. Fitzgerald Trish GilliganBrian J. Dunn Kathleen Fitzgerald Bernard R. GillisLeigh-Ann Margaret Durant Micki Fitzgibbons Clare GillisEdwin R. Durfer Anne Fitzpatrick Donald A. GillisBrian Dygon Nancy G. Fitzpatrick Maureen GillisMichael Dziekan Richard Paul Flaggert Karen L. GiovannielloRosemary Virginia Eacmen Brian Flaherty Lucille R. GisoEaton Vance Corporation Maggie Flanagan Paul Gerald GitlinJennifer Eckert Michelle Flannery Christopher GodfreyEvangelos Efstathiou Thomas A. Flatley Tyler GoffPaul Efthim Holly Flood Paula Wagner GoldRichard Egbert AnnMarie A. Flynn Derrick Scott GoldenEllen N. Eisner Denise Flynn Edward Gary GoldfingerKaren P. Ela Joseph Flynn Maynard GoldmanJohn Eliopoulos Kelley A. Flynn Michael GoldmanJames Ellard Kristin Flynn Roberto GomezWilliam F. Ellersick Lorraine M. Flynn Teresa A. GoodMichael Elyanow Sharon A. Fogarty Marianne Martori GoodmanGail Emery Holly Folan Lorraine GoodwinKim Emery Joseph Anthony Folan Steven C. GoodwinNatasha Lynn Engan Thomas Patrick Foley III Eric GordonEric Engdahl Kevin C. Foley H. Lynn Gordon, IIIJames A. Ermilio Sean Foley Dominic R. GoriLeo J. Esposito Jovita Fontanez Sandra GorskiPatricia and Scott Eston David Forbes John GoshdigianMichael Ewald Catherine Mahoney Ford Kathleen Delia GosnellJames Faherty Richard Joseph Forziati William GottliebRobert Faherty Davida A. Fox-Melanson Karen GouldChristopher Michael Faletra Douglas I. Foy Daniel A. Grabauskas 7
  9. 9. Richard G. Grady Peter Hiatt Joan L. KarolGreater Boston Convention and Ellen M. Hilly Robert Karpp Visitors Bureau Paula M. Hines Sharon V. KasetaGreater Boston Radio Nancy Boyle Hinkley Steven J. KasetaLeonard S. Green Jennifer Hoberer Cynthia KasparianJennifer Anne Greene Joanna M. Hochman Jean KasperMartha Ellen Greenis Lindsey Hoemann Haskell A. KasslerRobert Greenwald Cynthia Holden Mary Kelligrew KasslerSandra Gregg Barbara Holgerson Andy KatzJohn J. Gregorio William Holgerson Leslie KauffmanLee Young Gribbs Caroline Holland Eileen Marie KavallCesare F. Grieci Deborah Holland Valerie A. KeanHede Griem Vivian Baguer Holland Dennis J. KearneyLynne R. Griswold G. Patrick Hollenbeck Richard Martin KearneyCharles Grogan Constance S. Holmes Frank KeefeAnne D. Grossi Amanda Smith Hood John W. KeefeSharon Guadagno Mary H. Horn Francis KeeganElizabeth Gudrais Ellen Howard Stephen KelleherCarl H. Guild Robert Hoyt Stephen John KelleherMark E. Gutierrez Joanne P. Hughes Traci KelleherMichelle A. Guyot Joseph Hughes Mary Louise KellermanJulie A. Hackett Margaret Hughes Albert Thomas KelleySusan Hackley Mary Joe Hughes Ellen E. Kelley-McHaleNancy T. Haggerty Michael Joseph Hunt Pierrette L. KellyKaren R. Hale Alice Hurley Susan KellyGerald C. Haley Brian Joseph Hurley Susan M. KellyJay Hall Jessica Hutfless Joseph Patrick Kennedy IIChristine N. Hallice Linda L. Hyland Kennedy Smith FoundationMichael Halliday Eric David Imparato Caroline KennedyEleonor Halsdorff Arun Inam Christopher George KennedyGail Hano Mary Ingemi Douglas H. KennedyDonna M. Hanson Laurene Patricia Inglese Katherine G. KennedyGregory Hanson Carole Jabbawy Mary Kerry KennedyMichele Hanss William Patrick Jackson Patrick KennedyMichael Hardiman Harold Jacobi Caroline KenneyJean Hardisty Jennifer Jacobs John KenneyEleanor M. Hardy Lauren Patricia Janes Geoffrey C. KentJohn O. Harney Katherine Jansen James R. KentAnnie Harris Christine J. Jantz Michael A. KentJody L. Harris Patricia H. Jaworski John C. KeoghKimya F. Harris Margaret M. Jemison Karen Elizabeth KeoghPaul Hartling Alan H. Johnson Eileen L. KeohaneCarol Hartman Betsy Johnson Leila R. KernKaren Harvey-Wilkes Dawn Elizabeth Johnson Bill KevilleWoodie Haskins Margaret Johnson Patricia KevilleDorothy Louise Hatch Mary B. Johnson Ellen and Rick KielyFran Hauck Nancy G. Johnson Janice M. KimseyNancy Mobilia Hauck Philip William Johnston Irene M. KingShannon Hayden Benjamin Jonash Robert E. KinlinMargaret M. Hayes Linda Jonash Thomas P. KippKathleen Hayner Robert Jones Joyce A. KirbyJoanne D. Haynes Paul C. Joseph Laurie KirkDonna Healey Ann-Marie Joyce Sharon G. KleinSusan A. Healey Eileen Joyce Patricia Loretta KnightBeth A. Healy Kathleen Joyce Paula and Richard KochRobert K. Hebeisen Michael Joyce Paula S. KonevichElizabeth Hedstrom Henlin Patricia Joyce Angela KontosMichael Hegarty Thomas J. Joyce Dov KoplovskyHeidi Heiland William R. Joyce Robert S. KorffAnne Hennemuth-Geuss Mary Joyce-Morris Richard KraussBill Henry JP Morgan Chase Foundation Maria J. KrokidasMark A. Herman James J. Judge Jeanine PW KronishJill H. Hernando Karen B. Kagan Mary E. KuconisAnn Patricia Hernon Sally Henson Kahn Phil KuehneJill Herold Martin Kane Ronald KulichKathleen Hess Amy Kaplan Susan N. LaBarreCharles Hewlett Joseph Karas Annette LaChapelleMimi K. Hewlett Denise J. Karlin Steven J. Lacy 8
  10. 10. Jennifer LaFrance Linda A. Lunn Andrea Mattisen-HaskinsJoyce A. Lai Carol Parker Lustig Kathryn MattisonKate C. Laird Donna Milani Luther Elizabeth E. MattoliBrian Lam Derek M. Lynch Stephanie MattsonPatty J. Lamarre Jane F. Lynch Louis H. MaurerMaura L. Landry Michael J. Lynch Maryellen MaurerWilliam R. Lane Owen B. Lynch Maureen MayerWalter Michael Lang Abbie Tracy Lyons Tommye MayerSharon Frances Langan Glenn MacEachern Anne Eileen MaynardMarie Deary Larkin Deborah Patricia Macfadgen Erik MayoLillian LaRosa Lorraine MacFarlane Brion McAlarneyPam Larson Ann C. MacFate Lisa McAreeDavid G. Last Marjorie G. MacFawn Jack McBirneyRandi G. Lathrop John MacGillivray Lisa McBirneySusan M. Lattanzi Elaine M. Machaiek Thomas J. McCabeSusanne Lavoie Brian A. Macisaac Nichole McCannVictoria F. Lawford Mary M. MacKenzie Carolyn McCannonPeter Lawler Paul William MacNeely Kate McCareyAlice M. Lawless Andrew Madjeska Kevin McCareyJulie Clinton Layden Catherine Maffei Cathy A. McCarronCarolyn F. Lazaris Thomas Edward Maguire Daniel James McCarthyNick Lazaris Kathleen J. Maher Gail L. McCarthyJanet L. Leahy Phyllis Marie Mahoney Jean M. McCarthyWilliam B. Leary Stephen Mahood Leo Patrick McCarthyBarry Leavitt Frank Mainero M.L. McCarthyElaine R. LeBlanc-Baker Richard C. Malabre Pat McCarthyAlan LeBovidge A. Tariq Malik Melissa McCarthy-KrausChristine Leccese Elizabeth Ann Mallett James E. McCobb, Jr.Alexandra Lee Thomas M. Mallon Rosemarie A. McCobbDennis Lee Edward Maloney Jane Delaney McConnellHelen and Hikyu Lee Mary M. Maloney Nancy M. McCuenTheresa Lee Georgette Burpee Maloof Barbara McDermottThomas H. Lee Lisa Maloof Chyllene McDonaldLinda A. Lembo Alan Maltzman Mark J. McDonaldTricia Ann Lemon Karen Manchuso Sean McDonaldLisa Lenon Erin Mancuso Janice Marie McDonoughSarah K. Lenz Brenda Mandile Susan McDonoughBrendan Leonard Angelo Mangino Thomas Edward McDonoughChristina P. Leonard Robert Gordon Mann Bob McElhinneyMatthew J. Leonard Claire D. Mannheim Kathryn A. McElroyThomas Leone John F. Manning Sue McGovernMaureen A. Lessard Warren J. Manning Lauryl Beth McGowanFarron W. Levy Robert Mannix Margo McGowanPeter Levy William Michael Mannix David McGrathRowell Levy Raymond Mannos Donna Ruth McGrathGregory D. Lewis Sheila Mansfield Edward J. McGrathPatricia Anne Lewis Kathleen Mansmann Holly McGrathJudith Clay Lichenstein Michele A. Mara Michael Joseph McGrealThomas R. Liebermann Christina M. Marchand David B. McHowellHerbert W. Lim Susan J. Marchand Mary-Kathryn McHughAnita Lincoln Linda and Nelson Mardirosian Maryanne Spillane McInturfEllen Liner Grace Marino Sylvia W. McKinneyJackie Linnane Kathleen Markarian Patricia L. McKinnonMark Lionetto Kim Marrkand Robert Stephen McKittrickDavid Litner Mario Marsano Daniel Edward McLaughlin Sr.Nancy A. Littlehale Gary J. Martel Ann Louise Coffin McLaughlinLouise Locke John A. Martel Richard T. McLaughlinDeborah Sampson Lockett James W. Martin Jr. Lori McMahonRose Lockwood Donald Martin Cynthia H. McManusMargaret M. Logan Janice T. Martin Judith McMichaelGerard Londergan Kaki Martin John Robert McMillenRichard S. Londergan Mary Martin Mary McNamaraSteven R. London George Maryniuk Derek W. McNiffMark Stephen Longo Richard Mason Jennifer McPheeKevin Loucks Sharon Walker Mastenbrook Judy McPhersonAllegra Lowitt Brooke Matarese Margaret M. McPhersonRichard Lowry Charles W. Mathison John McQueenLouis Lucas Elizabeth Matson Thomas P. McShane 9
  11. 11. James Robert McSherry Kathleen A. Murphy Janet OLearyKaren McVeigh Margaret A. Murphy Margaret A. OLearyDeborah McWade Martin P. Murphy Margaret Rose OLearyPeter G. Meade Michael Murphy Susan M. OlsenRobert F. Meenan Patricia A. Murphy Michael OlsonWendy Love Meigs Philip Dever Murphy Peter S. OlsonJanice Bell Meisenhelder Richard J. Murphy Nancy Marie OMalleyNancy Melia William M. Murphy William A. OMearaCarolyn Melita Bruce Murray Peggy ONeillPatricia A. Melius Dermot A. Murray Philip D. ONeill, Jr.Joan Melville Patricia M. Murray Daniel E. OnishukMary Mercer Robert W. Murray Karen Elaine OQuinnAnna M. Miano Sue Murray Mary Theresa OReilly-FaheyPete Michaels David Musket Dennis P. OrthmanStephen L. Michaels Rhonda Corey Myers Maureen OsolnikDarryl Mikami Kathleen Blue Nagy Chris OSullivanFrank Miklavic Ellen Nally Marianne OteriDiane U. Mila Karen Nasson Robert J. OwczarekThomas P. Mila Skip Naumnik Michael PaceLisa Milanytch Mykyta Paul James Nazzaro Susan PaceRostislav Milanytch Lindsay Neagle Christine H. PackardJoe Miller Judy Nee Scott PageJohn Miller Lisa Nekoroski Judy M. PagliucaJudith B. Miller Aaron Nelson Paul PakosKate Gilbert Miller Christine Nelson-Rivers Daniel PaleseMary Ellen Miller Beatrice Wolfner Nessen Joseph PalladinoRebecca L. Miller Carol A. Nevins Maryann PallottaS. Murray Miller Richard E. Nevins Margo Eleen PalmerDarryl Milton Dave L. Newbold Tom PalmerMark Minelli James A. Newman Joanne PaoneJon Minotti Mary Newman Eileen Patricia PaquetteSamuel E. Mintz Brian Minh Nguyen Paul L. PariseJeff Mollica Christopher C. Nichols The Park FoundationVincent P. Mollomo Stephanie Nichols Robin Ellen ParkerFrank Joseph Monaco Jeff M. Nicholson Amy ParkinFrances Lee Montgomery Katheen Niemaszyk Barbara Ellen ParolinRichard A. Moore Nicholas Paul Nigro Carolyn M. Parsons & Meredith S.Anne Marks Morgan Barbara L. Nihen ZonaDenise Marie Morin Greta Nilsen Robin L. ParsonsAnn Moritz Colleen Nobles Bradley PasterMaureen A. Moroney Kristen M. Nobles John PattilloClaudia Morris Richard Noce Michael A. PaulsonJodie Morrison Roni F. Noland Polly Constance PearsonSteven M. Morrissey Carla Nolin Brian Christopher PeckSarah Morton Elizabeth Noonan Paula Hamilton PedroliDianne L. Mosher Kimberly Marie Noonan Richard Paul PedroliGary W. Mosher Theresa J. Norberg Greg PellegrinoRobin Mount Susan Norton Dolores G. PercuocoMike Moyer Mark V. Nuccio Al PerezRuth D. Mulcahy Jane Ellen Nugent David PerryRobert Muldoon Joanne E. Nuzzo Dorothy PerryLynn Mulholland Robert R. Oakes Judy McCaffrey Perry and John PerryJudith A. Mulledy Theodore Oatis Rina PeselmanJean Muller Kevin M. OBrien Heather PetersonKathleen M. Mulligan Robert B. OBrien K. M. PetersonStephen Mullin Susan D. OBrien Michael A. Pezza Jr.Elizabeth H. Munnell Kenneth Ochsner Laureen Mary PfizenmaierHeather Munroe Donna R. OConnell An T. PhanMargaret A. Munroe Margaret M. OConnell Carol W. PhillipsJudy Murdock Anne Marie OConnor Frances M. PhillipsDeborah Murphy Danielle OConnor Kenneth H. PhillipsDonna Murphy John Paul OConnor Maureen PhillipsEmily J. Murphy Ed ODonell Tania R. PhillipsErin Murphy Enid ODonnell Will PhillipsJames R. Murphy William Thomas ODonnell Tavinder PhullJames Stephen Murphy Bruce Ohanian Lewis R. PiantedosiJudy A. Murphy Alexa H. OKeefe Barbara PierceJulie Murphy Ann OKennedy Martin John P. Pimental 10
  12. 12. Robert Francis Pimental Doris Reggie Charlie SampleTeresa Pina Doris Boustany and Edmund Reggie Marilyn D. SandlerPatricia A. Pino Ronald W. Reilly Jessica J. SantostefanoSusan F. Pioli Shawn P. Reilly Ernest SarasonNatalie F. Pirzada Mildred Reissfelder John SarniRosemary Hoey Pisano Megan Renaud Robert SarnoMargaret Pleasants Steven Reny John R. SassoMary Patricia Ploumbidis Josef Frederic Rettman Daniel R. SauerDiana Pohly-Carty Edward J. Reynolds Robbin Luise SaundersGregory W. Pollack Peter Reynolds Marybeth Lorraine SavickiStephen E. Pollack Marianne Ricard Gray Coughenour SawyerBobbi Polley Samuel Rice Kathleen B. SayreSusan H. Pollock Anthony E. Rich John Joseph ScanlanNancy Pongratz Dianne L. Richard Nicholas A. ScelsiBrian W. Pontius Greg Richard Fran SceppaBarbara Poole Marilyn Richardson Joseph SceppaRobynne L. Popielski Gail L. Richman Stuart Charles SchagrinHeidi and Jeff Popkin Alyne T. Ricker Holly Marie ScharlandRonald A. Porter Lisa Mary Rideout Robert SchlauchSuzanne R. Porter Jenelle Ries Edwin SchlossbergJennifer Potter Patricia Ann Riley Steven W. SchmaltzFrancis R. Powell Marian Theresa Ring Joanne SchnareSteven Powell Robert H. Ripp Gerald SchumacherDiane E. Power Beverly Cormier Ritz Michael Thomas SchunemannElizabeth D. Power Patricia A. Roberson George G. SchwartzBarry Powers George Roberts Christina M. SchwefelJohn J. Powers Mitchell Roberts Lynn K. SchweikartLinda Powers Cathy Robertson-Souter James E. SchwobM Jane Powers Carol W. Robey Joseph ScimemiMaureen Theresa Powers Melissa A. Robin Joseph ScireLinda R. Poznauskis Nancy Roche Cynthia Cobb ScottGail Ann Prescott Jay Rogers Paul Dexter ScottG Daniel Prigmore Patricia Rae Rogers Daniel E. ScullyStephen Pritchard Stephanie Rogers Joseph SearsGloria Profetto Barbara Ellen Rohlfing Thomas James SedoricAndrew Prolman Craig Rolfe David SeeleyCynthia Nuzzi Prunty Stephen T. Romano Marianne K. SelissenFrances Charlette Przyjemski Ann Mary Romanowski Joyce SenanianJenilee Pudas Giovanna Maria Romero Lisa SerafinMary H. Purkis Dorothy Rose Dean SerpaPutnam Investments Karen Lorraine Rose Matthew David ShairNicole M. Pytlak Howard S. Rosenblum Richard James ShaklikKathy Quatromoni Lawrence Rosenblum Nancy ShaneBrian Quinn Kathleen Ann Ross Tracey Keefe SharisEdward Rabinovitz Rosanne M. Ross James P. ShayCarol Radzikowsky Amy D. Rossi Charles J. SheaSusan M. Ragon Paul M. Rossi Christopher M. SheaAlden S. Raine Paul R. Roy Ginny M. SheedyShelly B. Rainen Robert J. Roy Richard SheedyDouglas L. Rainville Norman Royce Christina A. SheehanRenee Rainville Emily Broner Rubenstein Claire Perrier SheehanRob Ralston Denise Rudolph Marilyn ShepardLinda Ramsden Roger Ruggiero Robert K. SheridanBrett Randolph Jeanne E. Rumsey Joel ShermanDhananjaya Rao Catherine Runci Maureen Sherry-BiancoJerome Rappaport James I. Russell Anthony K. ShriverMichael Ratner Carolyn Ladd Russo Maria Owings ShriverKaren A. Razzino Laura Russo Timothy P. ShriverJames B. Re Ellen Ryan Jane ShufroWilliam M. Re Mari Ryan Joel ShwimerAnn Reale Tracy Ryan Christopher John SidotiEugene E. Record Wendy Ryder Elizabeth Ann SilvaJosephine Reddin Stephen Saia Virginia A. SilverLisa M. R. Redding John Ross Saidnawey Elizabeth SilvermanAnthony Greenway Reed Elizabeth A. Salini Lee B. SilvermanCharles L. Reed, Jr. James T. Salini Joy SilversteinRobert Scott Reedy Leslie Saltzberg Ross S. SilversteinHeidi Marie Regan Richard Saltzberg Bradford Simmons 11
  13. 13. Kim M. Simonian Joe Sullivan Gerald M. TuckmanDavid Simpson John Sullivan Amy Higgins TullJim Singer Kalyn R. Sullivan Diane M. TullyLaura Siracusa Kathleen Sullivan Peter Kennedy TullyPamela Beth Siren Kerry Sullivan Eleanor W. TungStephen Sjostedt Marilyn Sullivan John TuttleLisa Skehill Peter Michael Sullivan Elizabeth TwomblyBarry Sloane Sean Sullivan Shea Twomey-MeuseChristina Louise Slocomb Joan F. Sundstrom MaryAnne UlianThomas Alan Smarr, Jr. William G. Suswal Judith UmanaDee Smith Bryce C. Suydam William David ValentineJames M. Smith Maryann Gilligan Suydam Annick D. Van den AbbeeleMaureen A. Smith Cheryl K. Swanson Katherine Van StryMeghan E. Smith Robert Swanson Lorene VasquezTyson Smith-Ray Kathleen Sweeney Marilyn VecchioDavid Smoyer James Sydmayachase Regina Marie VentreJoel J. Snider Deborah Mary Sylva Ivan Dimitri VergaraPatty Snider Teresa Hurley Symula Eileen M. VerneyAllen L. Snyder Monica Synnott Ralph F. VerniJohn Snyder Andrew Tager William VersackasLouise Sobocinski Caroline Taggart Tito G. VicenteStephanie Sogg Al Tahn Susan M. VictorJean-Luc Solere Kayo Tajima Jeanne VieiraGerald Carl Solimini Carol G. Talanian Joseph ViolaMichael A. Sommer Mary C. Tarvin Valerie Barr VitaleRobert Sontag Joseph V. Taurus JoAnn VizzielloLisa W. Sotir Charlene M. Taylor Jamie VoccolaMarcela Samudio Souaya James Taylor Dorothy M. VolpeBarbara Anne Sousa Laura Anastos Taylor Chas W. von RosenbergLaura Souza Timothy A. Taylor Stephen John WadlingerDenis Patrick Sovik Janet L. Terlizzi Natalie WadzinskiMartin Spagat Dorothy Terrell Sam WakemanAlfred John Spagnolo Beatrix Thomas George P. WalshWilliam James Spark Jill E. Thomas Jill WalshMichael Spataro John A. Thomas Lee A. WalshJanet Spector Bishop Tuesday Thomas Lydia WalshElissa G. Spelman Catherine H. Thompson Raymond J. WalshJoseph W. Spillane John Allan Thompson Shirley Susan WalshRon Spiro William J. Thompson Susan WalshSilvia Freyre Spring John Thonet Timothy F. WalshTony Squillacioti Ann Thornburg Myles WaltonNija Sreenivasan Robert Thornburg Beverly WanchoArthur St. John Karen Thornhill Eileen Mary WardColette Stanzler Jason Michael Thornton Stephen F. WardMartin Stephen Starr Richard Thuma Mark WaszkelewiczState Street Corporation Carol Jean Tienken Tarleton H. WatkinsMarsha Anne Staten Kerri Lynn Timmons John Brooks WattDonna and Jim Stearns Mae Timmons Susan WayneWilliam Stecchi Anne Marie Tippett Debra WeaferAlan Steinert Jr. John W. Titmas Stephen WeberJoseph M. Stella Mark Tocchio Eileen WebsterMary F. Stenson Sean Todisco Jean Marie WebsterKathleen Walsh Stenstrom Marianne Rita Tompkins Kimberly WedgeDonna Margaret Stetson T. Michael Toomey Michael WeinbergBeth J. Stevens Erin Torpey Keith WeinerNancy D. Stevenson William Torpey Myrna C. WeissLaura Stewart Rose M. Toscano Brian WellsJoshua Stievater Cheryl Cramer Toto Susan L. WelshJeffrey M. Stoler Michael C. Towle Margaret Ruth WermerMatthew Stone Hang B. Tran Ann C. WesterheimAlice Isabel Stott Susan J. Treacy Eric M. WetlauferStrauss Foundation Ethelanne Trent Kenneth N. WexlerVincent Strully, Jr. Anna R. Tretter Elizabeth A. WharffErnestine A. Struzziero Charles Tretter Ann M. WhealanDana Rodolakis Sullivan Maxim V. Tsotsorin Naomi WheatleyFran Sullivan Richard L. Tuck Frances Y. J. WheelerGloria Sullivan Karen M. Tucker Karen WheelerJack Sullivan Robert F. Tucker Heather Whiles 12
  14. 14. Hannah WhippleJacob Whipple 2008 GREENWAY INAUGURALChristopher WhiteKeith W. Whited GALA SPONSORS CELEBRATIONChristine Whittemore Presenting ($25,000) SPONSORSMichael Whouley AIGPamela Wichroski Leadership ($75,000) John HancockDuncan Forbes Will Rodale, Inc. Rodale, Inc.Gretchen Williams Starbucks Coffee Company State Street CorporationMarsha Williams State Street CorporationWilliam James Williamson WCVB-TV Channel 5 Leadership ($10,000)Marcelle M. Willock Beacon Capital PartnersAngus F. Wilson Supporter ($45,000) Blue Cross Blue Shield ofRobert Windsor Citizens Bank MassachusettsBetsy Wise The Boston Globe Brown Brothers HarrimanJeffrey C. Wolk Eaton Vance CorporationHubert Wong Friend ($25,000) Grail Partners LLCJoan Wood Bank of America Greater Boston Convention andStanley W. Wood Raymond Property Company Visitors BureauVirginia Wood Harvard Pilgrim Health CareDaniel Woods Benefactor ($15,000) Maggie and Jim HuntBarbara Wotherspoon City of Boston, Thomas M. Menino, Michele and Howard KesslerCharlie Wu Mayor, Boston Redevelopment PricewaterhouseCoopersGenevieve and Justin Wyner Authority Raytheon CompanyEileen Wynne Eaton Vance Corporation Sovereign BankNeil James Wysocki Zipcar The Boston FoundationElena Teresa YeeJoseph Yerardi Patron ($10,000) Benefactor ($5,000)Holly Young Equity Office Properties A Better CityJonathan Young BayNorth Capital, LLCRobin Young Green ($5,000) Berkeley Investments, Inc.Michelle Younis A Better City The Boston GlobeMatthew Aram Zacarian Boston Society of Architects/AIA Boston Harbor HotelAlice Angela Zaff Boston PropertiesLucille Zanghi Colliers Meredith & GrewChristine Zendeh Copley Wolff Design GroupLindsay Zir Corcoran Jennison CompaniesRobert Louis ZisaJoseph Peter Zizza Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP INAUGURAL Equity Office PropertiesSimon Zornoza First Light Capital CELEBRATIONEdward E. Zuker Jones Lang LaSalle Rasky Baerlin Strategic IN-KIND DONORS Communications, Inc. Hard Rock Café Boston Robert L. Beal Holland-Mark The Druker Company, Ltd. International Place, The Chiofaro The Eston Family Company Tufts Health Plan MBTA YMCA of Greater Boston Olivias Organics Snikkidy Snacks Friend ($3,000) Wall Decaux, Inc. Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Seaport World Trade Center Under $3,000 Boston Marriott Long Wharf Boston Red Sox Foundation Charlesbank Capital Partners Citizens Financial Group Ted and Joan Cutler 13
  15. 15. Connie Enright Lui Lian KwongVOLUNTEERS Cecil Evans David Kyrouz Kim Zern Evelti Kristina LamarreTaleen Agualian Amy Fairhall Todd LarsonRami Alsaihati Stephanie Fan Robin LaverdiereNancy Alusow Bingjing Fang Eleanor LeachMaria Amado Pam Farley Jedediah LeachAdam Appelbaum Hilary Farlow Rose LeavittKathy Anderson Dorothy Fennell Andrea LebedVictor Aragona Jose Fernandez Jennifer LeclercLarry Atkinson Greg Ferrick Albert LeeLaubert Ayinon Carol Fiore Andy LeeKim Zern Baccari Alyson Fletcher Tim LeeCarl Back Megan Flynn Andy LeiClaudette Bailey AnnMarie Flynn Kathleen LenauZivko Bajevski Anthony Fortunato Lisa LenonRebecca Barnes FAIA Jeanene Foster Chris LeonardLauren Bartkus Pam George Kate LeonteMary Baryski Sarah Giaccai Alyson LevineKate Beebe Joe Gibbons Carolyn LewenbergErika Beer Carl Gibbs Daniel LiteploSabrina Benedict Rose Gibbs Joanna LiuSteve Berk Carolyn Gifford Cristian LopezPierre Bernadeau JT Gordan Carla Lopez-CodioAnshul Bhagi Meghan Grafton Igor LozadaNeeharika Bhartiya Meghan Grafton Neil LynchSheila Bharucha Clive Grainger Conor MacDonaldPhilip Bloom Martin Grealish Robin MaddalenaTricia Boksansla Barry Greenstein Melanie MahinOlena Borkowsky Judith Grosso Melissa MakofskeErin Boyd Judith Grosso Georgette MaloofMelissa Braun Kathleen H Lisa MarcoDonna Brown Jason Haag Linda MargolisJoanne Brown Maria Hamel Paula MarsneyJosh Burgel Marjorie Hanson Theresa MartinFrancis Burke Thomas Hart Anne MatthewsMohit Butaney Shirin Hashim Sarah MattosCaitlin Callahan Katie Healy Kinnon McCallJeananne Casale Marianne Hickey Mary McCarthyRose Celletti Brian Hicks Teresa McCarthyVarun Chirravuri Donna Hicks Skip McCormackJoe Ciaramitaro Melanie Hiris Jennifer McHughDenece Clinton Stephanie Hodal John McKennaJennifer Close Andy Hoffman Brian McKenzieRosemarie Cole Mary Holland Bryan McKenzieElizabeth Cook Ilona Holland Regina McNallyBen Cormier Kristen Holt Tom McNamaraMarybeth Cotter Erin Howrigan Betsy McSurdayLinda Cravens Ling Hsiao Judith MessingerMichael Curran Carol Hunger Virginia MichaelicBogomil Dabevski Danh Huynh Skip MillerKathy Daigneault Brent Ito Mark MinerdGlen Davis Chanaye Jackson Linda MitrowskiRalph De Gregorio Savannah Jacobson Desh MohanPeter DeBruin Tulsie Jodhan Kevin MohinaniMireille Dedios Sahag Johnson Lee MontgomeryJill Del Rosso Basil Joy Laurie MooneyPaula Deluca Kris Kaktins Vinayak MuralidharAnne Devoy Jim Kane Andrey MykytaJan DiGiambattista Martin Katz Steve NappiJoan Dillingham Sallie Katz Arjun NaskarKapil Dilwali Patrick Keefe Lindsay NeagleThomas Dittmer Kelly Keefe Chris NebonsDanny Do Dhara Khanna Frank NeuwingerLily Do Amber Killberg Bill NevilleLiz Doherty Peter Kilson Susan NicholasMonique Duhaime Chris Kohl Liz NondebulcRobyn Earley Ricardo Krulig Erica Norige 14
  16. 16. Amanda OBrian Adolfo Sanchez Meghan WarnerLauren ODay Jennifer Sanchez Mimi WatsteinAshray Ohri Sean Sanger Jessica WhippleErika Oneill Nancy Savage Peter WhistlerMarie Owens Kathleen Sayre Kathy WhiteApiyo Henri Oyula Art Scarpa Tim WhiteTanmay Parekh Kelley Schutheis Christine WhittemoreJodi Paris Mark Seeley Qing XianStephanie Paul Sunny Shah Ling XiaoConnie Phelps Donna Sharff Meng XuJeananne Piper Keith Shirley Donna YoungEmily Pollak virginia silver Michelle YounisAliya Popatia Mark Simcox Matt ZahlerSusan Potter Anila Sinha Samir ZaidiMaija Pratt John Snyder Sunshine ZhouTaylor Prendnelle Elizabeth Solomon Morton ZiskJose Quiles Anju Somani PhilippeFlorence Ragusa Rashmi Sonchhatra NathanJay Rajan Stefanie Sorrentino Tori ReimannGenevieve Rajewski Elizabeth Spies-EbansNimish Ramanlal Jonathan SpillerLeah Ramirez Nancy StephensBarbara Ray David StrausKashif Rayani Angela Sullivan CORPORATEFrede Reais Jeremy SullivanLois Reed Suniti Sundaram VOLUNTEER PARTNERSAnn Reynolds Melinda TamMaryanne Reynolds Ryan Tavares The Chiofaro CompanyKaren Richards Kari Thibeault Community Works ServicesLouisa Rigali Stephanie Tocci Eaton Vance CorporationMargaret Ris Christine Tompkins Equity Office PropertiesMarie Roberts Zach Trout HCR GroupVelma Ruth Mary Turner River Source InvestmentsRob Salinga Kathy Vu State Street CorporationSivakami Sambasivam Patricia Walters Boston Marriott Long Wharf______________________________________________________________ CONSERVANCY STAFFNancy Brennan, Executive DirectorSteven Anderson, Director of Park OperationsSusan Appelbaum, Director of DevelopmentPriscilla Bradley, Executive Assistant/Office ManagerLynn Gifford, Finance ManagerMichael Hardiman, Senior DesignerKent Jackson, Outdoor Education DirectorLinda Jonash, Director of Planning and DesignAlexandra Lee, Director of Public ProgramsMatthew Lobdell, HorticulturalistKate Gilbert Miller, Manager of Public ProgramsDarryl Milton, Data ManagerLisa Mykyta, Development AssociateJennifer Potter, Administrative AssistantAnthony Ruggiero, HorticulturalistStuart Shillaber, Horticulture ForemanVenecia Siders, Staff AccountantThomas Smarr, Superintendant of HorticultureRobert Stigberg, Superintendant of Maintenance and SecurityJennifer Whelen, Data Entry AssistantHannah Whipple, Designer 15
  17. 17. BOARD OF DIRECTORS LEADERSHIP COUNCILCharles D. Baker* Michael A. CantalupaChief Executive Officer, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Senior Vice President - Development, Boston PropertiesAudit, Risk Management and Finance Committee Chair Dawn ChavezChristopher J. B. Fincham Boston Youth Environmental Network Coordinator,President, Fincham Associates Urban Ecology InstituteRobert C. Gore Chris ColbertOffice Managing Principal & Market Leader, Towers Perrin Founding Partner, Holland MarkMaggie Fellner Hunt Francine M. GannonPresident, StockShop, LLC Director of Constituent Services for Massachusetts Senate President Therese MurrayGloria Cordes Larson*President, Bentley College Daniel R. Nuzzo Executive Officer/Assistant - Off-Street Parking Facilities Board, CityPeter Meade, Chair of the Conservancy of Boston Transportation DepartmentManaging Director, Rasky Baerlein StrategicCommunications David Queeley Director of Parks for People New England, Trust for Public LandGeorgia MurrayManaging Partner, MMI, LLC Dave Seeley Artist and Architect, Dave Seeley Illustration and DesignPeter M. OConnor, Ex OfficioDeputy Secretary for Real Estate and Economic Development, Richard K. Sullivan, Jr.Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and RecreationYoung K. ParkChief Executive Officer, Berkeley Investments Ann M. Thornburg, Chair of the Leadership Council Faculty, Harvard Universitys Kennedy School of GovernmentEdwin SchlossbergPresident, ESI DesignChristian Scorzoni, Ex OfficioSenior Advisor and Counsel, Massachusetts Executive Office ofEnergy and Environmental AffairsMaryann Gilligan SuydamVice Chair of the ConservancyDorothy A. TerrellPartner, First Light CapitalGovernance Committee ChairAnn M. ThornburgFaculty, Harvard Universitys Kennedy School of GovernmentChair of the Leadership Council*term ends September 1, 2009 16