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  • 1. Presented By:
  • 2. Company Overview
    (AFW) was taken over in 1975 by Jake Jabs
    Now has 12 locations
    • Giving the customer the best value
    • 3. Giving back to the community
    $330 million in profit
  • 4. Current Practices
    Target Market
    • 3 primary generations
    • 5. Defined by:
    Life stage
    Income level
    Personal style
    Store Environment
    • Large warehouse style
    • 6. Open floor plan
    Gen Y: Expects companies to understand their needs and values
    • Focus on company strengths
    • 7. Constantly reinforce core competencies
    • Large price range
    • 8. Sets for every room in the house
    Gen X: Value tangible assets that seem to be customized to their lifestyles.
    Baby Boomers:Looking for pieces that express social status, where money is less of a concern.
  • 9. Recommendation: “Personal Touch”
    Largest core competency
    “Personal touch” seminar
    • improve sales
    • 10. increase knowledge
    of products
    Pass this knowledge onto the customer.
    Store Environment
    • Impractical to change store model
    • 11. “personal touch” seminar is aimed at alleviating impersonal and cold environment
    • 12. Personal and individual sales
    Target Market
    • Ability to identify 3 primary target markets
    • 13. Customize sales experience:
    Life stage
    Income level
    Personal style
  • 14. Personal Touch Seminar
    Day 1: Product and Customer Knowledge
    Product Knowledge
    Educate all sales associates on the different lines carried,
    Customer Knowledge
    Learn about the different types of customers they may encounter.
    In depth explanations and real life examples of the customer buying process.
    Better recognize exactly which stage their customer lies.
    Demonstrate learning in role playing activities as well as written proficiency exams.
  • 15. Personal Touch Seminar
    Day 2: Matching Your Customer to Their Product
    Associate Interaction
    Identify different customers and how to provide them with product suggestions and knowledge.
    Our consultants will provide positive and constructive feedback
    All aimed at ensuring sales representative is comfortable with the selling process.
  • 16. Low Responsiveness
    Personal Touch Seminar
    Day 3: Selling to the Four Personality Types
    Lessons will focus on teaching of the four personality types.
    Master the ability to tailor the sales presentation.
    Group role-play /individual written explanations .
  • 17. Personal Touch Seminar
    Day 4: Personal Selling
    Link the past three days of learning.
    AFW Sales Associates Will Have Learned
    • Overall strategy of personal selling/ know the process
    • 18. Ability to implement the new selling position
    • 19. Emphasize AFW’s interest in customer education
    • 20. Create semi-personal relationships with their customers
  • Performance Measurement
    Within the 6-month time frame our goal is to increase overall sales by 15%.
    Increase in foot traffic of customers between the ages of 18-34 by 35%.
    Build a lasting, reliable and trustworthy relationship boosting long-term customer retention by 25%.
    Provide education to the customers increasing customer satisfaction by 30%.
  • 21. Thank You for Your Time…..
  • 22. Sources
    Consumer Behavior- Building Marketing Strategy, by Hawkins, Mothersbaugh, and Best. McGraw – Hill Irwin,
    11th Edition, 2007
    Selling/Building Partnerships, by Weitz, Castleberry, Tanner McGraw-Hill Irwin, Seventh edition, 2007  
    American Furniture Warehouse. November 14, 2009 <>