13 tips to generate more student leads


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13 Tips to Generate More Student Leads

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13 tips to generate more student leads

  1. 1. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 113 Tips To Generate MoreStudent Leads
  2. 2. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 21. Become proficient with Google Analytics2. Invest in your on-page SEO3. Invest in off-page SEO4. Develop and refine your content strategy5. Stay on top of Social Media6. Build a great Mobile Website and get into Mobile Marketing7. Invest strategically on online advertising8. Upgrade your Website Design9. Improve your Customer Segmentation10. Create more conversion events11. Increase your A/B Testing Activity12. Improve your lead conversion rates with CRO13. Understand Conversion Attributionfor your leadsOverviewSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  3. 3. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 3 The number of leads your online marketingproduces is a function of two things:1. the number of visitors from your target audience2. your ability to convert members of that audienceinto leads In the next slides you’ll find 13 tips to generatemore student leads.Need more high quality student leads?Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  4. 4. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 4 To generate more qualified traffic on your website youmust understand the traffic you’re getting now. To understand that traffic become proficient withGoogle Analytics (GA) GA helps you :o Understand the traffico Understand the behavior patterns of visitorso Translate your business goals into key performanceindicators and goals within analytics.1. Become proficient with Google AnalyticsSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  5. 5. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 5 What is On-page SEO?o the process of optimizing the content of your pagesso that the search engines find it and rank you highlyfor the keywords that your audience is using tosearch for on the web. It involves:o keyword researcho defining you page meta datao setting good page titleso setting proper H1 tags2. Invest in Your On-Page SEOSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  6. 6. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 6 What is Off page SEO?o It is primarily the activity of building respectableexternal links to your site. How can it help?o Each high quality link you get from a respectablesource passes "authority" to your site.o The more authority = higher rank.o The higher the rank = more traffic. Link building is critical to high ranking BUT it canalso be a risky. Be careful.3. Invest in Off-Page SEOSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  7. 7. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 7 Success equals having a content strategy. Develop an overarching plan that incorporates:o Producing content for various mediao Set you sights high and aim to produce viral contento Start writing and publishing Dont forget you have two audiences - peopleand search engine spiders4. Develop and Refine your Content StrategySource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  8. 8. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 85. Stay on Top of Social Media Define a social media strategy.o What content, which social media channels. Get YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts setup and start engaging with your target audience. Get your social media icons on everything. Track social media activity using analyticso Identify which channels are producing leads Keep experimenting and start to use secondaryplatforms like Pinterest.Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  9. 9. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 96. Build a great Mobile Website and get intoMobile Marketing Your website traffic from mobile devices isprobably between 10-15 % and increasing. So you need a mobile strategy that includes:o your contento your marketing How to do it:o produce a separate standalone mobileo redesign your complete website usingresponsive web design (RWD)Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  10. 10. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 107. Invest Strategically in Online Advertising PPC (and other online) advertising can do wondersfor your traffic. PPC advertising is not easy to do well, so get somehelp and learn the ropes on how to:o Target ito Track ito Optimize it Other possible tactics to drive traffic:o Banner advertisingo button advertisingo newsletter advertisingSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  11. 11. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 118. Upgrade your Website DesignWhat is the effect of Web design on lead and registration? Students will often drop a college from their possiblelist if they can’t find the information they need/want … So:o flatten your architectureo simplify your navigation for starterso build your next site with your audience in the driver’sseat, and give them what they want.Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  12. 12. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 128. Upgrade your Website DesignSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  13. 13. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 139. Improve your Customer Segmentation Your audience is made up of many discretesegments. How can you capture them as leads? Your website and marketing must: Speak their language Address their mindset Provide appropriate info to their particular stage inthe recruitment process. You need to: Develop page flow Develop conversion events that speak to theircontent requirements and psychographiccharacteristicsSource: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  14. 14. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 1410. Create more Conversion Events Your web pages must provide conversionevents at critical junctures to capture leads. Which conversion points can you use? Interactive video Chat agents Info request forms Document downloads Newsletters Ebooks Email lists Campus visits, etc.Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  15. 15. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 1511. Increase your A/B Testing Activity Research reports that organizations with thehighest conversion rates are typically the onesdoing 30+ A/B tests a month. You want to increase you conversion rates? Youneed to learn: How to use "Experiments" within GoogleAnalytics. Make A/B testing a part of your regular marketingactivities .Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  16. 16. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 1612. Improve your Lead Conversion Rateswith CRO Landing pages & regular pages all contain "conversionevents". The goal of all pages is: to facilitate those events A landing page is a pretty obvious conversion. Regular pages might contain a pdf download or a linkto another key page. Regardless of the type of pages you manage or conversionyou seek, you must see each page as having a goal(s). learn and apply the principles of Conversion RateOptimization to produce more leads.Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  17. 17. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 1713. Understand Conversion Attributionfor your leads Ask yourself: Do you regularly and accurately track which of your leadsources convert at the highest rate? Do you know what interaction of a visitor across yourlead sources produces the highest rate of return? Google Analytics can help you answer thesequestions and since it’s FREE use it. Why pursue these complicated analyses? they will indicate what works and where to direct yourmarketing dollars in the future to get maximum leadconversions.Source: http://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/checklist-tune-student-lead-generation-engine
  18. 18. 13 Tips To Generate More StudentsLeadsSlide 18FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOKFOLLOW US ON LINKEDINFOLLOW US ON TWITTERFOLLOW US ON PINTERESTFOLLOW US ON GOOGLE+Questions?1.514.312.3968info@higher-education-marketing.comwww.higher-education-marketing.com