Hawaii Pacific GIS Conference 2012: 3D GIS - Has GIS Become 3D Yet?


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Hawaii Pacific GIS Conference 2012: 3D GIS - Has GIS Become 3D Yet?

  1. 1. 3D GIS – Is It There Yet? HIGICC Hawaii Pacific GIS Conference March 6, 2012Craig Clouet | Solutions EngineerEsri | 1357 Kapiolani Blvd | Suite 1110 | Honolulu, HI 96814 USATel (808) 947-0993 Ext 1-5636cclouet@esri.com | http://www.esri.com
  2. 2. Topics:What’s new: Sensors & SoftwareWhat does 3D do different 3D analysis
  3. 3. Sensors
  4. 4. Working with lidar in a GIS• Same four elements as with any GIS work Visualize Update Share Analyze
  5. 5. Viewing lidar• In 2D (ArcMap) or 3D (ArcScene)…• As points • Symbolize using LAS attributes (Class Codes, RGB, Scan Angle, etc)• As a surface • Symbolize & filter using surface options (Bare-earth, First-return, etc)• Control the number of points shown • Full resolution in a local area
  6. 6. Update / edit lidar class codes• Manually… – Fix data errors, small areas• Via the API… – Using algorithms, large areas• Support feature or surface extraction
  7. 7. Management and sharing• Manage lidar like imagery via Mosaic Datasets – Add / remove LAS files – Add / remove LAS datasets• Share the data as Image services – Easy for others to see available lidar – Easy to download for project work
  8. 8. Hawaiiexample
  9. 9. Software
  10. 10. Esri CityEngine3D procedural modeling and design solution 3D Content • Model cities in 3D using parametric rules Geometry + Attributes + Rules 3D Design • Rule driven design in 3D Dynamic + Parametric editing Rule based 3D content and design
  11. 11. CityEngine is for..Procedural modeling and design solution– 3D urban content creator • 3D cities from existing GIS data (Geometry + Attributes + Rules) Not as-built -> approximation– 3D design tool • Rule based design of 3D cities Using planning regulations etc Rule based 3D content and design
  12. 12. Procedural3D geometries and textures are constructed using rules (procedures) instead of labor-intensive manual modeling.A single procedural rule can be used to generate many 3D models.Called CGA(Computer Generated Architecture) rule files in CityEngine. /** * File: generatebuildings.cga * Created: 5 Mar 2010 15:29:18 GMT * Author: rom */ version "2010.3" getWallMudBrickTexture = "WallMudBrick"+(ceil(rand(0,25)))+ ".png" getbrickTexture = "brick"+(ceil(rand(0,5)))+ ".tif" getmateriauTexture = "mat"+(ceil(rand(0,24)))+ ".tif“ attr BuildHgt = 50%:2 else:4 attr LOD=0
  13. 13. Procedural modeling vs. Manual modeling Time reduction / cost saving
  14. 14. Streets and LotsStreet Generator engine and edit toolsMany parameters for automated generationImported Single line vector exploded to multiple street entities
  15. 15. Geo-Specific and Geo-TypicalTypes of 3d buildings Geo-Specific Geo-Typical Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul Afghanistan Style Geo-Typical Philadelphia, PA
  16. 16. Geo-Specific BuildingsBuildings that look realistic Photorealistic, Photo textured Pictometry models and other vendors Imported from any of the supported formats Collada(dae), DXF, KML/KMZ, OBJ Export Multipatches to Collada for CityEngine import
  17. 17. Geo-Typical Buildings Buildings that represent the style or look of a locationImported from the geodatabase, other formats or generated by the procedure engineRealism is driven by attributesMay change gdb design to capture additional detailsMay not have textures(buildings rendered thematically)
  18. 18. Data Availability
  19. 19. Mahalo