“Virtual Learning: Webinars, Hybrid Events & So Much More”


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HighRoad Solution Presents a #HighRoadU Webinar: In this webinar, we take a high-level look at the different ways that you can disseminate information to your members. We cover everything from a Tele-Seminar, Webinars/WebCasts, Hybrid Events up to full-blown Virtual Events, Conventions and Tradeshows. Along this tour, we provide best practice tips you can use immediately as well as outline common pitfalls to avoid. Watch this entire webinar and others by Highroad U on our YouTube channel: http://shout.lt/rMNF

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“Virtual Learning: Webinars, Hybrid Events & So Much More”

  1. 1. Virtual Learning: Webinars, Hybrid Events & So Much More
  2. 2. Jeff Baker
  3. 3. Poll Questions: www.highroadsolution.com
  4. 4. Starting Point: Teleseminars
  5. 5. Where it all began…teleseminars. A great place to start. Quick and easy to set up, and participate. But something was still missing… The Visual Component! www.highroadsolution.com
  6. 6. Easy Upgrade to: Webinars
  7. 7. Webinars added the Visual Component No matter which vendor is used, there are some basic meeting functionalities that are built in to a webinar platform. www.highroadsolution.com
  8. 8. Webinars added the Visual Component All Webinar platforms should have at LEAST: • Content/PPT/Screen Share Area • Chat or Q&A Functionality • Telephone Component • Polling/Audience Interaction & Feedback • Recording/Archiving Options • Branding Elements • Audio Streaming www.highroadsolution.com
  9. 9. The Next Level Measure participant engagement and participation in real-time Based on several factors in the webinar Screen Focus Chat Participation Poll Interaction
  10. 10. Access – Make sure attendees can connect. www.highroadsolution.com
  11. 11. Don’t forget Mobile www.highroadsolution.com
  12. 12. Webinar Best Practices Leverage technology to eliminate the human factor and streamline the entire process. You made a significant investment on your AMS/CRM or database. Use that powerful system to do the heavy lifting for you. formerly: www.highroadsolution.com
  13. 13. Webinar Integration
  14. 14. Webinar Integration
  15. 15. Webinar Integration
  16. 16. Webinar Integration
  17. 17. Webinar Integration
  18. 18. Webinar Integration
  19. 19. Webinar Integration
  20. 20. Webinar Best Practices  Practice a few times before your event  Have a hard copy of your slides  Keep room-temperature water handy  Place Do Not Disturb sign on door  Silence all cell phones in your office  Disable call waiting, if applicable  Speak clearly & with good volume  Press Mute when not speaking  Have Fun! www.highroadsolution.com
  21. 21. Poll Questions: www.highroadsolution.com
  22. 22. Do you have a back up plan? Hard copy of the slides? Back up phone numbers (and phone)? Other Webinar technology? www.highroadsolution.com
  23. 23. A Little Larger Step: Hybrid Events
  24. 24. The next level: Hybrid Events What do you do when you want to have more members at a face-toface event? What about those that want to participate, but can’t travel, or be out of the office for three days? Budget cuts on travel? Give them the best of both worlds … Hybrid Events! www.highroadsolution.com
  25. 25. Hybrid Events
  26. 26. 1st Annual HighRoad Users Group     90 onsite participants, 50 virtual attendees Questions via Q&A area, asked live to the group Twitter walls to increase participation of both groups Virtual handouts and documentation delivered instantly www.highroadsolution.com
  27. 27. Decent Leap: Virtual Conventions
  28. 28. Virtual Tradeshows/Conventions Adding a completely virtual event to your list of annual events would be a great way to add value to your members. Can be done live, or mock live. www.highroadsolution.com
  29. 29. What can you do… Exhibitors Tradeshow Cameras www.highroadsolution.com
  30. 30. What can you do… www.highroadsolution.com
  31. 31. Common Questions and Fears Regarding All Types of Virtual Events When is the best time to have one? Days and times of the week? What is the preferred length of a Webinar or Virtual Event? Will promoting that we are recording, hurt the live attendance. Should we cap it at 100 or 1000 if that is the limit of my technology/budget? Are there any ways to help offset my costs? www.highroadsolution.com
  32. 32. By the Numbers www.highroadsolution.com
  33. 33. What can Virtual Events do for your Organization? Increase Event ROI: Extend the life of your physical event by hosting it online, allowing your global audience to register and consume content any time, even after the conclusion of your event. Single Destination Portal: Host all of your content in a single destination, making it seamless for your audience to find and share relevant information. Social Interactivity: Provide your audience with the most engaging experience incorporating interactive social elements such as group chats, social networking, lounges, live, on-demand webcasts and much more. www.highroadsolution.com
  34. 34. It can be this easy, we can help.
  35. 35. Questions?
  36. 36. Thank you Jeff Baker Director of Conferencing Services HighRoad Solution Phone: 301.829.9249 Email: Jbaker@HighRoadSolution.com