Hawaii Pacific GIS Conference 2012: Application Development - Using a Map Application Template in a GIS Enterprise Environment
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  • 1. USING A MAP APPLICATION TEMPLATE IN A GISENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT Jon Hodge, GIS Analyst City and County of Honolulu John Higuchi, Project Manager BEI Consulting
  • 2. CCH Public GIS Website ArcGIS 10 ArcGIS 4 FAST Maps ArcGIS 9.3.x Advance Map 9.2 FAST New Web Site Strategic Advance Maps GIS Map PlanArcIMS 3.1
  • 4. SITE EVOLUTIONNew Website Design 2010
  • 5. Latest Changes: software upgrades Upgraded MS Silverlight to version 4Upgraded the OS to Win Server 2008 Enterprise Upgraded ArcGIS Server from 9.3 to 10
  • 6. Latest Changes: hardware Increased RAM to 16 gb on web server New Cisco Firewall console New Switch (separate DMZ)Servers: DellPowerEdge 2950,Dual processor,Quad Core Database: ArcSDE 9.3 Sql Server 2008ArcGIS Server10, IIS 6
  • 7. Functional Enhancements Property Info Enhancements Show nearest park Route to parkAdded driving directions on all route functions Enable printing of route map Added Birds eye view (3 pane layout) Buffer out from parcel boundary
  • 8. Functional Enhancements Property Info
  • 9. Functional EnhancementsShow nearest park (Property Info)
  • 10. Functional Enhancements Route to park
  • 11. Functional EnhancementsAdded driving directions on all route functions
  • 12. Functional EnhancementsEnable printing of route map
  • 13. Functional EnhancementsAdded Birds Eye view (3 pane)
  • 14. Latest: functionalityAdded Birds Eye view (3 pane)
  • 15. Functional EnhancementsBuffer out from parcel boundary
  • 16. Issues and Constraints Limited budgetVarious Internal Stakeholders public needs for data New technology
  • 17. BALANCING DEPARTMENTS AND STAKEHOLDERS NEEDSFactoid: HoLIS Program supports 15 Honolulu City Departments. Departments Stakeholders (public) Needs Planning & Permitting (Real Realtors, Planners, Engineers Locate Property, assessment Property Assessment in BFS and Permit information Parks & Recreation Event Coordinators, Movie Locate park location, contact Production Studios numbers and check amenities. Emergency Management Homeowners, Insurance Agents, Locate property if “inside” or “outside” tsunami evacuation emergency personnel zones. Search for refuge areas & hurricane shelters Environmental Services Homeowners, Business Owners, Search for refuse, bulky item pickup and recycling Property Managers schedules, Find HI-5 Redemption Centers.
  • 18. TAKE AWAYS• Where to start.• What is the formula• Guidance• Recommendations
  • 19. http://www.honoluludpp.org/ Royal Kona Resort HoLIS Program 19
  • 20. 2011 339,362 Total Visitors 1,195,745 Pageviews Visits by Operating System 1/3 more 14% 5% traffichttp://gis.hicentral.com Windows 81% Macintosh Other
  • 21. DEVELOP A STRATEGY Enterprise focusedFocused on the target audience/task Simple to use
  • 22. Simple = Success 22
  • 23. SIMPLEDesign for the lowest skill level ^ Possible So easy, a caveman can do it.
  • 24. TEST GROUPYour mom, Your aunty, Your teenage son/daughter. Design for them.
  • 25. Evolution Of GIS
  • 26. Case Study
  • 27. TEN PRINCIPLES THAT CONTRIBUTE TO A GOOGLEY USER EXPERIENCE Focus on people– their lives, their work, their dreams. Simplicity is powerful.
  • 28. SIMPLE TO USE Think Smart Phone App Simple Design Focus to the user
  • 29. SO SIMPLE?Product Features Map navigation tools:• Pre-made Web based mapping • Tools APP o Distance measurements• 4 Parcel Searches o Query all Properties within a o By Address, buffer zone o By TMK#, o Spatial Query o By Places of Interest • 5 Customizable Operational Layers o By Cross-street • Printable Maps Layouts• 3 Cache Maps • Google Street View/Bing Map o Street integration o Aerial • Export search results to text file o Terrain • Custom Detail Results Page
  • 30. Parcel & ZoningParks
  • 31. ENV – collection scheduleDEM – Public Safety
  • 32. Am I alone?
  • 33. WHAT ELSE?Apply to Hawaiian land records, environmental analysis, and endangered native species… Statewide historical record keeping of Hawaiian land information • Historical Land • Land Commission Awards • Ceded Lands
  • 35. GIS42
  • 36. USE PLAIN ENGLISHInstead of “Locate” Go Instead of “Modify” Search Change Find Instead of “Identify” Find Name 43 Show
  • 37. RECOMMENDATIONS Develop a Strategy Donʻt recreate the wheel Hire a designer Design for simplicityHow do you eat an elephant?
  • 38. THANK YOU Jon Hodge GIS Analyst Department of Planning and PermittingJohn Higuchi, PMPProject ManagerBEI Consultants