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Corporate Social Responsibility and Youth
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Youth


Outline of Presentation to Mining, Extractive and Legal Sectors about the need to integrate Youth into CSR Initiatives.

Outline of Presentation to Mining, Extractive and Legal Sectors about the need to integrate Youth into CSR Initiatives.

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  • 2. Which Industries are doing a good job at CSR/Community Outreach Source:Globescan 2009
  • 3. Reduce RiskTax & FinancialIncentivesRegulatoryRequirements“FEEL GOOD”Reasons
  • 4. CSR should create opportunities to volunteer and give backMust help companies and industries be seen as contributors to Society Present an opportunity to gain experience in a field of work for Youth
  • 5. Future Talent Acquisition and Retention Threat of Political and Social unrestPotential Future Investors in your CompanyFuture Officials, Regulators of your Industry
  • 6. … the lack of diversity and the anticipatedskills shortage in the sector, and the mythsand misconceptions widely held byyouth, parents, educators, and careercounsellors about the Canadian miningindustry.… has long recognized the need for thepetroleum industry to diversify its labourforce to meet the growing need for skilledemployees.
  • 7. … world heading for a new and deeper jobs recession, warns of more social unrest …Heightened uncertainty in economic growthcoupled with the greater sensitivity of youth rates to the business cycle means the recovery for young people is highly uncertain,"
  • 8. Total Amt of people Total Amt of new leaving labour force Labour Force (55-64) Entrants (15-24)Visible Minority 100 142White 100 75 Source Stats Canada
  • 9. According to 2006 Statistics Canada Census 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 African 300,000 Caribbean 200,000 100,000 0 Black Population in Canada
  • 10. Youth Advisory Boards Board Members gain real experience about how companies run. Your Company gains practical information for all CSR projects CSR Program At-Risk Youth TrainingMultiple Step training to enable Youth with the Training key agencies about how to engage career/business skills necessary Youth and keep them away from being at-risk
  • 11. Develop, Improve Corporate SocialResponsibility, Youth Recruiting Strategies Analyze Social Media perceptions of your brand, industry and address them Sustainability Strategic Development Save $$$ on Research, Staffing and Future Social Impact Management Recruitment of new Workers CSR in Procurement
  • 12. Manage & Measure Empower Youth with tools that lead to self improvementLeverage Technology and Cultural Diversity to gain access to opportunity Vision and Mission. To help Youth find a purpose. International Career Development Necessity & Networking
  • 13. Youth Advisory Board CSR & Community RelationsGlobal Business Training Sessions Sustainability Strategic Tours Business & Cultural Development 10 to 14 Day Tour Social Impact ManagementSite Visits to Business/Cultural Centers Youth Presentations to entire group CSR in Procurement
  • 14. http://www.highereye.comSkype: Highereye.com (416) 855 -0072vision@highereye.com