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HIGICC Strategic Planning Process


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HIGICC Data Discovery Forum …

HIGICC Data Discovery Forum
September 25, 2009
Ron Salz
Immediate Past President

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  • 1. Strategic Planning for the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council Arthr J. Buto & Ron Salz President and Past President, HIGICC Thursday, September 24, 2009 HCPO/HIGICC 2009 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 2. HIGICC – Who are we? • 501c3 not-for-profit organization • Founded in 1999 • 96 paid members • 443 contacts in Wild Apricot
  • 3. HIGICC Mission • To bring together and continue to build the geographic community into a cohesive, recognized coordinating body that facilitates the use, development, sharing, and management of geographic data and communicates the value of geographic information to citizens and decision- makers.
  • 4. HIGICC 2010 Board At Large Salim Mohammed (2010), Maps/GIS Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa Royce Jones (2010), Hawaii-Pacific Region Manager, ESRI Carol Kennedy (2011), GIS Administrator, Maui Electric Company Federal Sandy Margriter (2010), Geographer/GIS Specialist, National Park Service Derek Masaki (2011) USGS, NBII Pacific Basin Node State Joan Delos Santos (2010), IT Specialist, Office of Planning, State GIS Program, State of Hawaii Arthur Buto (2011), Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii County Adrian Fitzgerald (2010), GIS Analyst, Department of Finance, IT Division, County of Kauai Garrett Johnson (2011), GIS Analyst, County of Kauai Other Mark Harrington (2011) , GIS Manager, Group 70 International Alexa Jacroux Biggs (2010), GIS Project Manager, Belt Collins Hawaii Ex Officio Henry Wolter ,USGS Geospatial Liaison Adam Stein, Pacific Services Center Ron Salz, Immediate Past President
  • 5. HIGICC – Goal • A Sustainable Organization – Increase Membership – Outreach to underserved communities – Apply, receive and complete the FGDC 50 States Initiative CAP 3 for Strategic and Business Planning
  • 6. Hawaii 160°0'0"W 158°0'0"W 156°0'0"W County of Kauai 22°0'0"N 2°0'0"N Kauai City and County of Honolulu Niihau Oahu Molokai Maui County Maui Lanai Kahoolawe Hawaii 20°0'0"N 0°0'0"N 0 25 8 50 100 Miles County of Hawaii 160°0'0"W 158°0'0"W 156°0'0"W
  • 7. FGDC 50 States Initiative
  • 8. Planning Templates
  • 9. Strategic Planning Team • Ron Salz, President • Arthur J. Buto, Vice President • Joan Delos Santos, Treasurer • Salim Mohammed, Secretary • Royce Jones, Board Member • Henry Wolter, USGS Liaison • Steve Anderson, Applied Geographics
  • 10. CAP Application
  • 11. HIGICC gets CAP Funding!
  • 12. Establish the Process • Define Project Scope • Hire Consultant • Community Outreach – Email, announcements – Lots of Lead Time (I wish!) • Methods of Participation – On-line survey – Group Meetings – Individual interviews.
  • 13. Now what?
  • 14. In Person and on-line
  • 15.
  • 16. HIGICC CAP 3 Plans
  • 17. Strategic Plan Short Term Goals • Complete Strategic and Business Plans • Improve the HIGICC web site • Increase HIGICC membership
  • 18. Strategic Plan Goals • Ensure that HIGICC completes the Strategic Plan to set an agenda for the next five years that is aligned with the expressed needs of the HIGICC membership and the Hawaii geospatial community. • Develop an outreach and communications strategy that targets constituencies throughout the state, reaches underserved portions of the community, and increases membership, participation, and collaboration with activities. • Develop a strategy for assisting data acquisition projects and developing geospatial data standards that cross geographic and administrative boundaries. • Develop a funding strategy that maintains Council fiscal viability, enhances the ability of HIGICC to apply, compete, receive and administer grants, and expands the Council’s ability to identify funding opportunities that support the Council and stakeholders across the state.
  • 19. The Business Plan….