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Drinking Jeff + Josh

Drinking Jeff + Josh






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    Drinking Jeff + Josh Drinking Jeff + Josh Presentation Transcript

    • Teen Drinking By: Josh and Jeff
    • Underage Drinking Problem
      • Teen drinking is a big issue in today’s society.
      • Many underage drinkers don’t understand the consequences of drinking at a young age.
    • Definition
      • Teen drinking is the act consuming alcohol when underage. Also, teens are more likely to binge drink.
      • Binge drinking is drinking of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.
    • Effects of Binge Drinking
      • Brain cell loss
      • Risk of serious brain damage and memory loss in adulthood.
      • Kids are more vulnerable to brain damage then adults from excessive drinking.
      • Uncontrollable actions
    • 1) Do you notice that a lot of your stories begin with “We were so drunk that night..” or “I was so wasted..”?
    • 2) Do you suffer frequent hangovers from drinking a lot at parties?
    • 3) Do you drink until you get sick or pass out?
    • 4) Do you do or say things that you wouldn’t say normally say sober?
    • 5) Do you feel you must drink?
    • 6) Do you avoid friends that don’t drink?
    • 7) Have you ever been arrested as a result of alcohol-related behavior?
    • 8) Do you frequently feel guilty after drinking?
    • 9) Have you experienced memory loss as a result of drinking?
    • Conclusion
      • As our survey shows many teens drink. Some have frequent hangovers. Most don’t drink until they pass out. All pretty much do things they wouldn’t when they’re sober. Only one person avoids friends that don’t drink. Nobody has been arrested. They don’t feel guilty for drinking but sometimes forget about their night.
    • Bibliography
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      • T, Buddy. “Binge Drinking affects Brain Memory”. About.com . 1/7/10. <http://alcoholism.about.com/cs/binge/a/aa000818a.htm>