Learning teaching   becoming a better teacher every day
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Learning teaching becoming a better teacher every day



Workshop presented at Disal - São Paulo, Brazil - on February 23, 2013

Workshop presented at Disal - São Paulo, Brazil - on February 23, 2013



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Learning teaching becoming a better teacher every day Presentation Transcript

  • 1. learning teaching: being a better  teacher every day Higor Cavalcante – February 22, 2013 – DISAL Auditorium
  • 2. ‘I stayed’ – Penny Ur.
  • 3. But how to get better?
  • 4. What’s a good teacher? ‘One of the reasons that it is difficult to give general descriptions of good teachers is that different teachers are often successful in different ways.’ Rapport Knowledge of subject matter Creativity Professionalism
  • 5. Rapport RAPPORTDifficult to define, but we recognize it when we see it. – Jim Scrivener
  • 6. Professionalism Punctuality Lesson preparation Respect Fairness Reliability Being a professional
  • 7. Knowledge of subject matter How can I improve my knowledge of my subject matter?  On my own / courses What is ‘knowledge of the subject matter’?  Grammar  Vocabulary  Pronunciation  Discourse  Culture
  • 8. Working on language Read in order to live – Gustave Flaubert The joy of reading!  Vastly and variedly  Authentic texts (not ‘readers’!)  News, blog, magazines (‘living language’)  Novels: crime, romance, epic, classics, American, British, Iris h, Australian etc.  Most complete exercise (all aspects of lgg)  Get well informed.
  • 9. Working on language - solo Improving vocabulary  Reading (have I mentioned that?)  Passive vocabulary => Active vocabulary  ‘Keen eye’ for exposure to real language  Vocab notebook  English Vocabulary in Use – Advanced  English Collocations in Use – Advanced  Idioms Organizer / Phrasal Verbs Organizer
  • 10. Working on language - solo Grammar:  Reading! (repetitive?)  Try out sophisticated grammar in your use (speaking/writing)  ‘Keen eye’ for exposure to real language  Advanced Language Practice  English for English Language Teachers  Advanced Grammar in Use
  • 11. Working on language - solo Pronunciation:  ‘Keen eye’ for exposure to real use  Attention to phonemic symbols (dictionaries)  Attention to one’s own pronunciation  Sound Foundations  English Phonetics and Phonology  How to Teach Pronunciation
  • 12. Working on language - courses Exams preparation (CAE, CPE etc.)  Reading, Writing, Use of English – grammar & vocab –, Listening, Speaking. CPE? It’s not finished! Pronunciation courses  Seven’s PELT (Marcelo Rangel); IH’s V.O.I.C.E.S. (Élcio Camilo) Letras? (a degree in English? Translation? Licensure?)
  • 13. Teaching “We cannot hold a torch to light anothers path without brightening our own.”- Ben Sweetland (author of Become Rich While YouSleep (!))
  • 14. Teaching - solo Scrivener’s Learning Teaching with a twist  Learn ideas on magazines, blogs (workshops!) and try them out!  Take part in online social networks (#eltchat / #breltchat)  Go to conferences and seminars (Braz- TESOL, IATEFL, TESOL)  Talk at conferences and seminars (give workshops at Disal)  Class and peer observation  Intra-school teachers’ gatherings  Specialize
  • 15. Teaching - solo Some more ideas  Keep a teaching journal  Write a blog  Pedagogical meetings (to hell with the A/C!)  Mentor / Guardian Angel  Use the Internet (onestopenglish.com, teacher’s forums, British Council, webinars etc.)  Reading books on ELT/TEFL/TESOL, such as…
  • 16. Teaching - solo Books:  How to Teach English, Jeremy Harmer  Essential Teacher Knowledge, Jeremy Harmer  Learning Teaching, Jim Scrivener  A Course in English Language Teaching, Penny Ur  The Practice of English Language Teaching, JH  Teaching by Principles, H Douglas Brown  An A-Z or ELT, Scott Thornbury
  • 17. Teaching - solo Lesson observation (NOT police work)  Pre-observation meeting  Observation (of the WHOLE class)  Post-observation meeting (+ written feedback and action plan) Peer observation  Informal (+ feedback)  Formal (as above)
  • 18. Teaching - courses TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)  The different modules test theory underpinning the teaching and the learning of ELT:  Background to Language Teaching  Planning for Language Teaching  Classroom Management  KAL (Knowledge About Language)  CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)  YL (Young Learners)
  • 19. Teaching - courses CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) / Trinity CertTESOL / ICELT  Input sessions (theory)  Teaching practice (observed & assessed)  Different levels & topics  Written assignments  On language  On teaching  On learners  On development
  • 20. Teaching - courses Trinity DipTESOL or DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults)  Internationally respected (teacher trainer / DoS)  For experienced teachers (minimum Cert-level + 2 years’ experience)  DELTA: 3 modules (2 of which can be done online)  DipTESOL: 4 units (2 of which can be done online)  Become a CELTA/CertTESOL/ICELT tutor
  • 21. Teaching - courses MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)  “training tomorrows leaders in this growing and evolving field” – The New School – NY  Foci on teaching, curriculum development, materials design  Become reference in the field
  • 22. Thank you! ‘Good luck. I hope you enjoy it all!’ – Penny Ur
  • 23. http://www.slideshare.net/higorcavalcante/learning- teaching-becoming-a-better-teacher-every-day  cavalcante.higor@uol.com.br  Skype/Twitter: teacherhigor  TKT online (starting March 3)  CAE & CPE preparation (now running) (Caltabiano Idiomas – (11) 3436-6004)